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"At last the spell of stillness stole upon me, and in whispers taught me the language of angels."
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"The air up there in the clouds is very pure and fine, bracing and
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~A Message from Archangel Haniel~                                                          April 2017

My Beloveds,

Inspiration. May we speak of inspiration, of inspiring, of being inspired?

Each one who is reading this is in the process or on the brink of inspiration. For those who are in the
process you have done much work to get to the place you stand in right now.

Lightworker, you are here as a transformer, as a beacon, as a wayshower, as an inspirer. You agreed
to this and you planned the path you would take to do this important work. Yes, you have chosen it
all. Others have been your supporting actors, who have assisted you in your role as the lead actor. It
is your story, your production and all has been written by you.

Does this tell you how powerful you are? You can create anything and everything!

As you have moved along in this journey of yours you have been inspired by others or by things you
have read or heard. They 'rang a bell' with you and you sought to learn more.

Now you are becoming the inspirer as well although please remember that you will always discover
new inspiration throughout your life. The greatest teachers and the Masters never stopped getting
inspiration from elsewhere.

There are so many times that you have inspired and will inspire others and never know it. What seems
like simple little things like a pat on the back, a word or two, an act of kindness, are all inspiration.
How you do it and the semantics don't mean as much as what you do to be the inspiration.

Go with your inspiration as it comes to you and when it shows up. It may come in a simple yet
unexpected way. You may be listening to your radio as you drive in traffic and a song comes on that
makes you pause and listen to the lyrics. Have you ever overheard a conversation between people you
do not know but know they are speaking to you?

Have you randomly picked up a book and the title catches your eye? All of these are examples of how
inspiration can come to you. Don't disallow anything that grabs your attention and resonates with you.

Being inspired is to listen to your inner guidance and act upon it in some way. Can you trust that it is
real and you are being given an opportunity to do something that your heart is guiding you to do?

Thoughts that are from inspiration of any kind are doors of opportunities for you to open. Is
opportunity knocking and are you answering the door? If you follow your inner guidance, that well
within, you can let inspiring thoughts grow and bloom in ways you cannot fathom.

Don't attach anything to your inspiring thoughts. Don't decide how they must look, how they must
show up, when and where they must appear. Allow them free rein to bloom as you nurture them to
grow in perfect timing.  

Now how about being the inspiration for another to move in a way they might not have done if you
had not been there to show them that it can be done?

When you are authentic and show love, kindness and compassion for everyone and everything while
being joyful, you can inspire.

Beloved Inspirers, be a catalyst for others. Shine your Light so they may find the way to the inner
peace that is there for them to find. Be an example, an inspiration and leave the ‘fixing’ and ‘changing’
to each individual to do in the way that works for them. You are not here to fix or change anything or
anyone but yourself. Change your thoughts and be a true inspiration as you are meant to be. Forget
about fixing for there is never a need to be fixed. You can never be broken or fall apart.

We are aware that we have gone in many different directions in this message. Our purpose is to be
and inspiration to you! Yes, the theme is quite evident in our message and the purpose is to light a fire
in some and inspire them to become the one they intended to be. Each spark that is ignited and
allowed to burn and grow can become a bonfire of creativity.

Inspiration often comes in the imagination. Imagination is a powerful and wonderful tool and when
you take advantage of this gift you have, you can create anything and everything you wish.

The true artist; the painter, the writer, the one who creates lyrics and music, the sculptor, the poet, the
designer, the architect, the planner, all have one thing in common: they have had inspiration to
create.  Everything has to start from something.

You are just as capable as the greatest creators. They trusted their inspiring thoughts and ideas, and
moved forward with them. So can you. Embrace your inspiration and without analyzing, just go with
it. Those thoughts are like the ball that has been given to you and now it is in your court. How are you
going to play it? Will you play safe or will you play it in a new way, with new ideas and new thought
form? Will you go for the three pointer? You get to play that ball in any way you wish and no one will
tell you how to do it. The coaches may be on the sidelines cheering you on and giving you
encouragement but you are the star player and what you do with your ball is how your inspired
thoughts will grow or wilt. It is your choice. See you inspiration as that ball. Will you keep it in tip top
shape and make sure it is filled with air to give it the bounce it needs, or will you let it remain in a
dormant state and slowly deflate?

You are unlimited. You are a master creator. You are capable of great things and you can do and be
what you want. Are you ready to be inspired and inspire? It only takes a slight thought or idea to grow
and grow into a beautiful masterpiece. Are you willing to try it? A you willing to try something new
that gives your heart a reason to sing? A tiny seedling can become a giant tree or an incredible flower.

Nurture you thoughts and ideas as you would that seedling with love and care. You just might find
you soon have a masterpiece.

To put everything we have said into a shortened form, as a recap of sorts; don't let your inspiration
pass you by. Don't ignore new ideas and insights. Give yourself permission to be the master gardener
who makes the garden grow, flourish and blow your socks off! Trust and believe in yourself and know
that everything and anything is possible. Don't sit on inspiration. The wallflower never grows. It has to
be able to take the dance floor and dance the new and unknown dance. You already know the steps,
you have only forgotten for a while. Bring them up again and dance the dance of your creative self. We
know you can do it. You are the one who has to decide that can do it.

Namaste Beloved Ones,
Archangel Haniel