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Words, Thoughts and Reflections from Linayah

"To the people who love you, you are beautiful already. This is not because they're blind to your shortcomings, but because they so clearly see your soul."  Kiran Kanoria

Welcome to this page where I strive to bring messages from my heart to you through short written posts. I hope you enjoy what I write as much as I enjoy doing them.

I hope you enjoy my posts. I love to write and it brings much joy when the words begin to flow. I have so many writing 'projects' on what I call the 'shelf' now and know they will come to be in perfect timing. It is often hard to be patient with the flow but in the end it always does show up exactly when and how it should. So in the meantime I can do this which brings me great joy.

I occasionally take time off do not write every month as I did before. But I do when time allows.

I invite you to read any of the previous posts that are on this page and also on another page if you wish. The link for it is at the bottom of this page.

If you are new to my writing here you will see that I often write from inspiration from a quotation. I love quotes and use them often. Or Spirit might give me something to write about. I never know what will bring that inspiration. That is part of the fun!

Blessings and Love,
Linayah Kei  

July 2016

Oh how fun the surprises are that show up. I have been doing a lot of writing, which of course I love to do, lately. Some is in works in progress and some is new. The new that shows up is fun as I get to venture into new places and creations.

I was looking for something on my website and found myself on this page and then on the archived page as well.

I know from much experience that nothing is by accident. I was guided to the very first article I wrote for the website and more guidance said that it would be a good idea for me to post it again and reflect on the content and then apply it to a few words now.

And the topic made me smile as I sure could bring those thoughts up to date now. So here is the original and my added thoughts today.

~ What You  Create ~                                                                         February 2010

As we move from the first month of 2010 into a new one where are you focusing you
thoughts and on what?

As I was reflecting on this my mind went to the thought of creating. What do I want to
create in my life now? What do I want to achieve and what do I want to release? What are
my intentions?

If we can look at what has happened as just that - something that is in the past and no
longer there - and release it completely, then we can move forward without any baggage
of what we think should have happened, what could have happened or if done differently,
would have happened. It is in the past and it doesn't matter anymore.

Once we can be beyond all of the past we can begin to concentrate on the Now and what
we wish to achieve. What is it that you truly desire? Allow the energy flow within you and
around you and be still and listen to your heart, to your inner wisdom and you will hear
what your soul is telling you.

Let yourself be proud of the accomplishments that you have made. Look at everything as
a blessing no matter what it is. When you can do this and be in gratitude for all of it, you
have taken a very large step. Everything that occurs is for a reason to help us grow.

Then when you decide to make the changes that you need and create what you truly
want, you can move forward. The ability to create your own experience is yours alone. No
one else can do that for you. Allow your vision of what it is you want, who you want to be
and all that you want to achieve, be from your heart and then listen to your soul as it is
trying to tell you and guide you.

I posted a tweet on Twitter once that said, "You are the creator of everything in your life
so create a masterpiece". There is no limit to the power we each have within us to create
our dreams and desires. No one else can do it for us. We are in the driver's seat of our lives
and the Universe will respond when we completely trust ourselves with the power we have
to create and succeed. The Universe will support you if you allow it to do so.

Dare to dream and dream big dreams. It is all at your fingertips if you want it. Do you want
a new career, new relationship, financial security, to relocate to a more desirable place, to
write a book or become a successful artist? It is all possible if you trust yourself to accomplish
it. If you are in a space of love as you dream your dreams and desires you can do it! Become
powerful in manifesting by knowing that you can and will do it! You deserve to have
abundance, health and happiness. It is your birthright and the wish of your Creator for it to

Happy manifesting!

Linayah Kei    

~What Has Been Created - Six Years Later~                                          July 2016

How fun it is to look at this many years later and at what I have created, what has changed and
as well as transpired since the original post.

I still believe all of what I said then. Now upon reflection, I can see that I have accomplished
much, I have grown in so many ways, and I have learned to trust myself as well as my amazing
team of Angels and guides. I can see the experiences that I created in these six years, some not
pleasant at all, and how I have learned and worked through them. Again, my beloved team was
with me every step of the way, nudging me along as I often trudged through murky waters.

Now I embark on new experiences and creations that unfold and show up just when they are
intended to come. I believe in not holding on to or dwelling in the past whatsoever. I believe
that past does not matter now and only the lessons learned will remain with me. I live in this
moment and let everything else come in perfect timing and I do trust that it will.

We are all master creators and anything we want to create can come to be a reality. When we
get caught up in the drama and chaos that is around us (and sometimes within us), is when
we have forgotten who we are, why we are who we are, and how to trust. We are humans
and so we will all fall back into this once in a while. It is what we do to overcome anything we
experience that is not to our liking, that we show our amazing abilities.

We are Divine beings and everything we experience we have said yes to so as to expand, grow,
and ascend. How awesome is that? How awesome are we!

Change is a good thing. We often fear change because we don't know what the outcome will
be. If we can trust that everything is aligned perfectly and there is absolutely nothing to fear
along with not having to know the details, we give the Universe that go-ahead to bring to us all
that we desire and deserve. There truly is nothing for us to worry about.

Believe in yourself and believe in your dreams. Believe that you can be and do anything your
heart wishes. Let it guide you as it will always do so in love.

Let's get creating! There is no better time than NOW! 

Linayah Kei

I have not posted on this page for a while. And actually had not intended to at this time either. But as happens in life, things change. After a dear soul sister recently experienced the loss of her beloved soul mate, my guidance was very clear to write about it in my newsletter and then to repost the article I wrote in December 2010 after my mother had transitioned. So here is it again for I follow guidance as Spirit knows what is best for the Highest Good of all.




The dictionary definition of 'transition' is "passage from one state, place, stage or subject to another."

I would like to talk about transition as in the passage the soul takes from it's incarnation in a human
body to it's original 'home' which is across the veil.

My mother made her transition at the age of 93 on November 7th. I was blessed to be a part of this
for the past year. I am so grateful to her for allowing me to be with her on this journey of transitioning.

We have all been taught that we die at the end of our lifetime here. But this is really not true. Our
souls are immortal and only our bodies, the temple or house we use while we are here, will die.

We have been taught to fear death. But again, there is no death as we live eternally. There is nothing
to fear. Fear is only a shadow while love is light. If we allow our light to shine the fear or shadow will
be no more.

In this past year I have come to understand it all very clearly. It is a beautiful thing that we all can and
will go through. There is no grim reaper to knock at our door to take us away. There is only love
waiting for us.

My mother was surrounded by so many Angels and Masters who assisted her with her crossing over
to the other side. She had family and loved ones who had already made the transition waiting for her.
This is how it will be for each of us when we make our passage from this state to the next one.

I also have come to understand that it isn't something that just happens in a quick way. It is a process
that one takes. My mother began hers one year ago. She had to overcome the fears that she had just
like most of us have. She had to find peace within herself and with her loved ones. She had to learn to
trust that everything would be okay and see that she had nothing to worry over. I was able to help
her with this and am so very grateful that I could.

For some this takes a long time and for others it will be much shorter. But there is nothing to fear or
be afraid of as it is what I feel, the most beautiful experience we all will have.

I thank her for sharing it with me. I thank her for giving this to me out of love. We all are here to learn
from our experiences and this has been one that has given me growth and even a deeper connection
with Spirit than I ever imagined could be.

I hope that my sharing this with you will help you to let go of the fears that you may have and see it
as a celebration of love.

May you be in peace and joy at all times. 

Linayah Kei       

A Few Added Thoughts                                                                            March 2016

After reading the post above after five years, I feel compelled to add my thoughts of today. Many
thoughts are swirling around in my mind recently about life and what it really means.

We are all prone to get caught up in our daily routines, our busy lifestyles and stretching ourselves to
make use of every minute that we can. Life this way can be very stressful.

