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The message from
November 2016 was from Archangel  Chamuel
"At last the spell of stillness stole upon me, and in whispers taught me the language of angels."
Paramhansa Yogananda
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Archangel Ariel Messages

"The air up there in the clouds  is very pure and fine, bracing and
delicious.  And why shouldn't it be - it is the same the angels breathe."
~ Mark Twain ~
~A Message from Archangel Raphael~                                                      December 2016

Beloved and Magnificent Ones,

Another year is coming to its closure. Twelve months are winding down. This means different things

to each person. Since you are unique and one of a kind, of course it will be different to each. Yes, there
will be many similarities, but no one thinks the same as everyone else, no one feels, sees, hears in the
same way. This is what is so much fun in your game of life!

As the world as you know it continues to shift and change, there are many occurrences globally as well

as individually that can get stirred up a bit. And these 'disturbances' no matter where or with who they
might be, can be like a storm of massive intenseness and far-reaching.

So the heat is turned on under that big pot of stew and it begins to boil. And boil it does. With global
stew, there are many who keep adding spices to it and changing the tastes. With the individual, they

add their own particular flavorings.

Just as everything changes from moment to moment, so does the stew. The harder it boils, the more it
becomes a hot pot so to speak.

Let us look at our stews. First we will see what is cooking with the global pot. Oh yes, there are many
aspects or flavorings being added at all times. An event occurs which is filled with chaos and fear and
then the more widespread the news of it becomes, the more of the fear and anger flavorings can be

Each thought you have goes into that stew of human consciousness. Every single thought you have. So
when you toss in your thought flavor, your neighbor puts in his or hers, and on and on you go.  A lot

of cooks are working on this broth. Spoil it? That is a matter of thought. Can you visualize our
metaphor? Can you see a gigantic black pot that is over an intense fire and billions of thoughts that are
based in fear are being added at each moment? If you can, you get the idea of how big this is.

Of course your media has a big purpose: that is to make that fear-based flavor, the spice of the day.

And they are very good at it. When the human consciousness buys into this fear, those fearful thoughts
land in the stew. That stew is now very, very spicy and not fit to be consumed.

Now let us look at the individual stew pot. It is much different than that of mass consciousness for it has
its own spices. Some will add hot spices to their stew to get a kick out of it for they like to play with fire
so to speak. They get caught up in that fear as well, so they are adding to both stew pots. That takes a
lot of work and energy to keep this up.

Now let us go in another direction. Let us say that the individual decides that he or she will not play the

'fire up the hot stew' game and instead has thoughts that are of kindness, love, tolerance, trust,
compassion and allowing. They are opening up a whole new spice cupboard now. They let their stew
simmer and not boil. They allow it to become a delicious and delectable, perfectly flavored stew that

has all the time needed for it to be finished. They allow ideas and thoughts to form without reacting
and just tossing in something that might not be the flavor they seek.

And of course, because they are using the flavoring we listed, their thoughts mirror that and they go

into the consciousness.

Beloved ones, your thoughts do matter. You are here to help usher in the love of Source in this new
Golden Era. Can you stay in that space of the stew of loving thoughts and not get caught up in the

drama of mass fear which sometimes can be mass hysteria?  Can you put loving thoughts into the
global stew pot?

We ask you to begin to let go of any fear-based thoughts that see doom and gloom. All is
just as it
should be and all will come to be just as it should. The faster it can come to fruition depends on each

of you and how you live, think, and be.

Can you let go of hasty judging and pointing your finger at something or someone that is not agreeable
to your thoughts and opinions? Can you not see that there is always a broader picture and perspective

to everything? Can you not follow the crowd and be your own producer of your thoughts? You are
perfectly capable and are supposed to be doing this. Don't be one of the herd that plays follow the leader
for that leader just might take you into a place you do not want to go.

We invite you to become more of an observer who listens, sees and feels with your heart. Love

conquers everything. Love is all that matters. If you are holding love in your heart and thoughts, then
everything will follow into place. You are love. That is your true essence. The Creator/Source did not
design anyone to be hate. No one is anything but love, no matter what they do or how it may seem to

be otherwise.

Your loving and kind thoughts are what is going to bring about the beautiful change that is attempting

to come. You are here to do this. You can do this. You are needed to hold space for love and Light to
cover the planet everywhere.

Everyone has a role to play and each role is equally important. If you can look at it as many, many

stages which are simultaneously putting on a play, than you can see how life is. Play on your stage and
allow every other play to do what it wants to do. You can play 'nice' or not. You can have a stage filled
with love and joy or one that is the opposite. It is your choice, but Beloveds, you are here to co-exist as
one with all and to shine your Light upon the world in your own uniqueness. You cannot shine that Light
if it is based in anything but love. It cannot shine as it is meant to shine.  Fear not, love much.

Instead of making resolutions for the upcoming year, how about setting intentions of dropping and
shedding all that is not of love and embracing life in a new way?

Love heals. Begin by loving yourself, every aspect, every part of you, inside and out. Love heals. Be it

and do it Beloveds. The effort will be more than worth the result.

May your December 2016, be one filled with love all around. Open your eyes in a new way and see

how  love exists in everything. In everything and everyone.

Loving Humanity and the Gloriousness of You,
Archangel Raphael