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The message from
December 2016 was from Archangel  Raphael
"At last the spell of stillness stole upon me, and in whispers taught me the language of angels."
Paramhansa Yogananda
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Archangel Ariel Messages

"The air up there in the clouds  is very pure and fine, bracing and
delicious.  And why shouldn't it be - it is the same the angels breathe."
~ Mark Twain ~
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~A Message from Archangel Michael~                                                      January 2017

Beloved and Cherished Sisters and Brothers,

We greet you in this newest year, 2017. The year 2016, has been quite intense for most of you.
Those who read our words are far along on your path, whether you realize and know this or not.

Now we enter into a new year that promises great joy and abundance, clarity and discovery,
creative achievements, self-appreciation, knowing of one's power, finding untapped wisdom that
had not shown up before, and more. This of course will not occur unless you are ready to open
your arms and your heart and allow it all to come to you with ease and Grace.

You are in charge. You are the guardian of you and your life. Captain of your ship. Scriptwriter of
your story. Thrower of your hat into the ring. Discoverer of your gifts. Stepper over the line of the
comfort zone. Taker of your power fully. Creator of experiences. Believer in your ability to do and
be anything that you wish. Shiner of your bright Light. Joy maker. Dancer of your own unique
dance. Singer of your own special song. Miracle maker. Inspirer. Got the picture? We could keep
listing the aspects of who you are but by now it should be clear that you are the main player in your
life and everything you want to be is there for you.

Yes, you are all this and more. Dear Ones, are you ready to completely embrace who you are and
what you can do? Are you ready to surrender into the arms of the Source of Creation and let go of
what is holding you back? Are you ready to take hold of your I AM Presence and become the
master you are meant to be?

You are not here by chance. There was no lottery or drawing of straws to see who would incarnate
in this era. Everything is always in and by Divine Order. You are here because you wanted to be,
because you have done the work to earn the privilege that other souls would love to be in your
shoes so to speak. You are needed and all you have to do is let go of resistance and let you Light
shine so as to assist others find the way. You already know the way. You are here to carry the torch
to light the way. You don't have to prove anything. You do not have to perform magical deeds and
miraculous events. You are already doing it; again by just being here and
embodying that Divine
being that you are.

Remember and believe how exceptionally wonderful you are. You are one of a kind and deserve
just as everyone does, to have a life that is beautiful, harmonious, abundant, peaceful and joyful.
Intend to live to your highest potential, which is indeed doable since you are unlimited in all ways.

There will be challenges in the days ahead. But Beloved, you can handle every one of them for you
will never experience anything you cannot handle. Accept those challenges as opportunities to show
yourself and the world who you are.

You can rise above all the negativity and fear that the world presents. Always see the good in others
and in every situation. We promise that what you see, do and think will be reflected back to you.

Each day when you awaken, greet the day with gratitude and anticipation of what is to come. Have
hope and trust as your companions. Allow love and compassion to be what you present to the
world. Know the power in your smile, your kind words and gestures and always have an open heart
to let love radiate outwards. Does this feel good to you? Of course it does for this is your true
essence. Be in this vibration and hold it near and dear to you.

New portals will continue to open and more Light bathes the planet in every moment. This new era,
which many call the Golden Era or New Golden Age, is more than you can understand. The human
brain cannot decipher it all, so don't even try. Your role is not that hard. You are here to anchor in
the Light and hold it as if you are holding a candle that will never go out. Think of those birthday
candles that are made to stay lit when one blows on them. You only need to remain present,
grounded and centered and all else will fall into place. That is it. Just be you, and have fun while
doing it.

Embrace life to its fullest. Cease trying to please others and doing what does not work for you. Let
go of those patterns of mistrusting, fear, doubt and following the crowd. Seek only where it feels
good to go and uncover only what resonates with you. Put all aside that doesn't ring a bell for you.

You are not here to go out and into battle to save the world. The world does not need to be saved.
Your Earth only requires you to love her, respect and honor her. You know quite well how to do
this. By being you, being a loving human, and keeping love, kindness and compassion, in your
energy and thoughts at all time, is how the world responds and does change. Many of you try to do,
do, do instead of just being. Doing is okay if it comes from a centered heart and focused mind. If
you are doing because someone told you that you have to do this or that, then you are not being
who you are.

The Book of Your Life is a masterpiece and every page has so much to offer. If you are willing to
see life in this way; as a book that you want to savor every page then it will be rewarding and
fulfilling. And that book has many chapters. Read them in order - do not skip from chapter twelve
to chapter sixty-three to see what is going to happen. You will miss out on the fifty-one chapters in
between. Those chapters hold many lessons and experiences along with insight and wisdom that
you do not want to pass over. Each page in your book is important in its own way. Don't skip
ahead. Slow down and enjoy your life. Everything always works out if you allow it to flow without
resistance and blocks. It can be smooth sailing Beloveds. There is no ending to your book so there
is no need to think you must get to the last page. Just sit back, enjoy and allow your book to flow
as the words pop out of the pages. Children have loved 'Pop-up' books for a long time. Your book
has pages of pop-up adventures and possibilities within it.

Happy and Blessed New Year to each of you. It can be happy and very blessed if you allow it to be.

Abundant Blessings,

We Are the Archangel Michael and We are with You