Life is a beautiful gift. We are here in this human form to experience life to its fullest. But how many
truly do that? It is so important to make time (and if we really want to do it we can find that time) to
just be and let go of everything that is going on around us. It is truly a necessity for us to sit quietly
and go within where there is peace and where what we really need to know resides.

Life is precious as are we. Each and everyone of us is, what Archangel Michael calls 'A gift within a
gift'; meaning that life is a gift and you are a gift to life. We are here to enjoy all that life offers. Do
you take the time to simply look around and enjoy a sunset, children at play, birds and flowers, the
trees and plants, the clouds in the sky above and all the gifts that surround you at all times?

My beloved soul sister lost the love of her life recently. They both did live life to the fullest and with
that she will come to see how many beautiful and wonderful experiences they created for and with
each other.

Right now the pain is deep and I know she will give herself all the time she needs to work through her
grief. She is surrounded by so many who love her, nearby, in far distances and of course a very large
team of Light Beings who will assist her as needed.

I again am so grateful to my mother and the gift I received when I worked with her during her
transition. I know now as I did then that we had an agreement and I am grateful that we both said
'yes' to fulfilling it.

My understanding of the process of life and what we call death is quite clear now. No I don't have all
the answers, but I have been shown so much and for that I am very grateful. It is not something that
is a finality for we are immortal and just go to a new place of residence. There is nothing to fear as we
have been taught, for it is a very beautiful experience, the final one of this lifetime but not the final
one for us.

I say to anyone who is in a stage of grief, or when they will be, to allow yourself to let yourself work
through it and not to push it aside. Everyone will experience it differently and that is okay. We are
each unique and what is right for us may not be the way for another. All is good and there is no
'wrong' way.

Let the tears flow when they come. Beloved Mary Magdalene says that 'tears are prayers from the
heart'. They are cleansing and necessary. They are lovely and we need to let them flow.

Celebrate life, live and love to the fullest. Treat each moment as a blessing and be in gratitude.

May peace be yours and may you find joy in life. 


~ Let's Love the Whole World! ~                                                                            November 2015

"Love the animals, love the plants, love everything. If you love everything, you will perceive the
divine mystery in things. Once you perceive it, you will begin to comprehend it better every day.
And you will come at last to love the whole world with an embracing love."  Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Oh, I LOVE this wonderful quote by the famous Russian author whose classic novels have been read by
many. These words touch me deeply and my heart sings when I read them.

Love everything! That seems like a very daunting task when there is so much in the world that is not very
pleasant, is tragic, unloving and has so much unrest. We are bombarded with news constantly about what is
wrong in the world and who is doing what to whom.

We tend to think of things as bad and good. That is part of our human makeup. We see bad persons, good
persons, bad and good ideas, bad and good actions and on and on.

What if we shift our thinking to look at everything with a new viewpoint? What if we see each person as a
Divine being and that they are doing the best that they can? They may be doing what we think are
horrendous things, but perhaps they are acting out of fear and ignorance. Blame and judgment have no place
in a loving heart.

I thoroughly believe we must make sure our thoughts are not based on the surface viewpoint but instead are
seeing with eyes that look for more than what is in front of us.

I have read that quote over and over and each time I smile. Love makes us smile, we cannot help it. Love
brings about joy.

Dostoyevsky says, "Once you perceive it, you will begin to comprehend it better every day." that 'it' he calls
the 'divine mystery in things'. If you love something then you cannot judge it. Instead you will accept it and
love it no matter what it might be. How good that feels! The more you can love, the more joy you can have in
your life.

And the last line is wonderful: "And you will come at last to love the whole world with an embracing love."  

If each of us holds the intention of wrapping our arms around the whole world and embrace it with
unconditional love, how lovely this world can be.

I choose to be more conscious each day of my thoughts and words as I love everything; all the plants, all the
animals, everyone and everything. It really isn't as daunting after all. A simple smile can cover someone or
something in love. And begin with yourself. The power of love has no boundaries so send that essence out to
everyone, everything, everywhere from your heart.

Send love, be love, do love, act in love, speak in love while seeing everything with and in love. You can't go
wrong if you 'love the whole world with an embracing love'.

There is a sweetness and joy to be found in being loving. Let's love the whole world beginning right now! 

Linayah Kei

~The Dance of Life ~                                                                              October 2015

If you have been reading my little posts here, you know that I often get the inspiration to write
from a quote. I have several notebooks filled with quotes that I have written down because I
love the words and the message.

The one I used this time came from an unusual source that I just happened to come across.
The author is not one who many quotes are attributed to and it is fun to find a new source.

This quote is from singer-songwriter and musician, Jackson Browne. I love it. He said,
"Opportunity dances with those who are already on the dance floor."

Immediately many images began to run through my mind. I began to visualize all sorts of fun

Life is a dance and if we are willing to get out on the dance floor and let the music flow through
us and move us, we can find so many doors of opportunities and possibilities for us. We can
choose the dance steps and the music and be free to move in the way that feels good to us.

Those who remain on the sidelines as onlookers and wallflowers will never know the joy and
bliss of taking those first steps. Life had so many opportunities waiting for us to grab a hold and
try them out. Even when we don't know the proper steps to the dance, it is okay for it is better
to make up our own anyway. For we are each unique in our own special way and our journey is
unique in that it is ours alone and not like another's.

Taking that first step is the hardest, but once we do, so many things can open up for us. One
step at a time, once dance at a time, is all that is needed.

There is no need to get out and dance a fast paced tango or jive. Instead a nice and easy fox
trot or waltz will bring as many if not more doors of opportunities for us.

Baby steps are perfect if that is what feels right to you. Life is so often viewed as requiring us to
charge forth with gusto and conquer time in a frenzied way. On the contrary, it is the wise one
that takes all the time that he or she needs to get to where they wish to go.

This does not mean to stay on the edge of the dance floor and with fear, procrastination, and
lack of self-esteem holding us back. Take one step at a time and do it with confidence and trust
in yourself. Each step will be easier than the last one.

Think of it this way as you look out on the dance floor with a yearning to dance the dance of
life: you are at the threshold right now of pure potential. All you have experienced has brought
you here. Cross over into unlimited potential and let it flow with ease and grace. One step at a
time, one dance at a time. Sway with the music of the Universe and let your imagination soar.

There is a saying "Dance like nobody is watching". And if they are, who cares? We get so
caught up in worrying about what others will think of us that we are afraid to move forward.
Freedom comes when we let that go and dare to be ourselves and dare to do our dance in our
own way.

It is always necessary to expand your horizons. Don’t limit yourself in anything that you want
to achieve. Go for it in trust! To be willing to risk doing the unusual is often actually less of a risk
than staying with the ordinary. And those who notice will be the ones who will be inspired by
you and your special dance.

"Opportunity dances with those who are already on the dance floor."

Don't let the opportunities pass you by. Get out there and dance the dance of life
in the way you want it to move. Flow with the dances of opportunity that await for you!

And another perfect quote for this topic comes from Beloved Dr. Wayne Dyer. "When you
dance, your purpose is not to get to a certain place on the floor. It’s to enjoy each step along
the way."   Dance my friends! Dance! 

Linayah Kei

I was ready to create a new post and my guidance had other plans. I know not to question that
guidance for Spirit knows much better what I am to do. So instead of a new post I am sharing
one I wrote four and one half years ago; March 2011.
I smiled as I reread it for it really is timely - again. So many are working through so much and
learning to go with the flow of life. Yes, It really does take work on our part to get there and allow
life to flow in a wonderful way. But oh the results are so worth the effort!
Enjoy and get into that flow - you will see how wonderful it can be!

Many Blessings,
Linayah Kei

~The Flow of Life~          (Reprinted September 2015 )                                        March 2011

Going with the flow. Flowing down the stream of life. These are some of the things that we have heard
so many times. And now it is more important than ever to heed those words and to understand what
they mean. And what does it really mean to "go with the flow"?

