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The message from
June 2015 was from Archangel  Michael.
"At last the spell of stillness stole upon me, and in whispers taught me the language of angels."
Paramhansa Yogananda
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Archangel Ariel Messages
~A message from Archangel Metatron~                                              July 2015

Greetings Beloved Friends,

We are so pleased that you have allowed us to speak to you here in this text. The energy is
ramping up more and more each day and we feel it is even more necessary to express to you
words of guidance, love, comfort and support.

That, beloveds, is what our role is; to support every human in any way we can without infringing
upon your Free Will and Free Choice.

We know much is repeated in these messages on this page as well as many other places, perhaps
seemingly everywhere. But there is a very good reason for this, as beloved humans you tend to
not hear what you do not want to hear or you forget what we have offered to you. So we repeat.
Repeating and repetition are the ways that you can and will eventually absorb and remember in
the right timing when you are ready.

We are not saying anything is wrong with you, for you are here to remember just that - who you
are. Beautiful souls that you are, we ask you to go easy on yourselves. Oh the heaviness of what
you lay upon your shoulders is so great.

You place guilt, blame, fear, unforgiveness, judgment, shame, doubt, criticism and more upon
those Divine shoulders and walk around slumped over from the self-imposed load you are

Why do you do this? Because you forget that you do not have to do anything alone as you have
a very large and qualified team of assistants at your beck and call, and you take on what is not
meant to be yours. Not one of those emotions, beliefs and thoughts that we mentioned above is
meant for you to carry as yours. They serve you not. They serve no one.

Yes, emotions and feelings are very important and should not be pushed aside. Yet many hang on
to them for such a long time and then the very purpose of their being goes awry. Embrace those
emotions and feelings and let them show themselves. Once you see what the trigger, belief, fear
or other root of it is, you can then move through it and release it. Then move on.
Each one you
release lightens that burden you carry.

Life is meant to by joyful. Yes many of you are thinking that you hear this all the time and that
those are meaningless words for what you are experiencing at this time is not joyful in any way.

There is a saying that is meant to be judgmental and critical, that says someone thinks they are
the center of the Universe. Well, they are! You are! Yes you are! The whole context of those words
needs to be shifted to the true meaning which is that each of you is a Divine and sacred being of
the Light and of course you are the center of the Universe for All is One.

Is this too hard for you to even imagine for it sounds so outlandish? Good! When something is
shown to you and you are questioning it, thinking it is not so, you are moving in the right

Beloveds, that is part of the learning process and the remembering. When you hear or read words
such as we have just given to you, something is triggered within. If there was nothing to trigger
the words would just go unnoticed with no interest in them at all.

But you do notice and you take an interest in them. Even if you are not sure why, that is okay as
you are in a good place.

Now is when the fun can begin, for you may feel inclined to search the Internet, sign up for a
class that shows up, or listen to a speaker talk about that very subject you are inquiring about.

And to top it off, if you allow your guides, Angels and those who are working behind the scenes
at all times, to assist you in this, you will find that magical things just might begin to happen.

We ask you, "Do you believe in love? Do you believe in a Higher Power that is benevolent,
supportive and unconditionally loving?" Of course you do or you would not be reading these very

It is now time beloved friends to come back to that place of beingness and find yourselves in the
wholeness that you truly are. You are not broken. There is no need to be fixed. You do not have
to place yourself or any part of you in a repair shop.

Let go of those old beliefs and fears that give you the wrong advice and create hardship that is not
necessary. Release and let go. Let go of the continuous seeking of finding a purpose, finding a
path, finding who you are and what your life is meant to be. You do not have to search and seek
beloveds for you already have it right there within your beautiful self.

We want so much for you to see your Divinity and understand what your Divine birthright is.
What is it? You are here to live in love, joy and abundance in all. Those burdens we referred to
are self-imposed by you and only you. If you can have joy why do you wish to have unhappiness?
If you can have every dream you dream become a reality, why do you resist and push them away
out of fear and doubt of your very self worth? Think about it dearest ones.

The shift in your perspective of life itself and how you live it can open up so very much dear ones.
When you can embrace your truth and who and what you are and let go of all that you see as
obstacles, it can and will be like opening gifts on your birthday. It will be a birth-day in its own
way for you will give birth to the new you and a new way of living.

The most important factors are to stop living in the past immediately and stay only focused on
now. Now! Not yesterday. Not tomorrow. Now!  Second is to fall in love with yourself and that
begins by embracing your heart and the unconditional love that resides there.

When you can say to yourself in complete pureness
, and mean it instead of just saying words you
think you are supposed to say, "I LOVE YOU", is when you step into the Divine essence that is
you. This beloved ones is your reality, not what you see around you with you physical eyes, hear
with your physical ears and believe with your physical brain.
All of those are very limited in
contrast to your vastness.

No dear ones, the illusions of that is not your reality as you have been led to believe. You do not
have to transition to the other side of the veil to be home. You are already there, it is just not
showing until you
decide to allow it to be.

Please take the time to connect with you, your heart and your inner wisdom. There is so much
there to offer you - everything you need is right there waiting for you to call it up. Go to that
incredible and beautiful part of you that is your heart. It is more than just an organ that pumps
blood through your body. That on its own is a miraculous thing. Your heart is your guide and
your space of unconditional love. And that unconditional love is who you are. You are Divine love.
You are love. You are love. Yes we repeat this. You are love. And you are loved. So very loved. Is
it not time to love yourself as we do, as your Angels and guides do, as the Creator loves you?
Yes, we believe it is and wish for you to believe it as well.

We are the Archangel Metatron and we speak in love and truth.