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The message from
March 2015 was from Archangel  Uriel.
"At last the spell of stillness stole upon me, and in whispers taught me the language of angels."
Paramhansa Yogananda
~A Message from Archangel  Raphael~                                                       April 2015

Beloved Ones,

Greetings to you! I am in appreciation of you reading my words at this time.

Most everyone has been having challenges with the physical vessel, the body, which I like to refer
to as your 'home away from home'.

The body vessel is undergoing change. Every part is in a transformation, a recalibration, rewiring,
readjusting and it is like a remodel that one would do to his or her home.

You do a remodel of your house for the sake of a place of providing your other home, your
physical body, a place to live. When things in your home are in need of repair, change, updating
and perhaps complete remodeling, you do it. Think of doing this for you physical body, that home
away from home, in the same way.

You must take care of your body physical for it is a sacred vessel. The home you live in is
wonderful but it can never be precious as is your body. It is a temple, a sacred temple and
because of this it needs tender loving care and an awareness of its needs.

You designed your body. Yes you really did. You chose every aspect of it. So it is important to
love that which you created.

Instead of seeing flaws in it, see perfection and beauty. See beyond what you see in the image of
your mirror. See beyond what society dictates as the perfect body. No beloveds, this is not a truth.

Just as each of you is unique so is each body. There can be no guidelines or charts on how your
body should be. What a wonderful creator you are to design your building like the finest architect
does. And you didn't even need schooling or a degree to do it.

Everything is as one looks at it. If you look at your physical form in judgment and unhappiness,
then that is what you will see. This will bring to you all sorts of unwanted thoughts and emotions.

On the other side, if you look at it as a beautiful and Divine creation that is sacred, perfect and
whole, that is what you will see.

Aging. Oh the beliefs that are embedded within you say that the body gets 'old' and begins to
deteriorate and fall apart, become incapacitated and even worthless.

Beloved ones, the body is meant to be youthful, vibrant and carry you far beyond what you think.
This again is an example of the beliefs that have been passed along for so very long and has
become part of the human consciousness that aging and falling into disrepair in later years is just
how it is.

Are you ready to change you belief system in regards to this? You can if you want to do it. And
with it can come healing for if you see your body in a whole new way and treat it with respect and
love, it can be just as it should be - as you originally designed it.

Anything such as dis-ease, ill-ness, sick-ness, is there because it has been created from fear,
anger, guilt, and unworthiness; or even all of those combined. You create your experiences and
you can uncreate them by focusing on changing your thoughts and beliefs.

We are here to tell you that you are not required to struggle in your life. The phrase 'no pain, no
gain' is in our view very defeating and it is unwise to follow it. You do not have to have pain in
your life in any form to gain joy, happiness, abundance and love. Those things are already there
for you and you are the one who can grab hold and make them yours. You deserve them and they
only stay at a distance because of your limiting yourself.

Very wise words were spoken by Sophia Loren, one who appears to be ageless. She stated,
"There is a fountain of youth: it is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring to your life and
the lives of people you love. When you learn to tap this source, you will truly have defeated age."

The health of your body depends on you. What you put into it does make a difference, a very big
difference. If you treat your car or vehicle with love and maintain it so as to keep it running in the
best possible way, will it not serve you much longer than if you ignore it and just let it run down?

If your home is left in disrepair and you let it fall apart around you, eventually it will become
inhabitable. This is the same as with your home away from home. It deserves love and care. It
deserves to be loved. Love it and love yourself. You deserve your love. Begin now to employ new
thoughts and beliefs by being open to different ideas and concepts. Begin now to allow yourself
and your physical body to a new way of being.

Do not say that it doesn't matter for it does in a very big way. If you can begin to see your life as
a gift, your body as a gift, and yourself as a gift, your world will change before your eyes. You
matter and your love for your body temple matters.

It is time to celebrate you, celebrate life and enjoy it to the fullest. You are the only one who can
make that happen or not happen. It is solely up to you. Soul-y up to you. It is never too late and
you are never too old to begin right now. See it as an adventure and not a drudgery or task.

Vibrant health, and ageless life is yours if you wish to claim it. You hold the claim check.

We are Archangel Raphael in Service to Humanity

Note from Linayah: As the message was coming though Archangel Raphael, a wonderful quote
came to mind that I think is very in line with this message. It is from Mark Twain. "Age is an
issue of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter."
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