Being in the flow of your life is being in peace with yourself as well as what is in your life in each
moment. I recently read something that had touched on this. It was about coming to the point where
you are allowing - 'life is moving you instead of you moving it.' Those words were very profound for me.

When your vehicle runs out of gas you might have to push it to the side of the road. Most all of the
time the need to be pushing it could have been prevented. When we hold on to notions and beliefs that
are based in fears, we are pushing and resisting healing and the flow of what can be so amazing. We
struggle, we try to do what we think we should, all to find out that it seems to only get worse. There
really is never a need to push or resist. Another saying just came to mind - "the point of least
resistance". We all want that! But we fall back into the old familiar way of fighting with what is going on
in our lives and into the fears of what is to come, or for that matter, what will not come. We all do it.
We think we can handle anything but then we find we really can't. Of course these are all illusions that
we have created and so have become truths for us.

When we can come back to the present moment and be in that moment only, we can find there are no
barriers or obstacles for us to move ahead. When we step out of the moment and go into the past, then
those barriers are in front of us and even all around us like a giant fortress.

Being in the flow is just being in the moment. And when we are there and not in the past or even the
future in our thoughts, we are allowing life to unfold as it is meant to be. When our perception is not in
the moment but outside instead, we get out of the flow.

I know how we hear words from so many who are trying to inspire us to be more than we let ourselves
be. And yes, it can be overwhelming and you ask how am I supposed to do this?

It actually is easier than it may seem. Being still and listening to that inner wisdom and guidance that is
always there for you is how to do it.  Let your inner voice be heard. Let your heart guide you. Allow,
allow, allow.

Just by having the thoughts of "how can I do that?", "That isn't possible for me to do that", "Maybe it
is easy for others but it isn't for me" and so on, are putting up limitations and barriers right away. Of
course you can do it. Of course others can do it but so can you. What is easy for others can be easy
for you. Don't give the Universe 'can't' and 'won't' because that is what you will be given. Saying, "I
can...." tells the Universe that you can and thus you will. Saying, "I can't...." sends that out and so you

The flow of life is meant to flow like a gentle stream around and over anything that is put in the way.
Everyone can go around or over the 'obstacles' that they are confronted with at any time. And of
course those 'obstacles' are only illusions we have created. Your flow of life can move along so smoothly
if you let it. Be in the flow and allow what you want to flow to you. You don't have to be like a salmon
and go against the stream. Struggling and being miserable don't have to be yours. 

Linayah Kei

~ Imagination and Focus ~                                                         August 2015

My quote this time comes from one of my favorite authors, Mark Twain. He said, "You can't
depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus."

To many imagination is something frivolous and a pastime for children. How many times have
you been told, or were told as a child, 'It's all in your imagination' as if that is a bad thing?

As humanity awakens we are beginning to understand that imagination is a good thing and is
not something to push aside.

When we use our intuition, our intuitive senses, we are actually allowing our inner self to imagine
something. And with the intuition, we tune in to the power of knowing, seeing, hearing and sensing
that we all have.

Creativity begins with imagination. The artist, poet, author, sculptor, choreographer all create
from imagination. They imagine what it is they want to create and bring into reality.

We all can create by using our imaginations. When we create new beliefs that replace those that
no longer serve us, we are moving into our imagination.

When we dare to dream, we dare to be powerful in living a life of our highest imagination. To
dream, imagine and create the life our heart desires is what life should be all about.

By being fearless in using our imagination and create the dreams we truly want comes when we
know it is safe to do so. All creativity has to begin somewhere. Imagination and dreaming of what
we desire, want and intend is, in my opinion, where the seedling is planted that will blossom into
that beautiful flower.

One way for this to happen is; instead of seeing a problem, imagine and see the desired outcome
as already done.

What we see we perceive. This is what I think Mark Twain was speaking about in the quote. When
the imagination is not being allowed to be free, then we will see only what the mind tells us is real.

But when the heart is allowed to be the guide and no restrictions or limitations are put on what it
shows us, our imaginations can take us to places we never knew were possible. If we let it be in
focus life can be filled with magic, and so many new and wonderful things.

I believe that imagination is more important than actual knowledge. It is the direct line we have to
true intelligence and greatness. We can read all the books that tell us what is fact but if we don't
use our imaginations to be open to all kinds of possibilities. Then imaging can turn into happenings.
Within imagination, there is no border, not box of limitations, no set way an outcome can become.
It is like open season on all possibilities and how fun is that?

If we can see with eyes that are seeing more than what is right in front of us and around us, and
see everything in a new way, so much can change in a great way and our lives can be fulfilled and
lovely. Imagine that!

Here's to imagination that has full rein to travel wherever it wants to take us.

Linayah Kei

~The Blessing of and in Trees~                                                                July 2015

Many know my love for trees. I am a tree hugger in the true sense. There is something about being
near a tree or many trees, that brings me to a place of peace of mind.

So often people think of a tree as just that; only a tree. The disregard for the sacred being of each
tree is wide-spread.

Trees offer us so much. They provide shade, oxygen, shelter, fruits of all varieties, and love.
Yes, love.

The first time I really came into touch with a tree was life-changing. I had always loved trees for
their majestic presence, the beauty, and the feeling of something bigger than what I could visually
see. Then I met 'my tree'. Everything changed that day.

I would go and sit by him and mediate each time. I could feel the love in his energy. It is a big live
oak tree that is hundreds of years old, I am sure.

The magical moment came when I put my arms around him (and his trunk is so very large that
one time I had three friends visit with me and we could barely touch fingertips around that mighty

When I hugged him I felt his energy running though me in waves of love. Then he began talking to
me energetically. I will always remember it.

I go to visit when I can and have introduced many friends to him. He loves it when I bring my dear
friends to meet him. He has given me guidance, love and joy in what he has to say.

My intention when writing this was not to talk about me and my love for trees. As usual, I found a
wonderful quote that gave me inspiration for this post. And the image of a tree was all it took for
me to digress.

I love the Sufi poet, Rumi. He is quoted a lot and no wonder as his words are absolutely wonderful.
Here is the one I wish to share. "Maybe you are searching among the branches for what only
appears in the roots."

So I began to write and the reminiscing about trees can through. Spirit said to leave it, so I am.

The words in that quote gave me a sense of reflection on what they truly meant.

We are all on a quest in our journey in life to find ourselves and remember who we are.  Every
experience is there for a reason to help us move along in growth and expansion.

Yet we tend to often get bogged down with our daily lives and move through life in a mindless
way. We see only what is around us and nothing more. We strive to 'just make it' through each

We begin to know only the mundane pieces of life and forget there is more for us. Everyone does
or has experienced this to some degree.

Then one day we begin to feel that there must be more than we have and it has to be better. This
is the beginning of what is known as 'awakening'. That is awakening to a Higher Power that is within
ourselves and finding that we are not alone and are quite connected. We awaken to seeing more
around us. We see the beauty of a bird or a sunset, we see others in a new way. We see blessings
and love in everything, everywhere. It grows and grows.

Then we begin to want to find something that will give us answers and we search and search.
We listen to others talk, read all we can and join groups to find that understanding.

We do learn a lot but finally it comes to a point where we must begin to look within where every
answer we want resides. "Maybe you are searching among the branches for what only appears in
the roots." is what Rumi stated. I absolutely love this quote.

Those places and persons (the branches) that we search among are beautiful and helpful, but
the truth of who you are and your Divine essence is in the roots.

Every part of our emotions, feelings, thoughts and beliefs are rooted in something. To heal what
does not serve us will be found in those roots. Go within and not without. Tap in to your inner
wisdom and listen to what your heart tells you. Ground into the being that is you and plant yourself
in the knowing of how magnificent you are.

