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The message from
September 2014 was from Archangel  Raphael.
"At last the stillness stole upon me, and in whispers taught me the language of angels."
Paramhansa Yogananda
~A Message from Archangel Haniel~                                October 2014

Dear Blessed Ones,

I come with greetings in love and appreciation for each of you who reads these words. It
delights us to be able to transmit to you in this way.

I would like to speak of freedom. This is of course what you all desire; freedom to be
unhindered, untethered, and unbound so as to do and be who you are to be.

There is nothing that holds you back beloved friends but your own thoughts and beliefs of

We know you have heard all of this before. Yet it is worth repeating for sometimes it takes
repetition to bring about the 'Ah Ha' moments.

Let us look at it in this way. Do you see Source, Creator, God, the Universe or whatever you
wish to call the Divine Creator as the energy or essence of unconditional love? We know that in
your hearts you do know this to be.

And if this is so what is unconditional love? How do you define it? Is it love in the purest form
with no judgment, expectation, limitation, separation and only allowance? Yes of course it is. So
dearest ones, what does this mean to you? Does this mean freedom?

Yes it does. For love does not need those limitations, parameters, and beliefs of duality. It
simply is. It is what everything is based upon. Everything is love. Each and everyone of you is
Divine love.

You do not see this for that is part of your journey in life. You come here in a physical form to
have a sort of amnesia of who you are and then experience and learn so as to remember again.
Yes it is like a game you play and you all are expert players.

And as you do this, love never leaves you nor does it lessen in anyway. You are unconditional
love. You do not have to find it for it is your true and perfect essence.

When you do rediscover this knowledge, you have your freedom and you can fly to heights

There is a term that humans use which is 'lost love'. This usually pertains to a relationship. But
dear ones, even in a relationship love is never lost. It cannot be lost for it is always there and as
we said, it is who you are. It is who everyone is.

When you are able to shift your focus from the loss of love to the knowing that it exists within
everyone and everything so therefore there is more than meets the eye, you can begin to move
through anything with a new view.

The more you can do this, the more freedom you will find. Broaden you view, see with eyes that
take in the entire picture and not just with what your physical eye sees before you. Begin to see
with your heart and your intuitive senses and you will find a new perspective may appear.

Just as the butterfly's wings are there but unseen before it emerges from its cocoon, so are your
wings there for you as well. Each of you has all the equipment, wisdom, knowledge and
wherewithal to fly when you are ready.

No you do not have to sprout actual wings and fly like a bird. You can fly into potential and far
beyond anything you can imagine. You are an unlimited being which means just that: you have
no limitations to hold you back except those that you put upon yourself.

How do you gain this freedom you desire? It begins by believing in yourself, forgiving yourself
for anything and everything and letting go of the past. Do not hold onto that which does not
matter and is not in the present moment.

The next very important thing to do in your quest for freedom is to allow everyone, including
yourself, to be themselves no matter what you think about it.

The tiger that is caged will pace back and forth, back and forth. The energy of this beautiful
being is imprisoned and so freedom cannot be hers. She is meant to be free to move about and
roam and not be in a cage. Nothing should be in a cage. Freedom is not found in a cage.

So my beloveds, remove yourself from the cage and allow yourself to be free. It is all up to you.
Free your thoughts of what you don't want instead of focusing on it. Focus on what you do want
and apply your thoughts to that.

Everything is perception. Your perception of your life, of your health, of your environment, your
finances, your job or career, are all going to be the reality of your perception. If you look at and
perceive love, beauty, health, joy, abundance as yours then that is how it shall be. A mere
change in what you perceive to be as your reality and is so, can change your entire world.

Each of you often sees what is wrong with something and then focus your attention and
thoughts on that 'wrong'. What if you change your thoughts to what you do want instead of
don't want and to what is right in any situation and in your life? Does this not make sense
dearest ones? This is where you find freedom.

You are the only jailer there is. There is no other or nothing that will keep you as a prisoner
than yourself and your thoughts of who you are and what your life may be. As you believe you
shall perceive.

As we keep saying, you are unlimited and because this is your truth, you can do and create
anything in your life that your heart wishes. The only barriers are fear and doubt. And those are
all illusionary and not that reality that you think they may be.

Can you consciously control your thoughts, actions and feelings? Yes you can. It does take some
work on your part and the intention of doing so, but you most definitely can do it. All it requires
is to think, act, speak and do everything in love. Coming from a place of love will bring you to
that desired destination.

Unconditional love is of course freedom. Freedom is yours for the taking when you decide to let
go of everything that is not in your best interest and no longer floats you boat. You have all that
you need right there within you. The strength you need to accomplish anything is so very  
powerful and no one can ever take it from you.

Be gentle and loving with yourself. Just as you would treat a new puppy, kitten or a newborn
child with tenderness, do so for yourself. You deserve the best of everything. You are loved
unconditionally by all of your unseen guides and Angels. I ask you to give yourself the same
sweetness, same tenderness and love. Treat yourself in the same way.

The reward is knowing unconditional love, feeling and experiencing it. There is no need to
search for it. Once you become it you will find it and see that it was always right there for you.

One small drop of love gives hope and nourishment so that a seedling can grow. Extend the
drop of love that will make your seedling grow. It will be beautiful to behold. I already see it. It
is time for you to see it as well.

In unconditional love,
Archangel Haniel