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The message from
January 2015 was from Archangel  Michael.
"At last the spell of stillness stole upon me, and in whispers taught me the language of angels."
Paramhansa Yogananda
~A Message from Archangel Jophiel~                                              February 2015

Blessed Greetings,

We are so very pleased to be invited to speak with you here today.

Precious ones, we come to you with encouragement and hopefulness to be yours. All is well in the big
picture of things. We know that when you are only seeing your life in what is around you and your daily
trials and tribulations, it can be very hard at times to believe that it really is all well.

We bring you words of love and encouragement for it is time for everyone to rediscover joy in life and
of life. If you will open the eyes of your hearts and allow yourself to see how much you have to be
joyful about, we do think you will understand.

It can be very difficult when you are in hard times, poor health, loss, sadness and despair to see
anything joyful. Oh beloved ones we do understand this very well.

If you can pull up those boot straps and take some very deep breaths, that is a way to begin. Sigh if
you wish.
Sighing is a good way to release.

The focus you put your attention upon is what of course is what you attract and create. Seeing lack or
being without, is telling the Universe that is what you want and as long as you continue in that vibration
it will continue to be yours.

If you repeatedly say that you have this dis-ease or ill-ness than your are actually owning it and again
you are telling the Universe that is who you are and so it remains with you.

If you say you are lonely, unforgiving, have lost hope in everything
, then unfortunately you are telling
that story as being yours and it will belong to you in full ownership.

We believe you follow what we are attempting to convey. The only way to shift out of or away from
what you don't want is to shift your thoughts and beliefs.

If you believe you have no money or no friends, than that belief creates it to be real.

Thoughts, words and actions of joy bring that joy to your life no matter what you may be experiencing.

It is time to find joy, rediscover it, for you come from love and joy, in your life and allow everything to
flow in ease and Grace.

We do not intend to lecture for we see that as being counterproductive. We never lecture for our role is
to only support, guide and help you see what is available for you and in this see and remember who
you really are. When you do you will be astonished at your incredibleness.

Our wish dear ones, is to see each and every one of you in excitement about life, in love with life and all
that it offers. We do what we can to assist you in finding joy, happiness and love of the gift of life but of
course you are the one who has to do it.

We ask you to step back and really focus on answering our questions that we present to you. First, how
willing are you to letting go of the same patterns of your behavior and daily life to try something new?
Are you 'game' to explore new possibilities and opportunities that present themselves to you? In that,
do you know that the more willing you are to accept this, the more will show up for you?

Are you stuck in the same routines, same ruts and feeling that it will always be the way it is?

Does your life and what is in it bring you satisfaction and a happiness that is deeper than only what is
on the surface? Can you feel good about what you do and who you are? Can you awaken each day with
excitement and anticipation as to what it will bring?

Do you feel that there is more to what you are experiencing right now? Is there an inner nudging and
unrest that gives you thoughts of wanting more?

And are you willing to take a leap of faith and jump on the train of expectations that is one-way and will
take you to a new level of life that you have never experienced? Once you get on that train, beloved
ones, you will never return nor will you wish to go back.
Let go of those old worn out stories that tell
who you may have been before. Are you ready for the new you to come forth? You are.

It is time for everyone to let go of fear and doubt and say 'yes' to change and new. It is time to let the
passion that is
in your heart show you new doors, new arenas, and new destinations. Allow what makes
your heart go 'pity-pat', flutter and beat in excitement
in. Joy is the ultimate emotion that resides with
. There is no vibration higher than love and joy. They go hand in hand.

We encourage you to discover, rediscover, the enthusiasm for life as does the child. Do you remember
the joy of being in the moment and anticipating the next moment? If those are fleeting remembrances
then merely observe a child or children at play and you will feel that knowing
again. How often have
you wished you could be back in that carefree childhood of long ago?

You, the adult, can do the same thing in your own way. There is no rule or edict that states that when
you are in the adult body, in adulthood, that you must not act as a child.

Oh dear ones, this has been said to you so many times in your life. "Act your age" "Don't be so childish"
"Quit acting like a baby" "Grow up" and on and on they go.

And those of you who have children or adult children most likely have said those very words to them.
Yes, the programming is quite good and it is like a revolving door where the beliefs and 'teachings' go
around and around without coming out on the other side.

Dearest ones, are you now ready to shed the old skin of having to be, do and act as you have been
told? Can you feel with excitement how good it will feel to break those bonds and be free to live in joy
and dance on the stage of life with abandonment? You have the key to the prison door and you are the
one who knows how to unlock it. Only you can do it.

Each soul desires love, peace, happiness, abundance, and freedom. And you can have all of them. You
do not have to choose one or a few. Take them all for they are there for you beloved friends.

It is all in your mindset and what you are willing to allow. When you can align yourself with good
feelings those feelings will be yours. It really is that simple.

If you think you are ready to do this and move forward but feel that it is not possible, the doors of
opportunities are not there for you, or you are being forced to remain where you are, then
what is
occurring is
you are holding what is there for you away.

Often it seems easier to remain in your current situation or state of being than to risk change. We
promise you that when you decide that you are worthy of more, you will be able to take the actions,
make the moves that will bring you what you desire.

Life beloved ones is a gift and you are worthy of this beautiful gift. See it in love and joy and be love
and joy. Create the life you wish to have, be the person you wish to be and let go of all notions that it
cannot be so.

You are loved,
Archangel Jophiel