Linayah Kei

~ Feeling Joy and Spreading Joy~                                                                  June 2015

Again I am using a wonderful quote as the basis of the topic of my article this month. Neale
Donald Walsch said, "Release the joy that is inside another and you release the joy that is inside

I really do like that. I am all about being in joy and finding joy in each moment for to me that is
the only way to in-joy life.

Joy is a natural state of being. It is also a choice. The vibration in joy is very high and goes
hand-in-hand with love. We can choose sadness, anger, fear and more, or we can choose joy.
I will always take joy, thank you!

Today in a conversation with a man in a grocery store, he said to me, "I like your Louise Hay
attitude." What a lovely thing to say and my heart responded in a joyful way and with much

I don't always try to be joyful. It is just part of who I am. Of course I am not 100% in that joyful
place all of the time, but I do choose it most of the time. I am getting better and better at shifting
my joy lever to high.

For me joy changes my outlook on anything. When I choose to be in and embrace joy, I will
experience it. This I know for a fact and is why I will shift from the emotions of fear and anger,
being a victim and being judgmental to being in a state of joy.

My outlook is to always see sunshine instead of shadows and opportunities instead of obstacles.
For me doing this is the way to make my life be filled with joy.

Think of a child who shows this in their actions of play and enthusiasm in life. They don't think
about the need to be joyful, they just naturally are. Isn't it fun to observe children at play? The
giggles and laughter, the uninhibited fun and playfulness is all joy-filled.

And as is in the quote I gave at the beginning of this article, when you can release joy that is
inside another, you do release it inside yourself as well. It is a natural state of being and
sometimes it just needs help letting it out. Joy, like laughter is contagious.

How much joy do you receive when you have done or said something that makes someone
light up and brings a smile, and perhaps laughter, to them? Just one simple word or gesture
can do this.

Share joy and happiness with others for in this sharing comes the best prescription for healing
there is.

When you feel you have inspired someone in any way, happiness and joy can come to you.
Everyone benefits in many ways.

There is always something in everything and everyone that is beautiful and precious. Oh to help
them see this is a very wonderful thing to do and the feeling of joy is immense.

I also believe that joy comes from gratitude. Are you grateful for a pet, a child or perhaps a
beautiful sunset, a meal that is delicious, being with those you love, a flower or a bird that is
nearby? Each of these can bring joy to us if we notice it and are in gratitude for it being there.

The rewards are endless when we choose joy to be our 'way of life'. Of course we will always
experience times when it can be hard to see how we can be joyful. But as I said, it is a natural
state of being and we can choose it to replace any other emotion or thought that brings us down.

I wish you joy and delight in your life. You certainly are deserving of it. 

Linayah Kei

~Taking Responsibility ~                                                                May 2015

As I was contemplating what topic I would like to write about this month I got a nudge from
Spirit (as so often happens). They asked me what seems to be occurring with friends, clients,
and others who express themselves be it in social media, groups or intimate conversations and
what I came up with is the fact that so many are done, fed up, at the end of their rope, tired of
being 'stuck', etc and more.

We all get to that point where we say, "Enough is enough" and decide to do something about
changing what we don't like or want.

For many this can be a very drastic feat for it can mean moving on and out of old relationships
that have not been working, leaving jobs that can be suffocating, or packing up and moving to
a new location which sometimes is far away.

It is happening everywhere and with so many. More and more are awakening to the knowing
that there is more out there for them besides what they have known for so long and that they
are the only one who can make the changes that are needed to live the life they are meant to
live, which is filled with joy and abundance.

Where does one begin when they decide to tread the unknown and trust that this is the right
way to go? It can be very frightening. We are so conditioned to have to know what is around
the corner and what the future holds before we will even think about going there.

We are so much more than we can understand. We have so much potential and the
opportunities to obtain it are always presenting themselves to us. Often we don't see them for
we are so focused on are daily lives, or we ignore them as being silly or ridiculous, or we push
them away out of fear.

We don't have to jump head first into anything if we don't wish to do that. We can take small
or baby steps and that is perfectly okay.

When we can learn to trust that we are safe to venture out into new territories, that we can go
where we really want to go and can overcome any obstacle that comes in front of us, we are
on the way.

The final push that takes us out and away from the old, from the past and into new territory is
when we finally create that life we desire and have only held in our dreams.

Trust is the biggest part of this. Change is often hard to do as we get used to being and doing
the same things day after day and routine becomes the norm.

We are responsible for our lives and the experiences we have in life. When we begin to cease
resisting change and even starting over or anew, we can begin the process of living the lives we
really are meant to live - lives of unlimited happiness and joy.

Taking responsibility for our own lives, letting go of thinking we have to do as others think we
should do, stepping into the truth of who we really are and letting all unforgiveness, blame,
feeling as a victim, and wanting more than the mundane anymore is what each of us can do.
No one can stop those who take those steps to be responsible for their lives.

We all get to this point and when we get to the other side of this new way of living, even part
of the way, we feel that we can do it. Fear is a product of the imagination and belief system.
Letting that fear and those old beliefs go, opens up the doors
for creative potential to find happiness for that is what everyone seeks.

Are you ready to take that leap of faith and take responsibility for your life? If so why not begin
right now? 

Linayah Kei

~Friends~                                                                               April 2015

I love the word 'friendship'. I remember as a little girl that word would bring an imagination
of a big luxury ship filled with friends. I loved imagining all my friends together having a
fantastic time doing fun things that young girls do. You can be sure there was a lot of
giggling going on.

I have been so very blessed to still have beloved friends from my teen years and even
before who hold a very special place in my heart and I am so grateful that we are still dear
friends. We don't see each other often but I always know they are still close by in my heart.

And now I am again so blessed to have a community of dear friends who bring joy, support
and love to my life. Each brings his or her own unique gift. And we still giggle! And this
community continues to grow!

A wonderful author named Anais Nin wrote, "Each friend represents a world in us, a world
possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born."

I love that quote. I am sure everyone can relate to this and can say that a new friend has
brought joy to them in some way. Yes, a new world is born when a special friend shows up
in our lives!

Those special friends who show up at a different times in our lives are really like miracles or
answered prayers. The feeling when two new friends have when meeting is so much fun.
You know the connection right away. You feel you already know each other.

And often we are not even sure how it happened or when - all of a sudden you feel it in
your heart and it feels so right.

With this we realize that the uplifting we feel and the joy in our hearts is a very beautiful
gift. To me this is what friendship means.

I know some have many friends and some have a few, but I believe the number and the
quantity has no significance. What matters is the knowing that you always have someone
to turn to when you need a hand or just an ear to listen. You know it is someone who
supports you in anything you do and loves you no matter what you do or what happens
in your lives.

A beloved friend may be someone who you never see or communicate with often but when
you do the love is so powerful that you know there is no time or distance between you.

I have friends that I have met in other parts of the world and will most likely never meet in
person, but that does not diminish our loving friendship.

And a few years ago one such friend who lives in Europe and one who I most certainly
never expected to meet, came here with her husband and 3 year-old daughter and we
actually spent a whole day together. I will always treasure that day in my heart.

What does friendship mean to you? Do you have a special friend or friends who you know
are always there for you? Are there those who you can be silly with or cry with or engage
in deep discussions without any worries of being judged, laughed at, or rebuffed? A true
friend embraces all of you, all parts of you no matter what they are.

When you find those special people in your life, I believe it is so important to hold on to
them in love and joy. Don't let that chance meeting of someone that you know is a soul
sister or brother slip away. Take them into your heart and keep them there.  

To all my dear and beloved friends, no matter where you are, I thank you for being in my
life and for sharing your love with me.

Give a shout out to all your 'old' and 'new' friends and thank them.

How lovely is that?

Linayah Kei

~Assuming, Accepting, Believing What is Really True~                            March 2015

Oh, I do love quotes. I have a rather large compilation of words that wonderful people have
said, most famous and some not so famous.

