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January 2017 was from Archangel  Michael
"At last the spell of stillness stole upon me, and in whispers taught me the language of angels."
Paramhansa Yogananda
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"The air up there in the clouds is very pure and fine, bracing and
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~Message from Archangel Raphael~                                  February 2017

Beloveds and Awesome Ones,

Let us speak of changes. Do you think too many are speaking on this topic recently.
Change. Change. Change.

This is a number one year and that means CHANGE! And the shifting that has been
coming is here dearest ones. You have done it!

You are in a most precedent time. The glory of what you came to anchor in, the work
you have strived to do, the new world and the new human are upon you.

Yes there is still much work to do, but you have brought about something that has
never occurred before anywhere or at any time. If that doesn’t cause you
to hold your
head up in pride, then we are not sure what will.

And the icing on the cake is that you have done it much sooner than was ever expected.

Would it surprise you if we tell you that not only are we watching but all galaxies
everywhere are watching as well to see what is going to happen? You are famous! Not
just world renowned – you are Galaxy and Universal renowned.

Does that tell you who you are? Does that give you any clue as to the importance of
your being here now and of your Divine magnificence?

You are all feeling the enormous change that is occurring upon your planet. And with
it is coming changes in your own personal lives as well as those around you. These
changes are coming at a rate of speed that has never been before.

Watch your words and thoughts very carefully Beloved Ones, for they are going to
show up in form in a very fast way.

Change is moving so fast that things will change in what seems like the blink of an eye.

Put on your manifesting hats and your new matching shoes. It is time to change your

So sit back, be observers and allow the Divine change to arrive at your doorstep. You
have worked
quite hard to bring about change in the human consciousness, in your
world, and in humanity itself. You are doing it.
Be proud of that.

We know at times it seems like your world may be falling apart and we do understand
why you think and feel this. We ask you to hold on, without having white knuckles of
course for that is not necessary, and just let it flow to you. A soft grasp is all that is
needed if you allow and receive.

Watch and observe. Do not participate in the illusions of fear and chaos. You
r media is
so busy trying to keep up with the changes that they are getting dizzy and contradictory
at times. Of course we find that amusing. We see it like a giant anthill with numerous
ants hustling up and bustling down the trails in their hill. They scurry here and they
scurry there and are so busy trying to get to the common goal as the first one that they
take no prisoners as they go.

But this is good because it gives you the awareness of what you do not want for your
planet and of what does not resonate with you. It shows you what the positive way to
see it all is. Things always get very chaotic before the calm can come in. If you feel you
are in the middle of a very big storm, then make the intention to be the 'eye' in that
storm or in other words, the observer and not be a participant in the drama.

And Beloveds, with your personal selves it is very different of course. We are very close
by and are assisting you as you move into newness, into unchartered territories that
can sometimes be a bit frightening. You all know deep within that without change and
stretching, you cannot grow and move ahead. You know this but when it comes to
actually doing it, it can become very hard to do. We also know this.

Can you actively be a
'love machine' instead of a 'go-along with the masses robot'?
Those are two very different roles and you cannot be both. You get to choose which
one is for you.

We are here to give you encouragement in taking those steps, to protect you from
harm and to comfort you if you trip once in a while. And yes, of course tripping does
happen. But there is nothing wrong with that and we do not want to see you feeling
unhappy with yourselves when it does occur.

Like the toddler who is just learning to walk and
plops to the ground on their little
bottom end
then gets right back up and goes again, you can do the same. That little
child, when once back up, goes forward and the tripping is forgotten. It is in the past.

Please forget the trips you make as they are also in the past. They are only little
inconveniences, nothing more.  

This is what we want for you Dearest Ones. You will trip, that is part of your
experience in your human incarnation. But when you see it as just a little annoyance
that happened and then let it go and forget it instead of dwelling on it; you are taking
huge steps toward the enlightenment you all seek. You did nothing wrong when you
stumbled. You will do nothing wrong when you do, and yes, you will, stumble again.
See it as a learning experience instead of a mistake.

And remember that you do not have to be alone as you pick yourselves up when you
do trip. We are right there to bring you to your feet, give you a hug and then let you
go on your way. I guess you can think of us like loving grandparents!

Change is necessary. Change is essential in the evolution of your planet and humankind.
It is a must and it does and will happen. So if you embrace it with joy and excitement
instead of being disgruntled and trying to avoid it, your lives will be so much more as
you want them to be.

Oh Beloved Friends, we smile at every step that you take and as you learn, evolve
and grow. Our hearts are filled with love for each of you and gratitude for your
strength, your courage, your Light and your willingness to serve.

Allow all the goodness and happiness that you deserve to be yours. We will never let
you be without. Allow us to bring to you what it is
that you want. Your needs are
provided for at all times. Make sure you don’t keep it away with thoughts that it cannot

Light Bearers, Light Bringers, you are so very important and your joy is important. We
want you to have fun and enjoy all as you do your service. Open those arms and shout,
“Bring on what is for my Highest Good with Ease and Grace!” You will get a positive

If we sound like a cheerleader, then good! That is exactly what our intention is. We
cheer you on and remind you of your amazing qualities, your unlimited potential, your
Divine expression in your human vessel, and that you are so much more than you
understand or know. So yes, Raphael will continue to cheer for you and cheer you on.
You are loved beyond anything that you can wrap your mind around. The world is
okay, you are okay and joy is at your fingertips when you decide to take it for yours.

Embrace change and let it take you to new avenues of inspiration and greatness. You
deserve it Beloveds. Are you willing to grant this gift to yourself?

Cheering You On With Love,
Archangel Raphael