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The message from
January 2016 was from Archangel  Michael
"At last the spell of stillness stole upon me, and in whispers taught me the language of angels."
Paramhansa Yogananda
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Archangel Ariel Messages

"The air up there in the clouds  is very pure and fine, bracing and
delicious.  And why shouldn't it be - it is the same the angels breathe."
~ Mark Twain ~
~A Message from Archangel  Chamuel ~                                                         February 2016

Precious Ones,

How delightful it is to transmit this message to you. We send it with love and affection.

Ah, it is the month of love. Love is everywhere and symbols of love are at each turn. It is a happy time for most
for it is fun to get into the energy of love.

Of course love is the highest vibration there is. Yes, joy is equal but you cannot have joy without love. Joy loves
love and love loves joy!

Aside from the gifts that express love, the sweet cards that are given, what else is there in the energy of love? It
is so very important to have fun and show your love to those you care about, but let us remember that it is not

be just once a year. Love must consciously be in each day, each hour, each minute, each moment.

Let us talk about the heart. The shape of the heart is the symbol most associate with love. And there is no
coincidence that it is the shape of the physical heart.

The heart is the most powerful part of your physical vessel. It does so very much. It pumps blood throughout
your body. It beats in a rhythm that is actually attuned to the heartbeat of the Universe.

What else does the heart do? It is your center point where you can go to receive guidance that you know is
always for your Highest Good. The heart chakra is an amazing chakra and when it is clear and open it vibrates
in a beautiful way. Think of a symphony with the physical heart doing the base beat and the heart chakra
playing the strings in harmony.

Your heart is there for your physical body, it is the place that expresses what you carry in your emotional body,
and of course it is your connection to the Divine, within your spiritual body. When you pause to think about all
that it does, it is quite an incredible masterful design, don't you

We wish to impart to you that because of this magnificent heart that you have and is your life force in many
ways, is it not wise to honor it, treat it with respect and love it?

And where do you begin, Beloved friends? You begin by showing that honor and respect in loving thyself. This
body that you occupy whilst you are in this incarnation is precious and sacred, just as you are.

Each and everyone of you wishes for peace and a world filled with love. And that is how it should be and can be
when each individual begins with self-love. You must do the work at home before you can go out in the world
and change it. For it is a very simple formula: when the self is unconditionally loved and there is no judgment of
it in anyway, it will spread out as if on the wings of a butterfly. Use you lovely imagination and see this Dear
Ones. See a heart, your heart, filled to the brim with pure love. Then see that love flow outwards and to your
neighbor and beyond. Then see your neighbors heart doing the same thing. See every heart in every person
upon the planet with a heart filled with pure and unconditional love. See that love going to all. It is like a love
dance. And all are dancing with all others. See that butterfly carrying the love from one to the next one on its
delicate yet powerful wings.

My Beloved Ones, this is how it must be. People are waking up everywhere and the lights are being turned on.
The switches of the Lights of each one is being turned on and the Lights are being illuminated. It is a lovely
thing to observe from where we are. You are of the Light and it is time to shine.

And each Light is necessary just as each heartbeat is necessary. Where are we going with this you might be
asking. We want to give you the insight on how important the heart is to life, to love and to that peace that you
desire. And each heart must beat in its own unique way while uniting with all other heartbeats to create that
symphony of love and harmony in a worldwide masterpiece.

The member of an orchestra treats their instrument with love and respect. It is taken care of and made sure it
is tended to and kept in tiptop shape. If a key or string is not working properly, that instrument will not play as
it should.

Be the same musician with your own instrument - your heart. Find the love that always resides there and begin
a love fest with yourself. Fall in love with you, that magnificent, powerful, beloved Divine being that you are.
Tell yourself that you love you. Tell yourself how much you love you and that love will grow from now on in
leaps and bounds. Give yourself permission to love you. This is a perfect time of the year to begin and then
promise to continue in a lifelong endeavor. Promise yourself that from this moment on, you will love you in the
most profound way and never let up. Promise that your love for you will grow and grow and you will never let
up. Be bold in your promises for you deserve that self-love. You don't have to earn love. It is always within you.

You already have the love of your Angels, guides, the Ascended Masters,
and the Creator, so is it not time for
you to join in? The love that is around you, within you and for you is beyond what your mind can understand.
You will just have to trust us in what we say.

Self-love, love of self, we cannot express to you how important it is to find it. If affirmations work for you then
post them everywhere you can see them during your day. State how much you love yourself, that you love
yourself, that you love yourself without any limitations or hang-ups.

We assure you that once you begin this quest for loving yourself, your heart will be the first to respond. It will
smile and jump with joy.

Be the new you, the new 'in love with myself' you and you will see results that you would never have imagined.
When you do this, you will be gifting the world the love it needs. Love is in the air in February. Let love be
inside and feel it with each breath you take. Breathe in all that love that is reportedly in the air and make it
yours. Inhale love and exhale love. Be love and project love. Live love and show love. How fun is that?

Let 2016 be the year you fall in love with yourself and become the essence of love that you are and have always
been. You are Divine love. That is who you are. It is time to bring it home and enjoy it and yourself.

Sending Love from Our Heart to Yours,
Archangel Chamuel