In my monthly newsletter I include a quote and there are quotes on most of the pages on
this website.

This month's selection for my newsletter is from Orville Wright. And it did give me a lot of
inspiration to write about his words.

Mr. Wright said, "If we worked on the assumption that what is accepted is true really
is true, then there would be little hope for advance."

My mind began to go in fast time as I thought of so many things that came to me from his

There are so many beliefs and 'rules' and ways that things are done and supposed to be done
that if one were to stop and think about them their head would spin.

And I think that it is important to do just that, stop and think about, be with, ponder, and
contemplate the beliefs we have that we just follow because we think they are true.

We all have a belief system that is built into our very being and we are unaware of much of
what makes up that system. We have been told that this is how something is done, this is how
we are to behave, this is what we are to believe, this is what we are to do, and on and on.

If we were to take some time to sit with them and really try to see them for what they are, we
just might see that they are not serving us as well as possibly being detrimental to our lives.

Do you ever ask yourself who told you that something is so or true? Or do you just go along
with it as that has how it has always been?

We all do this because we are so programmed to follow what we are told without questioning
its validity.

We are in charge of our lives. We can create new beliefs that replace those old worn out
untruths that do not serve us any longer. We can use our amazing imaginations to create new
and wonderful things in our lives.

When we can release those old negative beliefs and replace them with new positive
knowingness, we can begin a process of positive change.

I feel it is time to let go of assuming that what has always been is the way it should be and not
accept anything that is not for our Highest Good. Going within and seeking what is really true
and the answers will be there.

Don't let others tell you what is right for you. Each of us is unique and we are not all out of a
mold and have to be the same. What is right for them may not be right for you.

Begin by believing in yourself and then move forward into new territory - that advance that
Orville Wright was speaking about.

Linayah Kei

~ The Perfection of Being Imperfect ~                                                            February 2015

After a month off because of some posting issues with my website it feels good to be back writing
my little articles.

As seems to be the norm, at least most of the time, I have found the inspiration for this month's
article from a quote. In my newsletter, each month I include a quote and this is the one I chose to
use there and in this article.

This one is from Neale Donald Walsch whose wonderful series of "Conversations with God"  
have been read and loved by millions.

He said,"Nothing stops the forward movement of any creative endeavor like the need to do it
absolutely perfectly."

Oh does that ever resonate with me. Being the perfectionist Virgo, I lived until the past few years in
a mindless state of having to do, be and have everything perfect. My home had to be completely
perfect in every inch. Nothing was left imperfect (at least in my eyes). There was no option.

About four years ago I became so busy in my life with my work, my family and new things showing
up all of the time that I found I did not have time to make my house perfect. I would joke that the
dust bunnies had become dust rabbits and they were partying in the open.

Ah, something was changing. I had to let go of being perfect. And was that a good thing? Yes, very
much it was.

I sat one day and out loud I said, "I know why I am a Virgo! So I can learn that everything doesn't
have to be perfect." And even louder beloved Archangel Michael said, "Bingo!"

And then began his guidance to help me through my perfectionism. I see so very clearly now how
ridiculous it was to believe that I had to put everything in perfect order, have a home so neat that a
speck of dust was not allowed, and to stress over it to boot.

Oh the things we do when we listen to those old beliefs that we have been told are the way things
are supposed to be. I was raised with that belief as well as that I had to be presentable in a perfect
way. Everything about me must be perfect.

And when the Virgo was added to the mix, it was not a good thing. I now can look back and laugh
and see what I was doing. It feels so good to have let go of all of that. Yes, I do wish I had more
time to tackle the dust rabbits and make order out of life, but I also know that what is supposed to
get done will and it doesn't have to be right now. So I just allow those rabbits to party big time.

Michael taught me so much in this. I have a 3X5 card by my computer with a quote that he said to
me one time. I chuckle every time I read it. He said, "Dump you limits woman." Oh how profound
and in such a loving way those words guided me to see what limitations I had put upon my life.

Beloved Mother Mary told me she was calling me a "Reformed Virgo" and that actually felt really
good. Yes, sometimes I fall back into the old ways but I get a gentle nudge when I do.

Life is not perfect. We are not perfect and do not have to be. Yet in the eyes of Spirit we are perfect.
The perfectionism of the Spiritual part of us is always there. When we can see the difference, we
have moved a long way in our journey.

If we can look beyond preconception as to how things are supposed to be, how we are to be and
how others are to be, we can see that everything is just as it should be. That is perfection!

And that begins with ourselves. Believe in yourself. True belief has no doubt and never waivers. Have
absolute faith in yourself that you can do and be anything you wish. I truly feel that when we shift
our belief to trust and love, to allowing and understanding, we can see the whole picture.

Give yourself some slack and do the same for others. Do not expect everyone to be the same, do
and act in what you think is the right way. What is right for one may not be right for another.

And when things don't seem to be going the way you think they should go, perhaps by looking at it
this way will help: If today is great, then tomorrow has to be even greater. Feel that today is perfect
and great in all ways. Know you and everyone are doing the best they can in the moment. Loosen
the grip on the illusion of all having to be perfect.

What is perfect anyway? My idea of perfect may be completely different from yours and that is
'perfectly' okay! It is time to enjoy life and not stress about perfection.  A little imperfection is a good

Linayah Kei

~ Closing and Opening Doors of Happiness ~                                              December 2014

Helen Keller is quoted to have said,"When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we
look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us."

I believe this is so often the case for most everyone. We become so attached to something or someone
that we cannot understand if that someone or something leaves.

In the quote she stated 'door of happiness' and not just a door. I think this is significant for we usually
think of doors that close are not always happy doors.

And actually it is harder to let go of one that has brought us happiness.

When a door closes it is always for a reason. It doesn't just close out of the blue. If we can see it as not
being the end to something but instead as a beginning that is better, it can be much easier to let go of
the closed door.

As Helen Keller said, we often look so long at the closed door, analyzing the whys, hows, and
attempting to find reasons for the closure, that we can miss the opportunity of the new door that is
waiting for us to go through.

Happiness is a state of mind and not something to be found. When we let go of resistance, in the case
of opening a new door, new and better possibilities will come.

I feel that if we love the closed door for all the blessings we received from it and love the new one, it is
like finding the master key that will open many doors for us.  

Let the closed doors go and welcome with excitement and anticipation what is through the new door.

I realized that I wrote about this in 2010 and with a nudge I am going to use it here in this post. Of
course there were two nudges; one was the reminder and the second was to repost it here with this one.

I have posted what I wrote in November 2010 (that long ago?) below. I hope you enjoy reading it.

Linayah Kei

~ Closing Doors ~        (REPOST)                                                                    November 2010

The time comes when we find that we are have questions about being in a career, of a relationship, or
of an idea that we thought was something we wanted but now it seems different.

These times do happen to all of us quite often. At first we may see them as an end of or to something
and we cannot imagine how we can live without it or them. But with further reflection we can see, if we
choose, that it is okay. That all will be all right and it is for our better good.

How we react is the key to how it will affect us. If we see it as a bad thing, something that has given us
one of those 'life has dealt me a bad hand' thoughts, then we most likely will be dwelling in misery. But
that misery is not necessary. It is our choice to move on and celebrate the new that is to come or to
stay and be a 'victim of circumstances'.

Everything happens for a reason. Nothing just comes to us that we did not want, even if we are not
aware that we did want it. We create everything that happens in our lives at all times. The Universe
hears only what we think or say. So if we think things are bad and we have been dealt that bad hand,
then of course that is what we will experience.

If we can look at that door as closing for a reason and that it is the beginning of something new and
better instead of the end of something we will experience, many new and exciting things in our lives.

The saying is that when one door closes another one opens. This is very true. And the new doors are
always better.

