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The message from
February 2015 was from Archangel  Jophiel.
"At last the spell of stillness stole upon me, and in whispers taught me the language of angels."
Paramhansa Yogananda
~ A Message for Archangel Uriel ~                                                March 2015

Many Greetings and Blessings Beloved Ones,

I come to speak to you of the new you, the new paradigm of you. Your life is in the midst of
change that is so very beautiful and magnificent that you cannot comprehend or understand but
a very small particle of it.

For several years now you have been hearing, reading and being given much about the changing
of your world and with that of humanity and the entire planet.

This is a monumental undertaking with unlimited proportions and ramifications that will in time,
and in the right timing be revealed to you as an individual as well as the entire consciousness of  

Things may to some to be moving slowly and to others they are sensing and even seeing how
quickly things actually are moving forth.

This massive undertaking has been planned for a very,very long time. And it is something that
has never been tried before. It is an experiment beloveds to see if humanity is ready to rise above
the old ways of separation, greed, fear, blame, judgment, unforgiveness and all of the emotional
feelings and beliefs that have been the way of life for so, so long.

And the news is very good dear ones for it is working and it is being achieved. We on the other
side of the veil are elated and joyous. You have and are doing it. Peace is becoming more and
more the preferred way across the planet. There are those making 'last stands' but they will fall
back and see the Light and walk the path of peace. It will happen albeit not overnight.

What can you do to assist this to come to be? Keep your thoughts, your words and your actions
based in love and peace. Do not stray from that place and when you do, for of course it will
happen, bring yourself back again.

It has been said many times upon these pages and elsewhere that it is of utmost importance for
each of you to stay in that space. No matter how much you are bombarded with images and
words on your televisions, in newspapers and on the Internet, as well as those around you in
conversations, it is imperative for you to keep a steadfast hold on your truth of who you are and
why you are here.

You must stay grounded with your feet purposefully on the ground, both feet beloveds, and shine
your Light as brightly as you can. That steadfastness and devotion to peace will bring it about
everywhere! You are here as a Lightworker to hold the Light and illuminate the darkness.

Love abounds. Light abounds. Love and Light conquer all that is not of it. The more beaming of
the Light that each of you creates as a unified force, the more the shadows and darkness will

You cannot turn a light on in a dark room and not be able to see what is in the room. When
you shine your Light, your Divine Light, into the dark corners of the world, you can see all that is
there and know that there is nothing of which you need to be afraid.

Fear has been the root of all that has come to be the way of life. Fear almost always causes
hatred, guilt, unforgiveness, seeking to divide and conquer, and anger.  

We ask you dearest beloved ones to remember who you are. You are from the Divine, you are
Divine and you are beyond measurement, limitation and defeat.

Yes, you are moving through some unpleasant issues in your lives and at times they can seem
very daunting. Please hold on because the rapids in the river are going to become very calm and
peaceful. You are merely, and we are not in any way taking it lightly, going through final clearing,
cleansing and letting go of all that baggage that has been in your luggage for way to long. It
needs to come out and be in the fresh air for it gets quite
stale and even smelly after time.

Take all the time you need to process it all and bring healing to all parts of you. There is no time
clock for you to watch. Everything is right on time, if not somewhat ahead of time, and you are
doing the work.

There are those around you and in your life who are not where you might be. Or you may be one
of those of which I speak. That again is okay. Each is on his own timetable and each plan is
perfect for that individual.

Nothing remains the same. All changes. Some things change at a very fast pace and other
s take
longer with the slower pace. And all of it is perfect. Allow Divine Timing to be for it is perfect and
right 'on time'. Allow others to move at and in the pace that works for them. Each person has a
different stride, different pace and time frame. And it is all perfectly right for them.

Concentrate on your footsteps and whether they be baby steps of giant steps, do them keeping
you and your well-being in mind. Always intend for the Highest and Greatest Good to be done

for you as well as for others. See or hold no limitations, no attachment to outcomes, no right or
wrong; just allowance for each unique person to do and be who they are meant to be and where
they are meant to be.

There is a very bright new coming beloveds. It is filled with the love that you are and that you
know is your true being. Hold on to the faith of this being true and you shall see it. It is all up to
each of you, dear human beings, to make your world the better place you hold in your hearts.

Nothing like this has been done before. There has never been a massive undertaking as this is.
The entire Universe, all in the Angelic Realms, the Masters, the beings of Light from a far and all
on this side of the veil are in complete support of you. We hold so very much gratitude for what
you have done to get here and the determination, the trust and the love that you have held on to
all along the way no matter what has come into your experiences.

You are revered, loved beyond what you can comprehend and appreciated immensely. It could
not be done without you. Does that not make it all worthwhile? Does that not tell you how
important you are and reveal who you are? You are Divine beings of the Light who have
volunteered to partake in this blessed event. That in itself is Divine.

We thank you and appreciate you.

In Love and Peace,
We are the Archangel Uriel