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Archangel Amethyst

December 2015

My Beloved Friends,

I am so honored to be allowed to speak to you now. I am not what one might call a 'household name' for many have not heard of me. There are many Archangels, very many, and only some are well known. And that is okay for our role is to support humanity and assist in the advancement, the transformation and ascending of all of Earth's inhabitants.


Perhaps my name might be familiar to you because you know of the stone from the mineral kingdom which is also amethyst. My energy is of that color and I am known to 'hang out' with another Archangel that more do know, that is the Archangel Zadkiel.

I hold the essence of the quartz stone, amethyst. That essence is of serenity, and I work with those who wish to enhance their spiritual awareness. I am in service to help all with spiritual insight and assisting in balancing the emotions. Call upon me in your mediations and to even make them more powerful, hold an amethyst stone in your hand.

My message to you is of love. Love is all you need. Love is all that matters. Love is all.

No matter how often you may hear these words or words that are of the same essence, they cannot be shared enough. Many times the words fall upon deaf ears. We understand and we are very patient for we know that with time, everyone will eventually take the plugs out of their ears and the mask from their eyes and find that there really is more to life than they have perceived. Oh how glorious it is to watch this sacred awareness unfold.

Those who read the words upon this page have already done this opening to awareness, or are in the process of doing so, and are experiencing the essence of what unconditional love is.

My Children, you are so loved and we know that for even those who are awake and know this to be true, complete understanding is not possible for you to grasp. But as you continue to do the work needed to clear your physical vessel, your emotional and mental bodies, and solidify your spiritual body, that understanding can become more in tune with what you know.

Love does conquer everything as you have heard so many times. If you take away but one thing from my words today, may it be that you are important and that you can make a difference in the world. Do not discount yourself because you think you are only one amongst billions and so how could you make a difference? Oh Beloved Ones, if each of you thinks this way, then all is 
hopeless, is it not?

There is not one person, one soul in a human vessel, that is less important than another. Think of your elections. If each one takes the attitude to hold as theirs, that their one vote will not make a difference, then no one would vote and the purpose of free choice is lost.


We ask you to shift from the old and tiresome, the unhealthy and unloving, energy of blame, hatred, 'them' and 'us', separation and oh so many more discordant energies, to those of love. Love, kindness, compassion, and tolerance all go hand in hand with peace, which is of course what every heart holds as its desire.

Bless the diversity of the world. Bless the different ways each lives. Send love to those who are in pain, fear, and hopelessness. Bless those who cannot feel love at this time. Bless, dear ones, love dear ones, instead of holding any anger or judgment of any other. Bless them all and send love to them for they are the ones who need it the most.

Your neighborhood is much larger than the one where you reside. You live in a global neighborhood, global community and no matter if you like it or not, each and every one of you is an intrinsic part of that community. You are family with those on the other side of the world. Treat all as a part of your family, for Beloveds, they are your family.

Would it not be easier for peace to be found everywhere, if all thought of each other as family as well as individuals, instead of as a unseen, unknown random and perhaps faceless people?


It is time, right now, to put those who are struggling in some way, those who feel hopeless or are in fear, into your hearts. They are precious just as you are. Open your hearts to those who need your love. As you do, hold the intention, or say a prayer, that they may understand that no matter what is at hand, it can change and will if they only say 'yes'. Pour love from your heart to them Beloveds. Send rivers of love out from your very being.

The time is upon you to now see and know peace. Say your prayers, invoke your Angels and guides, intend and know It Is So for peace to reside in each and every heart. Peace will prevail and it must begin with each beautiful heart. Be the wayshower, be the ones who begin the tides and waves of love to flow to every part of the world. You can do it and you must do it. The rewards will be worthwhile, for you will create the world as you truly wish for it to be.

This is not a difficult task, Dear Ones. Not at all. You are made from and of love. Your essence is pure unconditional love and love is your very being. You have only had temporary 'amnesia' and have forgotten who you are. This is why we continue and will continue to remind you until you fully embrace it and own it as yours.

As you read my words here today, breathe in, drink in, the true meaning of what I impart to you. Love, love, love. Love thyself first and you shall be able to love all with ease and Grace.


Love transcends all. Love is the only vibration you need to know. Open your hearts now and let us pour love into them until it overflows. You are so very loved and the love that is for you and of you can never diminish. Be love. Be loving. Give love and share love.

We thank you for being the being of love that you are. Thank you for caring and in doing so, sharing your love.

Be the vehicle of love that you are and spread it to all, everywhere. Let us see a love revolution 
taking place right now. It all begins with each heart and the intention and it is done.

In Loving Gratitude from My Heart to Yours,
I Am The Archangel Amethyst ©

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