Being grateful for the new opportunities that are coming to you, and they are at all times, will open
those new doors so that they are wide open. See everything as a blessing no matter how it may
appear and say thank you for giving you the opportunity to grow and experience even more and
better things.

There are always doors that are waiting for you to open but you need to be alert and notice them. Then
when you do see them, being open to receiving whatever is on the other side without fear or trepidation
will give you a joyful and wonderful experience.

The Universe wants to bring many joys and much abundance to you. If you dance with the rhythm of
the Universe and sing the song of newness without concern of how it will come, you will find that those
doors that are opening will reveal many good opportunities for you. There is a endless supply for
everyone of abundance and happiness right there waiting for you. It does not matter if you are singing
off key or don't know the correct lyrics. Your key and your lyrics are all that matters.

And lastly, with your new doors, don't put limitations on what you expect to be on the other side. Be
open to exiting things you didn't even think about and to surprises that will make you smile. If you allow
good to come to you it will. Just know it is right there and that only good can come to you. 

Linayah Kei

~ Walking on the Spiritual Path ~                                                                            November 2014

I found two quotes this month and each gave the inspiration for my topic and so I will use two as I like both
of them instead of choosing one.

The first one is from Marianne Williamson. She says, 'The spiritual path - is simply the journey of living
our lives. Every one is on a spiritual path.; most people just don't know it.'

Oh how true this is. I am asked so often about this. Some have said I am 'lucky' to know my path and
what my work is and they wish they did. My answer is always that on a whole I do know my path but there
are still many parts of it for me to discover and that is what makes it so much fun. I also say that the idea of
a path being some glorious thing where one does monumental things is not what it is about - at least in that

Each and every one of us is on our path and in the right place in the moment. It doesn't matter what you
have chosen or choose to do as your path is already underfoot. I feel that if you do anything that brings you
joy and is based in love that is a perfect and beautiful path. For being in joy is inspiring to others and is that
not a good thing?

Letting go of the need to find what and where the path is, is the first step. We can spend so much time
searching for what is already there.

And each chosen path is equal in importance just as each one of us is equally important and our gifts are
meant to be shared. When we can recognize that we all have gifts and that we are important in so many
ways, we can begin to walk on our path in trust, joy and love what comes to us.

The second quote I want to use comes from Henry David Thoreau, who is one of may very favorites. I
have many of his quotes in my 'quote files'. Thoreau said, 'Pursue some path, however narrow and crooked,
in which you can walk with love and reverence.'

As we walk our path, our journey will take us many places and through many experiences. It may seem
narrow, crooked and even blocked but when we do walk with love and reverence as Thoreau says, it is a
beautiful thing.

That love and reverence is for life itself, for the gifts we uncover on the way and for ourselves. There is
nothing 'bad' about loving oneself and holding reverence for self. When we love everything: nature, all
others, life, the Source of Creation as well as ourselves we are walking our path with the knowing that All is
well. For if we love Source, God, the Universe, the Creator or however we wish to call that Source of all
Creation, and know that it is not separate but that we are One with it, we know we cannot get off the path
and will find our way.

We write the script for our path, our journey, before we incarnate in a lifetime. And there is nothing in that
script that is not for our Highest Good, so the way of our path is beautiful. It is our resistance to change and
fear of the unknown that can keep us from moving forward. But when we know and see that we can do and
be anything we want and that everything is perfect for us, then we can move forward without fear. Looking
beyond what is in our outer world and being in the flow of life and love is all that we have to do to walk a
path of magic, fun and beauty.

Follow your heart for it will never steer you in the wrong direction. Let it lead you on your path trusting that
it will always lead you in love.

And always remember that no two paths are the same. Don't try to follow someone else's path. Follow your
own path and it will lead you to where you desire to go. It doesn't serve you or another if you compete with
them for as I said, they are on their path and you are on yours. Allow them to be who they are for they are
the only one who can walk on their unique path.

The journey of the soul is like a book with many chapters so there is no need to worry that it is taking too
long. Enjoy the story as you write it and don’t worry about how it will end for it will end in a beautiful way. It
cannot be any other way. You are the author so you can create your story as you move along your path.

Walking the spiritual path is a wonderful and joyful walk. You can walk in a leisurely way for there is no
deadline or time limit to meet. Enjoy the scenery along the way: see the beauty in everything that you
experience. It only takes letting go of worry about where you are going and what is ahead; of concern as to
whether you are on the your path or on the right one, and not resisting any part of it for it will take you far.

As Marianne Williamson says it is 'simply a journey of living our lives.'

Enjoy your walk and your journey!

Linayah Kei

~ Am I Crazy? ~                                                                                                October  2014

It is rather funny how as we move along in our spiritual journey we find that we are letting go of the
rigid beliefs and 'rules' of life. We begin to see that we are not merely plugging away through life
following the ways and beliefs of society. We see there is much than what we have believed up to that

We begin to see and know that there is much more to us and to everything than what we have
perceived as being just the way it is.

When we start the process of thinking outside the box and then to see there never really was a box
after all, everything changes, magic begins to come into our lives and nothing is as it was before. We
are then beginning to find freedom.

Everyone has this inner 'push' at some time in their lives. For many it is at a very young age. For
me it was in much later years. That push is like a yearning that begins to stir within and we find we
want to seek and discover more even when we don't understand what that might be.

As we do move along, things change of course. Relationships change and often end. We find we want
to clean out all that clutter that has been weighing us down. Possessions that we once thought were
meaningful and necessary, don't have that same attraction.

What is happening when this comes up? We are really cleaning out all the old, not just material items,
but also clearing ourselves, our emotional and mental images of ourselves, so as to make room for
what is truly who we are and allow ourselves the freedom from those binding ideas and beliefs.

And as we are doing this, times will come up when we will ask "Am I crazy?" We begin to feel distant
from many who do not have the same belief system as we do. And believe it or not, we may even
question ourselves as to if we really want to be different than most others.

The answer is yes we do want to be different and no we are not crazy. If others seem to be thinking
that we have 'lost it', that is okay. It gets easier to not worry about what others think.

What you do and think is your business only. And it does not have to make sense to others. Weird or
crazy? So what? You do not have to prove yourself ever. Go with your inspiration as it comes to you.

Many of us in the 'weird' community laugh at what is called 'woo-woo'. I really don't care what others
think for I know that I am doing what I am meant to do and I have found peace in that knowing.
There is so much more to us than we understand. Our vastness is unmeasurable. Each of us is
incredible and we are one with the Universe. How much better can we be than that?

I know that if I follow the inner wisdom, and the knowingness that is in my heart, I will find the way
to joy, happiness and peace of mind. It is there for everyone. It only takes our willingness to allow
it to come to us and to let go of all the old untruths that are holding it back.

Being aware of what is around you will reveal new perspectives which can lead to new opportunities.

I believe in being silly, being 'crazy' and laughing which will lead to enjoying life and all can change in
a wonderful way.

Linayah Kei

~ Harmony ~                                                                                                             September 2014

Harmony is a wonderful word. It can conjure up many thoughts and visions for us.

As most always happens, my words this month come with inspiration from a quote. I find quotes to have
so much to inspire us when we read them and resonate with them.

This is the gem I found recently. "You don't get harmony when everybody sings the same note."  by
Doug Floyd.

Oh yes, there is so much in ten words! Usually we first think of music when we hear the word 'harmony'.
We know of 'two-part harmony' and 'three-part harmony'. It is fun to hear wonderful harmonious singing.
When voices blend in harmony it is a delight to hear.

What about harmony in other aspects of life? What about blending in a harmonious way with everyone?

When everyone gives their song in their notes to blend with the songs and notes of others, it can be a
beautiful melody.

Harmony is found in nature. Everywhere you go or look you find harmony in the offerings of Mother Earth
with color, sound, and abundant beauty that we see all around us.

