~ Angels bring in the light and shadows leave© ~
Angelic Path To Healing© will bring you a peaceful and loving experience to connect with the Angels
~Healing with Love is the Angels' way~ ©
I am an Angelic Distance Energy Healing Practitioner, Angelic Channel, Channel for Joan of Arc , Channel for
Spirit. I bring in the Angels and Ascended Masters to clear your personal field of energy for you to access your
Higher Self where healing can occur. It is all done through distance sessions.

I bring the energy of the Angels to you so that they may connect with you and give you messages and guidance
which can lead to healing. This creates a stronger connection with Spirit for you.

We will schedule a brief phone or email consultation where I can answer any questions you may have.
In the session I bring the energy in and hold the space for the Angels to work with you. I act as a bridge for
the Angels and Masters to come to you to with love and healing guidance. It is very powerful and you receive
healing in all areas of your life. I  spend about two hours receiving the messages and information from the Angels
to give to you. Because of the time and intenseness of the energy and information that is received, your
experience will be very profound and one that cannot be found anywhere else.

After the session I send an email report to you which will give details of your session and provides you with
channeled messages that the Angels and Ascended Masters have given to me. They always give messages for
you with guidance on how to improve your life. These messages are always full of love and compassion. This is
really a special way for you to have something to refer to as often as you wish. It is all channeled into the email.

Your being open to and having the desire for healing will make it a beautiful experience. If you would like to
connect with the Angels I can help you to not only connect with them but to receive the healing and clearing
that you do deserve. For more details please go to the "Sessions" page.

I also offer coaching and other services from which you may choose. Information on all can be found by using
the link below (Services Information) or using the "Session" tab on the navigation bar.

As a channel for the Archangels, I also provide a monthly channeled message on this website. You may find the
message on the navigation bar:
"Angel Message". ^i^

Linayah Kei Michael
Angelic and Spiritual Distant Energy Healing Practitioner, Spiritual Teacher and Coach, Angelic Channel,  
Channel for Spirit, Channel for Joan of Arc and Ambassador for the Company of Michael© , Author
"Linayah Kei is a gentle soul, definitely attuned to the
Angelic kingdom. I have received several different
treatments and have found them all to be effective.
In one, she worked on my home space and was
very accurate in assessing areas of density and was
successful in clearing them. In another, she
diagnosed a blockage in a chakra connected to a
chronically difficult relationship which she helped clear.
At other times she has provided insights and support
which I have found useful.
She is an integerous practitioner and I would not
hesitate to recommend her to those seeking Angelic

L. A. Schwartz
New York
“Linayah’s love and connection to Spirit is a
humbling experience to observe. Her heartfelt,
intuitive, healing sessions have brought joy and
peace to so many; I love being in her presence.
The way she sees the world is an invitation to be

Jason Nelson, Spiritual Coach and Author  
with you!  It is really amazing how I was told that
my mother was following me because she was
feeling afraid and that AA Michael said he was
helping her. I noticed the next time that I was with
her that she wasn't following me anymore.  She has
been so much more at peace.  She knows that I am
there for her and she's not afraid like she was.  It is
really amazing the things that I have learned and
the changes I have seen as a result of our sessions.
Thank you so much for what you help me to
release and make me aware of in my life.  I just love
you so much!"

Barbara Grace Reynolds
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I right away felt the energy of who was working with
me. I felt something like an enormous woomph of
energy into my heart at the time you obviously started
the healing. I sensed Archangel Michael and saw his
cobalt blue light. My heart energy was being worked
on and it was opening right up.
There was a lot of energy moving through my
body generally with a few good tummy gurgles,
but the work on the heart was downright amazing.
Forty minutes after the session started I knew the
work had been completed. The messages you sent in
the email were spot on."

