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The message from
July 2014 was from Archangel  Uriel.

~Linayah Kei~    ^i^
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Linayah Kei
~A Message from Archangel Michael~                                                   August 2014

Greetings Beloved Ones,

Who are you? Do you truly know your authentic self, the one who is a creation of Source energy and is
far beyond anything you could ever understand as to your magnificent self?

No you do not. That is part of the journey your soul takes in each lifetime, many lifetimes, to find that
understanding. You know completely who you are when you choose to come into your earthly
existence and part of that plan is for you to forget and then play a sort of game of "Seek and Find'. It is
not like the child's game of 'Hide and Seek' for nothing is ever hidden from you.

The rules are really quite simple. You will give it your all in this game. And everyone is doing just that.
The difference is in choice, for as you all know you have Free Choice, so you can make your rules as
you go along and the level of difficulty can be set by only you and no other.

Some will choose to give it all in just 'getting by' and if that is what they select as the game plan then
we back them up completely. For you see no matter what your game plan is, or how easy or difficult it
is, or how you go about your seeking and finding, you will not be seen any differently by the Universe,
your Angels, your Creator and all of your guides. You will remain in unconditional love at all times. We
are not here to judge you in any way. We are your support team, your backup crew who will help you
in every step of the way, in all choices, if you wish for us to be there. You are never, ever alone.

The Universe is one of pure potentiality which simply means you can experience anything you want.
That word should actually begin with a capital 'A': Anything!

Now let us look at this. You choose to 'just get by' and that is how you live your life. But you can also
give it all you've got and go for it by learning and sharing you with the world. It will take the same
amount of energy for either way you choose.

Those who take the first way, 'just getting by', are those who have fear and lack so much in the
self-worth department that it is hard to get the game board out, let alone go all out to seek and find
who they truly are.

So I ask you why would you settle for the life of less when you can have the life of everything you
desire? If it sounds good to choose the one with everything, then I now ask you what are you waiting
for beloveds?

All it takes is to seek (which is not that hard to do) to find an understanding of the real you, the
authentic you, the magnificent you.

Life is filled with choices and life itself is choice. You can just get by or you can go for the prize of
fulfilling your desires in the best way. All choices can be easily accomplished once you set your mind
on finding as you seek and you focus on joy, excitement and anticipation of doing it instead of letting
fear or old beliefs hold you back.

What do you choose in life? Do you choose mundane, drab color with little excitement or do you
choose rainbows and blue skies and vivid colors that radiate fun and joy? You can have either beloved

You must remember that the Universe loves you, respects you and honors you and everything you
want. The wish of every one of your supporters in the Higher Realms is that you will not settle for less
than can be yours. Tell the Universe what you wish, what you desire and then let it come to you by
letting it go. Don't hold expectations of how it should come, when it will come or put any limitations on
it whatsoever. When you do you hold back much that could be yours. Don't limit yourself for what is
there for you is limitless. Expand and grow knowing who you are.

Find self-worth by letting go of all those old patterns that say you are not good enough or capable
enough. Dear, dear beloved ones you are so loved, so valuable and so powerful. You can manifest into
your life whatever it is your heart says it desires.

We continuously say on these pages how much you are loved, how incredibly wonderful you are and
how struggle is not necessary for you. We continue to speak of your vastness and your ability to stand
up to be seen and heard.

And this dear ones, is what it is all about. You are here to share your Light and share you wisdom with
others. You are here to teach, learn, inspire and love while living in peace and happiness. That in itself
is a beautiful thing. Why would you not wish to do and be this?

You are always on the threshold of pure potential. Every choice you have made and each experience
you have lived has brought you to this place in this moment right now. You are always as a fledgling
eagle who is ready to fly and soar above everything that has been. Take flight now and rise above all
your beliefs and thoughts that could hold you back. As you grow the nest will become too small. Take
wing beloveds and fly in freedom to heights that you never knew existed. They do exist and are there
waiting for you.

Let go of the tethers that hold you down. Break the bonds of limitation and choose to Find and Seek all
that awaits you. Let your most wonderful dreams be a reality. Set the level to easy and let the difficult
level be bygone. Don't 'settle' for anything less than what you wish to be and do. This game can be
very enriching and filled with fun and joy.

And with this you also get to choose the speed. If you choose baby steps and a slow pace that is
fantastic. If you choose to go faster that is great too as long as you don't go so fast as to have
expectations of reaching the finish line before it is time and then trip and stumble. That could be a bit
of a setback for you. But if you do, you will recover and continue on, perhaps going a bit slower so as
to enjoy the scenery along the way.

Do what it takes to become friends with yourself and love yourself unconditionally. Do this in whatever
ways feel right for you. Do not be afraid for there is nothing but joy and happiness in doing so. Seek
and Find who you are and step into that magnificence.

You are loved.

We are the Archangel Michael and we are with you.