Do you hear harmony in children at play or in the singing of birds? It is there if you are open to listening.
Think about all the places in nature where harmony comes into play. The sun sets and the moon rises and
then they change again. To me this is beautiful harmony. To paraphrase Marcus Aurelius, those who live in
harmony with themselves, live in harmony with the Universe.

How about the tides moving in and out onto the shore? Again to me this is harmony. Natural harmony.

Harmony is also found and needed within our lives, our relationships and this requires us to be centered in
love and allowance. We need to allow everyone to be themselves and to live their lives as they choose
without us telling them how we think they should live.

I post quotes of inspiration on Facebook and Twitter most every day. One of them is: "Focus on
harmony with everyone including yourself. Hold the intention of being harmonious in all your relationships.
Hold them in love no matter what it looks like on the surface."

It is important to strive to have harmony with others as well as with ourselves. On the outside we only see
the perception of something. When we look beyond that and in love see others for who they are, I believe
we can find peace and harmony.

Finding harmony in our lives may seem challenging yet when we have the intention of being in that place it
can come quite easily. And the more we do this, the more joy will come into our lives.

Each one of us is unique and we each have so much to offer to the world. No one has to do something the
same as others for it is for each of us to express our true and authentic selves in the way that works for us.

Not everyone is a poet, or a singer, or a sculptor but each and everyone has valuable gifts to offer and
each gift is just as important as any other. It is so important to believe in ourselves, what we do and can
do and step into that truth.

Another one of my quotes that I post is: 'Stand tall and be proud of who you are, knowing that you are
in perfect harmony with the Universe and your soul’s journey. See yourself with an open heart and with

When you do this it feels so very good. You can be, do, create and experience anything that you wish.
You are a limitless Divine being. Allow yourself to shine in your own way and do the same for others. This is
what harmony is all about.

One last quote of mine is: 'Attitude and gratitude not only rhyme, when used together they provide perfect
harmony.'  To me having an attitude of gratitude is very harmonious. 

May peace and harmony be yours.

Linayah Kei

~ What's  in a Smile? ~                                                                                 August 2014

Just the word 'smile' changes our energy for how can one think that word without smiling, at least

In my monthly newsletter I was writing my usual message and used a quote that gave me the idea
for my topic for this post/article. As those who have been reading my newsletter and this page, you
know how much I love to use quotes as I mentioned above.

The quote came from the very funny comedienne Phyllis Diller. She once said, "A smile is a curve
that sets everything straight." That made me smile for sure!

Everyone likes to use 'smiley faces' for it is a fun way to express joy or simply feeling good.

Another quote that I came across which gave me reason to smile is by Tom Wilson. He said,
"A smile is a happening you find right under your nose." I know you are smiling as you read that!

A smile can brighten up a day or perhaps just a moment for a stranger. I always try to make it a
point to give a smile to everyone I meet. If I can make eye contact I will offer a smile. Who knows
but just a simple smile might give hope to someone who is in a very difficult period of their life? It
sure can't hurt one bit. And perhaps that someone is feeling alone and unloved and the smile
might make them feel that they are not invisible after all. Even if my day is not going in the best
way, I still can share my smile with another. If I can lift another it will lift me as well. And if they
smile back you get another gift as well.

Try this and see how it feels: as you meet someone not only smile but also silently thank them for
being there in your life in that moment. It does not matter if they are a stranger who you will never
see again for they have crossed you path and for that saying thank you can be so powerful.

There are many songs that have lyrics about smiling. And that is not hard to understand. When
we feel good we will smile. Singing can bring on a smile.

When we look at a newborn child, puppy, kitten or any little baby we cannot help but smile. In it
we see purity and joy and that little one can take our minds off of our daily 'grind' if even for a
moment and take us to a place of love.

When we feel love, when we think loving thoughts, we come from the heart which is where love
and joy always are found.

There is always something to smile about if we look around and open our eyes. No matter how
dismal life may seem in the moment, fine something to make you smile. It can change your entire

Smile to brighten up your day as well as the day of others. Let your heart show it's smiles for
there are many right inside waiting to come out. A positive outlook with positive thoughts can
always bring about smiling.

When I am with my grandchildren I can't help but smile. The joy in the laughter of a child is
infectious. How could I not smile when they do! My grandson has dimples that really show when he
smiles and I melt every time I see them!

If you need something to create a smile for you, find that something whether it be with a child,
animal, a sunset or rainbow, or being with a friend or family member who can make you laugh and
smile. Watch a funny movie or listen to uplifting music. Seek out the smiles if you can't find them
where you are at the time. A change of scenery just might be the answer to finding your smile for
the day. You don't have to have a reason to smile and your don't have to be in a place where
smiling isn't on the itinerary. You can move to that 'smile place' any time.

Here is one last 'smile' quote to close this. It is by Anna Lee. "Remember even though the outside
world might be raining, if you keep on smiling the sun will soon show its face and smile back at you."

I think that says it all. In the lyrics of the wonderful song, "When you're smiling, the whole world
smiles with you" again covers it quite well. Smile from ear to ear and see what happens! 

Linayah Kei

~ Perception ~                                                                                                                    July 2014

Perception plays a very big part in our lives for how we perceive everything is the foundation of how we

Again I found a wonderful quote by one of my favorite authors. Henry David Thoreau was clearly one of
those authors who was ahead of his time and understood so much.

He said, "It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see."

Oh how this resonates with me. This has not been the way I have 'seen' it all along. It took work and
understanding to come to the place that I am now to really understand what Thoreau meant with those
few words in that powerful sentence.

Two people can look at the same piece of art at the same time and completely see it in a different way.
Those same two people can have different views of a concept as well.

Life is full of illusions and actually life is an illusion itself. Everything we perceive to be true comes from
belief and or fear that makes it real.

And who determines which perception is the right one? If I see that piece of art in one way and you see it
completely differently, who is right? Or can we both be right?

I feel we both can be right for our beliefs are the driving force behind our perceptions. The object of our
attention, as Thoreau says, isn't as important as what we see.

How do you see life and your world? Do you see the world as filled with problems, tragedy, hatred and
lacking in many ways? Or do you see the good things that happen every day?

The media portrays the fear-based news at every turn. The worse it is the better the story.

It is much harder to find the stories that warm the heart and tell of good deeds and actions. But when you
see them how often do you say, "There are good people in the world after all"?

I completely believe that if I look at the good in the world and there is plenty of it even if it is not reported
as often, instead of what is 'bad' then I am putting out into the Universe that energy - the energy of seeing
good and love.

Love does conquer all. What do you see in the world around you and across the planet? Do you look for
those things that portray love and compassion?

I choose to not see the so-called bad and instead I choose to see love and unity.

If we can see beauty in everything no matter what it appears to be on the surface, our perception of life
can change immensely.

A dear friend of mine who is a photographer once said that she could see beauty in dirt. That pretty much
says it all. If we look at the dirt and find the beauty in it, we can see beauty in everything. On the surface it
may just be dirt. But can you see the importance in that dirt? It nourishes life for one thing. It would be
quite hard to grow crops without dirt. This same friend took a photograph of dead flower petals and what
she turned out was beautiful!

Another important factor in perception is humor and laughter. Too many take life too seriously and can't
find the joy in much at all. To be able to laugh when things you may perceive to be humorless or serious
can change your whole outlook on life.

And then there is the child. Oh to be able to see things as they do. A child can see fun in a mud puddle.
Most adults see a mud puddle and that is it. The child sees something that we might see as an obstacle or
annoyance as an opportunity or challenge for a fun activity.

"It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see." There is always a way to see something in a
new way that can change everything. What might seem like a difficult occurrence can become a possible
gift when looked at with new eyes.