Melbourne, Australia
"Thank you for the most beautiful message of my life
which has touched the core of my heart and moved
experienced as I closed my eyes in meditation was
immense tranquility, warmth, and security.
I give gratitude to Archangel Michael for clearing my
reassurance that I have been seeking for years.
I thank Archangel Haniel and the special name she
has given me and the cleansing and the protection
she has offered has reiterated the fact and feeling
that she is my protector and healer that I've always
had and felt her beautiful hand on my head.
I am going to print and frame your message very
prominently in our home as a constant reminder of
the love, compassion and goodness that you and the
Angels have shown towards me.
Thank you, darling Linayah for helping me through a
trying period in my life. I will remain indebted to you,
for your love and compassion which has opened up a
floodgate of brilliant light, hope and happiness."

Vara M.
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"Because Angels had been popularized by New Age
culture, where their presence was watered down to
an innocuous fad of temporary interest, just hearing
mention of these divine beings would make my eyes
roll harder than the most well wound Felix The Cat
Clock.  Working with her and her gifts not only was
a literal life saver for me, her abilities catapulted
Angels back to the Heavenly positioning and respect
they rightfully deserve."

Brad Kronen, Astrologer
Los Angeles
To read one person's account of connecting with her Angels and
how it has changed her life click on the link:
"Reflections" below.
As an added bonus she submitted an incredible and beautiful photo.
Linayah Kei Michael
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Linayah Kei is a Spiritual Teacher and
Counselor, Angelic and Spiritual Distant
Energy Practitioner, Angelic Channel,
Channel for Joan of Arc, Channel for Spirit,
Ambassador for the Company of Michael
and Author.
"Silently, one by one,
Blossomed the lovely stars,
the forget-me-nots of the angels."
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. "Evangeline"

"Thank you, dear Linayah for introducing me to
my Guardian Angel Felicia during our first session
together!  It was an amazing experience that I go
back to again and again.  With this awareness, my
Guardian Angel has become a dear, trusted friend,
confidante and ally.  Last night, she appeared to me
in one of my dreams. She was interpreting what was
happening and showing me the perfection of its
lesson (it was not a happy dream at first).  She told
me that one of my lessons in this lifetime is to learn
to be self-reliant. I am not a victim and I do not need
a rescuer. She and I walked out of the dream
together, leaving the drama behind for others to be
in. I feel strong and peaceful this morning.  Tears of
joy and release are flowing...I am growing!
Thank you!  Bless you!  Love you!"

More testimonials can be found on the
"Sessions' page of this website. Click on the
link below.
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“My session with Linayah Kei was absolutely amazing.
I am so happy I was guided to her. The messages I
received were exactly what I needed to hear at this
moment. It is almost overwhelming how beautiful
the messages are channeled through Linayah. Your
heart will jump from joy when you read them.
I am a lightworker on this planet, but I have not
opened up fully yet to all my spiritual abilities. And
like everyone else I have my fears. So doing this
session I know that I am on the right path.
I really recommend to do a session with her.
Thank you Linayah!!”

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I thank each one who contributed to this page and another on this website and for taking the time to share with everyone. I treasure each of you in many ways.
Namaste', Linayah
Welcome to Angelic Path To Healing© where you can experience unconditional love from
the Angelics. This site is powered by Angels and Angel love. If you love Angels and want
to be more in touch with them, then you have come to the right place.
Please explore the site and see what is offered. Linayah Kei and the Angels are here to
assist you in connecting with the Angelic Realms and to find the love they have to offer.
Angel Blessings ^i^

"Voice channeling and coaching with Linayah has
been a dream. I love the sacred space she holds as it
allowed my fears and doubts to melt away. I felt so
supported and was able to expand my self-
confidence through the voice channeling and
coaching. One of the greatest gifts, of many, she
gave me was honoring my process which translates
to honoring my “Being”. Linayah’s sessions are
amazing, combining truth and unconditional love
has helped me experience new freedoms and joy.  
Thank you, Thank you from the bottom of my

Jill Mattesich-Udoutch
Pleasanton, Ca
Grace is what picks me up
and lifts my wings high above and I fly!
Grace always conquers!
Be graceful in everything; in anger, in sadness,
in joy, in kindness, in unkindness
retain grace with you!
~ C. JoyBell C. ~