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The message from
July 2015 was from Archangel  Metatron
"At last the spell of stillness stole upon me, and in whispers taught me the language of angels."
Paramhansa Yogananda
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Archangel Ariel Messages
~A Message from Archangel Raphael~                                                          August 2015

Greetings Beloved Friends,

Humanity as viewed from the physical realms appears to be in a complete mess. There is so much going on
and so many floundering around in the mucky muck of life that many of you feel it is completely hopeless
for any form of salvation.

You hear and see continuous tales of destruction, terror, horrible acts of some against others and on and on.
You wring your hands in angst and ask if there is any hope or is all completely lost?

What do you do Beloved Ones? Do you join in the fear and judgmental opinions of who is doing what to
who, and how bad it is, or do you send love out to the world and every single being who resides upon this
planet with the intention that it is better than it appears and will be better in time?

Each of you wants peace, love and compassion to be the way of life for everyone. This is because you are
loving beings. Every single person who walks upon the Earth plane is a loving being. You ask how we can
say this when people are killing each other, killing and treating people and animals in inhumane ways,
devastating the earth and creating mayhem in every direction?

Again, this is what you are being told. Yes in the human consciousness this is a reality. But each of you can
and must learn to shift away from that mass thinking and believing, to a completely 360 degree turn so that
you see and know that there is beauty and love everywhere.

You are here Dearest Ones, to be the actual momentum of that shift in consciousness. And you can and are
getting it done.

You cannot turn a deaf ear to all that is around you. But you can send love from your heart out to all that is
what you perceive to be wrong in your world.

The collective consciousness responds to each and every thought and action that is given to it. Each and
every thought! All thought is sent out like a radio wave into that consciousness and gathers with all other

Do you understand what we are attempting to convey here, Beloveds? If you choose to think thoughts of
doom and gloom then those thoughts join all other thoughts that are similar and can become one big
powerhouse of that doom and gloom.

But if you instead choose to think thoughts of love, seeing each person doing the best he or she can in each
moment, intending for peace to prevail, then those are the thoughts that join all other thoughts that are of
the same form, and the consciousness of the world softens and hearts begin to open.

See how powerful you are and how powerful your thoughts are dear ones? You are not merely a 'mortal
human' as has been said for so long. Not at all. You are powerful beings of Divine Light who are here to help
shift that human, collective consciousness from the old ways and into the new, loving, peaceful paradigm.

Right now the chaos that seems to be the way of the day, is occurring for a reason. Things have to be, shall
we say, stirred up so that nothing is left at the bottom of the pot. Within the contents of that pot, which is
again the human collective consciousness, is a delicious variety of qualities that when completely done
cooking, will result in the best stew you can imagine, or perhaps not imagine. The contents began with
haphazard ingredients tossed in with no thought of how it would work with the other contents. But as the
stew simmers and you tend to it with loving care, it becomes the best stew ever created. The results are far
beyond what you can imagine or conceive. Loving something will always make it change in the most positive

Out of that chaotic rubble, new seedlings will burst forth and become beautiful blossoms.

It is a new age and the best one that has ever been experienced. The momentum has taken on the form of
an unstoppable river that will flood the Earth with Light and wash away all that does not adhere to the new

Can you begin to think in a new way? Can you see beauty in any landscape no matter how barren and
desolate it may appear? Can you see flowers blooming where others may see only weeds? Can you find
compassion for others no matter who they are and what they may be doing?

Beloved friends, it is time to shift to this new way of thinking and seeing. Each of you has your own unique
way of doing this. And each way is perfect. It is the doing that is important, not how it is done as long as it
is truly heartfelt and non-judgmental.

The uniqueness of you is such a glorious thing. Each of you is unique and when all you unique loving beings
come together with thoughts of peace and unity with love as the base, things have to change. And they will.
Focus not on what the perception is of society but on what the Divine purpose of everything may be. You do
not have to know exactly what that might be, you only have to know it is coming from the Highest Power
and that it is all perfectly orchestrated to come as it should.

Recently we were speaking to a group about their uniqueness. We told them that they are not potato chips
from a can that are all made in complete likeness. We said that you are not out of a can that contains a stack
of sameness. We stated that would be quite boring.

Just because many are opting at this time to be in a fear-based world where hatred and separation run
rampant, does not mean you have to do the same. Even putting your focus upon it and judging it, gives
energy to it.

Become and reveal the true Divine Light and loving being that is who you really are. Speak, walk, act and be
that wayshower and Light Bearer that you are. Be and inspire. Step out of the old shoes of the old ways and
beliefs and put on a new, sparkly pair of shiny and comfortable shoes. The old pair ha
s not fit well for a very
long time. Do you not think you deserve a new pair that reflects you and who you really are? Toss the old,
ill-fitting shoes aside and wear your new shoes with pride and joy.

Times are a-changing Dearest and Beloved Ones, and you are important in being like ushers in a theatre with
your flashlights on to show patrons to the seats. You are needed and your Light is needed. Just like the
usher is needed in the theatre, you are needed in the world right now.

Turn on your lights and don't hide them any longer. Shift all your thoughts, words and actions to those of
how you truly wish your world to be. Set aside anything that does not fit into that vision and do not allow it
to interfere with what you know to be true in your heart.

In Service to All,
Archangel Raphael