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The message from
March 2014 was from Archangel  Metatron.

~Linayah Kei~         ^i^
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Linayah Kei
~ A Message from Archangel Uriel ~                                                                             April 2014

Abundant Blessings to All,

We are the Archangel Uriel. We come to speak today of the children, the youth and the new babes who are coming
into the world.

Oh beloveds, it is like a treasure chest of beauty and love that is unfolding with these precious beings. For many
years they have begun to arrive and now it is at a peak. These are the New Age Warriors, Golden Era Warriors of
which there has never been the like here before. They are not of the old paradigm of warring to gain and overcome,
of triumph at the expense of others, of win and lose. No these are warriors of Light and love. They come
with a treasure trove (yes I use the word 'treasure' often for it describes these souls) of wisdom, love and
compassion. They are made of unconditional love and are true bearers of Light for the Higher Realms.

Yes, dear ones, you are all bearers of the Light but in a different fashion. The purpose of these souls is unique and
all are so blessed to have them come now to spread love, joy, Light, kindness, compassion, Oneness, unity and
grace amongst all.

We have awaited the time when this would come for it was to be. The energy of the Divine Feminine is sweeping
across the planet and rising the vibration moment by moment. This is making way for these precious souls to have
room to do their work without the constrictions of the old paradigm, and oh beloveds it is so old and so tired, of
the world as it has been for so very long.

It is time to rejoice and welcome these young ones. They bring wisdom that cannot be ignored even by the most
unbelieving ones. They have agreed to enter into the human form to bring truth to your beloved Earth. They are to
be thanked and cheered for it is not a job for the weak. The strength they carry is in their knowing and trust of
accomplishing what they are to do. They have no doubts or fears of getting it done. You can assist them to make it
easier. Yes they will get it done but you can give them a smooth ride.

Many of you know young ones now who are in this group. You sense, feel and see the amazing things they do even
in very young ages.

Have you seen the many videos on your You Tube, on talent shows on your television or in personal recordings
of children who are doing jaw dropping accomplishments? There are singers that sing like the most heralded Diva,
musicians who could easily claim the first chair in the most prestigious orchestra, artists who turn out work that
everyone finds hard to believe that they have created it, those who at a very young age are inventing what scientists
have not found a way to do, and the list goes on and on.

Beloved friends, take joy in this and honor and love these incredible souls. Thank them by approving what they do,
crediting them with their accomplishments and above all, do not brush them aside because the are only children.
And please do not use their talents and gifts as a way for your own ego to be fulfilled.

If allowed to flourish they will return to you and all of humanity a world as you have not known. They will be the
leaders of tomorrow who understand that separation and greed are not to be. They will work together, share,
cooperate with one another and stand behind each one instead of the old way of competing to be the better or the
best one. All they bring is needed and we ask you to open your arms to them and their offerings. Encourage them
to do what it is they have come to do and do not temper that in any way.

Humanity has come so far and is now emerging out of the trenches of eons of self-inflicted drudgery. Now it is
changing, you are changing and all is coming to a new way of life.

Allow the children who are here and the ones who are yet to come to show you the way. They know the route and
how to get there. They have the maps and instructions and know it all so well it; is by instinct. They have a GPS
system that is very well made.

And as for you beloveds, keep striving to be who you know you are. Be strong in your truth and learn to love
yourself as you have not done before. Bring love into all moments of your life and allow the children breathing room
that is filled with love. Let them feel your love and it will make the purpose of their work much easier.

Do not sit back and do nothing. You are very important and must do your part. What is your part? It is to be
authentic, and be in your truth as a body of love and Light that you are. Express your love and your Light and shine
for all to see. Each of you can do this. No one is more capable than another.

And to further assist these young ones, see the world as they do. That is in eyes that see love and see beauty in
everything. Have eyes that see beyond what is in front of you and anticipate all of your tomorrows with enthusiasm
and joy. They see fun and joy and not fear and worry. Can you do this? Yes, you can if you are willing to let go of
the fearful illusions that have held you back. There are no rules that say you have to be an adult with trials and
tribulations. There is the saying, "Young at heart". Can you be this? Would it feel good to be that way no matter
what your age might be?

A child loves to go to the beach and play in the sand. The ocean will bring the sand upon the beach and they delight
in the feel of it beneath their feet, digging and playing in the sand as the waves lap up against the land. They gather
sand to build a castle. The sand is molded just as they wish for it to go. It is very pliable and does not resist the
creating the child is doing.

If they are careful to build this castle far enough from the water's edge the waves will not come over it and wash it
away. They instinctively know this. If very young, guidance may be needed, but once given they will not forget.

Let your children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, nieces and nephews and all children flourish as creators with a
positive outlook. They are great examples and if you choose to heed the inspiration they give, you too can create
with each grain of sand you gather upon your beach of life the castle you wish to be that life. When the waves and
tides are too large you can step back until they subside.

The imagination and wisdom of a child is something to behold. See this and embrace and welcome them with open
arms. They are relying on your support. Yes, as I said, they will get it done but it would be so nice for them to be
able to do it with ease and grace and no hindrance. They deserve your assistance as a gesture of gratitude for what
they have come to do. Trust them and trust the process. You will so pleased that you did.

As Always We Are In Loving Gratitude,

Archangel Uriel