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~A Message from Archangel Raphael ~                                 September 2014

Dear and Beloved Friends,

We come to you to speak of healing which of course is what is expected of the energy known as
the 'Healing Archangel'. So we will oblige and talk about healing but perhaps it won't be in exactly
the form or way you might expect.

To many
, healing means instant release of a health issue that is cured and gone.

First let us explain that curing in not healing. There is a vast difference. Healing is to be made
whole and sound, to release anything that is within the belief system that is the cause of whatever
it is one wishes to be healed. It is a personal voyage which each one embarks upon in his or her
unique way.

Suffering from ill-ness or dis-ease does not have to be. You are not meant to suffer. It is your
beliefs and fears that are the 'cause' of anything that is not well-being and thus suffering.

So many feel that being ill or experiencing a dis-ease, they are being punished for something.
Guilt has been the belief for so very long and it is past time for each of you to rid yourself of it.
You are not guilty of anything and you are not being judged as guilty or not guilty by a Supreme
power. This is not a courtroom and there are no prosecutors or jury here.

Life for you is not a trial in any way or form. If you believe it to be then that is how you
experience it. But beloveds, that is not your reality.

If you experience a challenge in your life do you see it as a test or a life lesson that you are being
given? If so, again this is something that is a belief that is not your truth. There are no tests in life
except those that you choose to be yours. You do not have to pass any test and there is no
grading system.

Are you thinking you are a student of life and must learn very hard lessons and then make the
grade? Yes, there are lessons, beloveds, but not in this way. The lessons of life are those the soul
has asked for in this journey of your life. Lessons come and go, just as everything does. But they
are not meant to be excruciating and painful. If they are, then you are creating them in that way.

Would you consider being a creator of your life instead of a student? Does that not feel and sound
much better to you? That is how it is meant to be. You have your choices that are brought before
you at your soul's request. You may choose any or none of them. They are only choices in the
form of opportunities.

The student can be restricted to leaning what is being taught. Whereas the creator is expanding
and growing through choices that may not only go beyond the comfort level but also are done
in joy and delight instead of mundane and often dreaded. It is freedom that comes when one is
the creator.

It is your choice to be the student of life or the creator of your life. That choice is yours and yours
only. And no one will stand in your way or judge you in your choice.

Making peace with your life in your thoughts and beliefs is how it begins. Can you heal yourself of
those very old beliefs that do not serve you and that are holding you back? Yes it usually takes
some effort and 'work' on your part but the end result is that freedom and peace you each desire.

The foundation for healing is found in love. Love does heal all.

We know what we are saying is in contrast to what many say and teach. That is perfectly fine
dear ones, for your world is made of contrast which gives you the freedom to make your choices
as to what resonates with you. Again no one will prevent you from your choices.

Yes, you know many who have been healed or have been cured of something and this is a
beautiful occurrence and not to be diminished in any way at all. Those who have won the 'battle'
are to be held in high esteem for they chose something and they overcame it because of the
desire to create that healing. They were not being punished or undergoing tests. They had chosen
the particular experience for very good reasons. Again each soul plans the experiences and then it
is up to the human to choose how to have it play out.

We applaud all those who are 'survivors' and are free from a dis-ease of ill-ness. Anyone can
overcome anything that is put in front of them.

Now we must explain that those who do not 'survive' and 'lose the battle' as is perceived, are
equally as strong, loved and Divine. They only made a different choice. That was the choice to
exit the lifetime as they were finished and complete with that experience and all experiences of
that particular lifetime.

Please my beloved friends, do not think of it as a battle where there are winners and losers. No
one loses. Again there are no tests, no scores or grades to be had.

Most think of healing as pertaining to your physicality. Yes that is a big part of it. Yet beloved
ones, healing can occur in every area of your life, in every one of your bodies. Your emotional
body, your mental body and your spiritual body also require upkeep and healing.

Let us look at the body temple, your physical body. It is a sacred temple which we lovingly call
your 'home away from home'. It must be honored as sacred and loved as you would anything
you consider to be sacred.

Your body temple is designed by the best engineers and architects there are, and guess what dear
ones, you are one of those amazing designers.

The body is designed to be in balance and wholeness and when that is so, it runs perfectly. Now
when that balance is disturbed, as always occurs with each and every one of you, by belief
patterns which are actually programmed into your cellular memory from past lifetimes as well as
this lifetime, the imbalance occurs. Beliefs and ideas, thoughts that were once only mere
thoughts, become the rule of thumb and the way it has to be. There are habits that are so
ingrained that you can be unaware of their existence. Family or societal belief patterns can impact
the balancing that is needed. Your environment is also a contributing factor to balance or
imbalance. Another way of bringing about an unbalanced physical form is what your lifestyle is
and what you put into your temple or how you treat it. If you do not respect your body, things
can go off kilter and this is when a vulnerability to dis-ease can come. This comes over time of

And I repeat
: that when dis-ease or ill-ness show up, the one who is experiencing it has chosen it
and that is okay. They have chosen the experience in their personal journey and it is to be
respected and allowed. No one is ever being punished or tested when these things show up.

We give guidance only and do not tell you what you should be doing or not doing. The guidance
we give here is to understand that you are in control of your choices and to not berate yourself
for what you think are wrong choices. Instead honor them and yourself and become the creator
of your life and find the soul-utions that will heal anything you wish to be healed. You are not at
the mercy of anyone or anything. Each of you is a healer and can heal yourself. The physical body
is designed to heal itself but you are the one who must direct and assist it by releasing all those
thought patterns and beliefs which prevent the healing to occur. See yourself as whole and healed
and you are on the way to the balanced life you are meant to be living. One thing that does make
a difference beloveds, is to let go of being so serious and allow laughter and fun into your daily

Respectfully yours,
Archangel Raphael
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