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April 2015 was from Archangel  Raphael.
"At last the spell of stillness stole upon me, and in whispers taught me the language of angels."
Paramhansa Yogananda
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Archangel Ariel Messages
~A Message from Archangel  Sandalphon~                                                           May 2015

My Dear and Beloved Friends,

I am so pleased to address you here in this way. Thank you for inviting me in to speak with you.

Precious ones, you are all like little saplings in the forest who are bending in the winds and enduring
the weather no matter what form in which it presents itself. The snow comes and the weight is very
heavy on your young limbs but you hold your own and do not break. The wind comes and blows
with very strong gusts against your branches, yet again you hold your own.

And in your own timing you grow and grow and become taller and sturdier. You begin to branch out
and extend in many directions. Your brothers and sisters around you do the same, all in their own
unique way and in the timing that works for them. Not one of you is exactly the same as another.
Each tree has its own shape and form, leaves or needles that are different than another. Yes, each
species has certain shapes of the leaves, but the tree in itself is one of a kind. If you are ever in a
wooded area or around many trees, do you notice the intricacies of the patterns of the branches, and
the growth of those branches?

Do you notice that they reach upwards towards the light of the sun and also will reach in other
directions as the light comes upon those branches? We invite you take notice of the trees around you
and the beauty they create. They are more than just trees. They are living beings who send energy
out in all directions and provide shade, as well as homes for animals, birds, insects and more.

Some feel the energy of a tree and connect in a deep way with them. They will offer to you what you
will accept. There is so much life around you in places you either take for granted or simply do not

Can you be comfortable being the sapling who is growing and will become that mighty tree as you
allow the Universe in the form of the already mature trees around you to support you, protect you
and nourish you with love and sweetness?

And if you, as a tree, do not have any concern about how you will survive, how you will grow and
what you will become, for you know you will become the mighty tree you are meant to be, then all
is wonderful in your forest. Can you let go of how you think you should grow and be when you do
'grow up' with the limitations of beliefs and ideas of how it should be?

Now, if on the other hand, you have concern about what tomorrow will bring, what will occur next
week, next month and next year, you may bend under the pressure and your limbs might break or at
least cease to grow.

But nothing can ever break the spirit of one who knows themselves and does not allow it to happen.
A branch may break off of the tree but the tree remains rooted into the ground and stands tall and
firmly while letting go of that branch. It is not the end of the life of the tree if a branch should break

Of course we are speaking in metaphors. Beloved ones you are like the saplings in the forest and you
can become the tree that you want to become if you will allow it to happen in the perfect way which is
in Divine Timing and with the support of the Universe.

Not one of you is as another. You may have similarities but you are not clones who have come from
a mold that makes you the same. Why do you think that no fingerprint is the same? What could be
the reason behind it? Could it be because of your uniqueness?

The Universe is unlimited and there are no boundaries that confine it in any way. So too are you dear
beloved ones, limitless in what you can do, who you can be and who you already are. Yes, who you
already are! Each and every one of you has limiting beliefs that keep you confined in how you see life,
how you see
your life and all that is within it. Those limiting beliefs keep you from what you are
entitled to have, be and become. You already have all you need to be that unlimited being you desire
and it can be found deep within.

It is your job to find what is limiting you, what beliefs are holding you back and often keeping you
inside walls of your own personal prison. The key to unlock that prison door dangles in front of you
at all times. It is when you stop and look closely that you will see that key and you can then unlock it,
if you choose, and walk to freedom. We say 'if you choose' for you do have choice and many will not
choose to unlock the prison door and move out of what they think of as the only way can they live.
Prison has become a way of life and the fear of going outside of the cell and looking beyond to
newness will hold them back.

Do you wish to be the freed one or remain the one in confinement? This decision is for each to make
and no one else can make it for you no matter who they are or what they say.

If you only knew what is waiting to come to you and cannot, for you are saying 'no', or 'not yet'
because of those beliefs of which we have been speaking. You all have volumes of 'ifs' 'ands' 'buts' and
'whens' that you use to say 'no'. Oh the reasons you can come up with are quite amazing and at times
can be quite ingenious.

We say to each of you Divine and beloved ones, let go and come out to play in the sunlight of your
life as it is meant to be. Nourish the tree in you and reach for the Light with focus on finding how
much more there can be for you. Your worthiness has no definition unless you keep believing that
you are unworthy. We can tell you over and over that you are worthy yet until you tell yourself this
and believe it what we say falls away and is not heard.

Are you ready to become the mighty tree or do you wish to remain the little sapling? Add these
words to your life: reach, allow, believe, grow, seek, explore, trust, create, enjoy and most of all
love yourself. All of these are how the magnificent trees become that which
they are meant to be
and are an inspiration for the little trees to want to emulate. Grow and show your magnificence to
the world for the that world is waiting and needs you.

Plant you feet solidly on the ground beneath you, allow your roots to go deeply into the Earth and

hold your arms, your branches, up towards the light and become the magnificent tree you are meant
to be.

With Rays of Love and Light,
We are the Archangel Sandalphon
~A note from Linayah~

I do love how the Universe works! The day that this message came was
a magical day for me.
I have a special tree in a regional park near where I live. I call it 'my
tree' although I love to share it with whomever wishes to experience
the energy of love that he gives. He talks to me and I have taken many
of my dear friends to meet him. I have even channeled this tree for a
few of my friends.
The very same day this message came, I had taken another dear, dear
friend to meet my tree and we had an amazing and beautiful day.
As this message was coming I was smiling as I was seeing all the trees
we connected with that day and I felt the love from Archangel
Sandalphon in this wonderful Angel's words.
This is the first time I have channeled Sandalphon for this website.
What a sweet and loving energy it is. I am so grateful for how this all
came about and I thank Archangel Sandalphon and all of the trees for
creating this for me as well as for all those who read this loving

Angel Blessings to each of you,
Linayah ^i^