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               The message from
October 2014 was from Archangel  Haniel.
Paramhansa Yogananda
~A Message from Archangel Ariel~                                            November 2014

Beloved Ones,

I come to you bringing you a message of love and hope. You see precious ones, all is in the midst of
changing and the outlook for everything and everyone is so magnificent.

The world is in a complete reworking, if you will. Those who reside upon her; human, plant, animal,
mineral and all of nature are in the same process.

Beloved and dear ones, it all depends upon you and your thoughts and actions. You create your reality
and that of your environment. It is simply the way it does work.

Intention is the foundation to everything. Do you intend to improve your life and that which is around
you? Do you intend to be a loving and caring individual who does not blame, judge or withhold love
with strings attached to giving that very love?

May we suggest making an 'Intention List'? This could be a great fun project that will also be fulfilling
and rewarding to you.

Upon you Intention List you many itemize all that you hold in your heart as intention of your life now
as well as that of your future. Listing everything that comes into your mind may just be a delightful way
to express what is in your heart. You may be quite surprised at how many items you have on your list.
Don't hold back and allow your thoughts and intentions to grow and flourish.

All life wishes to flourish and grow in joy, peace and love. Whatever may be the appearances of your
surroundings or what you read or hear about is what you can change my beloved friends with your
thoughts and intentions. It all begins with the individual. Each one is responsible for the change in

Let us use the example of the tree. It begins as a small sprig and grows into a magnificent and splendid
being. The tree is a representative of what life is about. It shows you how it can be done. As long as it
is treated with respect and honor, it will thrive and grow. And oh what a tree provides in return is
beyond measure.

Besides the beauty it offers to each who looks upon it, it provides shade, oxygen for you to breathe,
and a shelter and habitat for many species of nature.

It sends roots out into the soil that expand as it grows. You dear ones can do the same.

See yourself as a magnificent tree of your choice. Use your imagination and see roots going from the
bottoms of your feet down into the Earth, deeper and deeper as you grow. See yourself as one with the
Earth as your roots expand. If you are a tree with leaves, you may shed them so as to begin anew and
be even more splendid when new leaves appear.

And have you ever looked upon a tree and seen how it will not let an obstacle inhibit its growth and
expansion? The roots of that tree are so powerful and tenacious that they cannot be stopped if allowed
to grow and take hold. The tree just does what it needs to do.

Precious ones you are just like a tree. If you hold the intention of your growing and expanding, you too
will become like a magnificent tree. When you do not question your magnificence and know that you
can grow and grow, flourish and withstand the elements of life, you will be just as that tree. You can be
resilient and thrive in wondrous ways and yet still in a loving way. You can show you beauty to all who
will gaze upon you.

When you see this, you will understand that you are one with Nature and one with all. Nature is
incredibly resilient as is the human. The difference is that all of nature knows this and does not
question it. The human on the other hand will most likely not believe in his or her worthiness, not see
the glorious wonder that they are, be skeptical of what they are capable of accomplishing, and with that
cast doubt on who they are.

Another aspect of how a tree can be a mirrored image of you dearest human, is how it grows toward
the light. If it has only one space of light over it, then it will radiate towards and move in the direction
of the light.

Beloved ones, your Source of Light is the same. The Heavens above offer you Light at all times in the
form of energy, Angels, Ascended Masters, Nature Spirits and beings, and from that which you
consider God, Creator or any name you wish to call that which is Source.

You are of this Light and when you choose to be one with it and surrender into it, you will find that
your roots will go deep within it. Your tree will provide shelter, shade, oxygen, and beauty for you if
you allow it.

Do not be afraid to let go of fear and thoughts that keep you, this amazing tree, to thrive and show
yourself in the Light that you are. Hold nothing back as you go forth into the Light and allow it to
nourish you with warmth. Allow the Earth to provide nourishment as well by giving you a solid and
loving foundation to plant your feet upon. You will always have protection and love if you will only
allow this Light and unconditional love to be yours. Let it cover you and give you strength to grow and
become who you are meant to be.

Watch the child draw a tree. The older they become the more they reveal the concept of not only a
trunk but the roots, branches and leaves. They will show the sun shining upon the tree they draw. All
in the picture will be sunny and bright. Have you ever seen a drawing by a child that has a tree in it be
dark and dreary?

Just as all of Nature works together, lives together and gets along so can the human if he/she will only
intend this to be. Intend and it shall be! Think of the tree in the forest or park or even your own
backyard and align it with you, the tree of magnificent and greatness. The loving and joyful tree who is
not judgmental or unforgiving is your truth beloved, just as it is of the trees all around you. Look at the
nature trees and mirror them for it will serve you well and you will see the truth of who you are in that

Intention of love, compassion and forgiveness is what this is all about. Become that tree dearest ones
and you will see that change in your world is there. It cannot be any other way. What you intend, think
and therefore see is what is to be and is your reality. Spread your branches, send your roots deeply
down into loving ways and you will see what you will create.

We are here to provide you with any assistance you wish as you grow into the tree of splendor. Call
upon us and we shall answer.

Thank you for caring for the Earth, for all of Nature and for the healing of your planet. When each one
holds this in his or her heart, that healing will become a reality. The Earth thanks you as does all of

We see your magnificent tree. Do you?

Blessings of Love and Peace,
Archangel Ariel