The broader our perspective is, the more we can find in a world that is much larger than we think. Our
perspective is often limited to just what is around us that we can physically see. We do put limitations on
what can come to us and what can be ours because of thoughts that box us in. We often see only what
we don't want instead of what we do want.

In actuality there is no fixed perception of anything in our lives. Everything is driven by our views of our
reality. We are the creators of our reality and so the view we have and the perception we see is how our
reality will be.

Another quote comes to mind (yes I do love quotes for so many have said such wonderful words) and this
one is by Jon Bon Jovi. He said, " Miracles happen everyday, change your perspective of what a miracle is
and you'll see them all around you." Change your perspective and change your life.

May you see with new eyes all the miracles that are around you.

Linayah Kei

~ What is Normal? ~                                                                                                     June 2014

It is truly amazing how things show up at the perfect time. Of course there are never any coincidences.
I love when this happens.

I was reflecting today (May 28th) on my post for this month and what I was feeling inspired to write
about. Nothing came until I turned my computer on and there it was. I read of the transition of a
remarkable woman, Maya Angelou.

Oh how I have adored this beautiful woman for so very long. Just as so many have aspired to be like
her, I have always felt such a strong love for her. Her words of love and wisdom have been so inspiring,
so heartfelt and with humor in the mix.

I knew I would write something in tune with Maya Angelou. I love quotes and have notebooks with
pages and pages of quotes that I have discovered and copied down. I have multiple quotes from this
lovely woman.

So now the task was to decide which one I would use. I post a quote in my monthly newsletter and this
month put one of my favorite Maya Angelou quotes in it. Deciding which one I would use to write about
of the many I have was not so easy.

I have spent a few days to come to my final choice as I wanted to write about something that she has
said that I also feel in my heart.

I have finally narrowed it down to this one:

"If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be."

So simply said and yet so profound.

What is normal anyway? Is it what society, family, teachers in school, religious figures, the media have
told us is the definition of normal?

The older I get the less I understand what being normal is and the more freedom I find in it. If someone
thinks I am weird or a bit crazy, I really don't care. I am me and all that matters is that I love who I am.

We are each unique and no one is the same as another. So how could we put a label on which one is
the 'right' or 'wrong' way to be?

I was once one when young who followed the 'trends' and the 'what to do and what to wear, how to
act and what not to do and be' directives that everyone followed so I had to be a follower too and
adhere to what is right and wrong.

I think of how in school we were like clones all dressing in the latest fashion trend, trying to be popular
by hanging out with the right crowd (which actually was not the most fun group to be with) and doing
just as everyone else did.

I have seen photos of some of the attire and hairstyles we had and can do nothing but laugh out loud.
That is 'normal'? Scary! The belief of fitting in is very strong, especially among youth. Many cling to that
belief and do what they think is normal way into adulthood.

There is nothing wrong with finding your way, especially while in the younger years and I think everyone
goes through this much like a rite of passage. But then when we become adults and are still spending our
time trying to fit in, not stand out, and go day to day as quietly as possible, this is when we need to step
back and look at our lives.

Beloved Maya Angelou knew this. She was not afraid to stand out and be seen and no diversity stopped
her. She once said, "In diversity there is beauty and there is strength."

And to find our 'normal' no matter how much diversity we must go through, is to find the awareness
of who we are and embrace the magnificence of who we are. Knowing love for self and letting go of all
unforgiveness for everything that we hold with ourselves is where we find our normal.

Your normal does not have to be someone else's normal nor should it be. Stand in the truth of who you
are and be happy with you. Another thing Maya said was, "Success is liking yourself, liking what you do,
and liking how you do it." Oh this is so very true. Like and love yourself, like and love what you do and
like and love how you do it!

Life is meant to be fun and that can only come when we find joy in what we do and live it this way.

I close with one last quote from Maya Angelou whose presence will always be felt and in whom I hold
much gratitude for lighting the way in love, hope, faith and laughter. "Nothing can dim the light that
shines within". So very true. Her light is even brighter now and we thank you Maya Angelou ('Angel-you'
is how I always think of her name) for shining your light for us to see the way.

Shine your light brightly in the way that works for you and not like another for yours is special and
beautiful in its own unique way. 

Linayah Kei

~ The Path ~                                                                                                       May 2014

Are you on your path? Are you on the right path? Will the path take you in the right direction?
Can I fall off my path and if so can I get back on it? What is my path?

Everyone asks at least one or two of these questions at some point in their lives. I often hear it
with clients.

I love quotes and one lovely one that comes to mind is from Orison Swett Marden. "Believe with
all of your heart that you will do what you were made to do."

I like the simplicity of those words. If you believe in yourself that is all that is necessary to do
what you are here to do.

Each one of us is unique and each path is unique. No one can walk on another's path. And each
path is perfect for that person and is always lined with beauty and love no matter what happens
along the way.

Spirit (Angels, Masters and guides) continually give guidance on this and encourage everyone to
trust and believe that all really is okay and will be okay if we let go of the resisting that we all do.

To answer the questions I gave at the beginning of this post: Yes, you are on your path. Yes,
you are on the right path. Yes, your path will always take you in the right direction. No, you
cannot fall off of your path so you don't need to worry about getting back on it.

And the final one: What is my path? Again you path is yours and yours alone. So no one can
answer that question. All you need is to reach down inside and pull up trust from your bag of
tricks or your spiritual toolbox and let go of worrying about what the path is.

Many are in the mindset that one's path has to be something that is filled with monumental
achievements and greatness. But this is a misconception. Each path is just as important as
another. No path is greater than another.

The best way to stay on course with your path is to be in the moment of now, letting go of
what has been and not look back at the path behind you. And don't worry about the curves,
bends and forks that are ahead of you.  Just as Dorothy did in the Wizard of OZ, she skipped
along the Yellow Brick Road not knowing what was up in front and what she would encounter,
we can do the same by trusting and enjoying the scenery along the way. By seeing with eyes
that find joy and beauty in all that is around you instead of what you feel is wrong or not
pleasing, you can change the scenery very quickly.

When you have faith in yourself and believe you can do anything, you will not worry or be
concerned about your path. What you know is not what is important. It is what you believe
that is. What you believe about yourself and your life is how life will play out. Like a story, our
lives are created by our thoughts and beliefs. When you know and believe that you are good
enough and deserving, worthy of joy, love and abundance, of every dream you have coming
true, you are definitely on your path for you are letting your heart and inner wisdom to guide
you. What brings joy to you is your path.

No two people will see everything the exact same way. Again that is because we are each unique
and have our own special gifts. This is what makes life fun. Allowing joy into our lives no matter
what it may look like at that moment is how you make strides and create that life you desire.

I strongly feel that there are two things that make the difference in how life can be for us. One is
to see beauty and love in everything regardless of appearance and the other is to be grateful for
everything that we have and is on the way to us. The Universe is so abundant that the supply of
all that we need and wish can never run out or run dry. The only thing that keeps it from coming
and landing on our doorstep or in our laps is our lack of belief and self-worth.

To close I offer another quote. "Life is an adventure. I can only wonder what treasure awaits at
the top of the path." Jonathan Lockwood Huie

If you see your path as an adventure that is filled with blessings and beauty all along the way
instead of fear and dread of what is not within your sight, it will be one of fulfillment and rewards
as well and fun surprises. Be open to all that is there waiting to show up as you move along in
your journey on Earth with trust, love and joy as well as gratitude.

Be at peace with who you are and where you are and know that there are treasures at the top of
your path. 

Linayah Kei

~ Letting Go of the Outcome ~                                                               December 2011

It is so easy to become fixated on the outcome of any situation in which we are involved.
Does this ring true with you?

We are so used to deciding how the end result of something must be. We have been trained
to expect things to turn out just as we know they must turn out.

Because of this how often do we end up with disappointment because they did not turn out
exactly how we thought they should and would?

Disappointment after disappointment becomes a way of life and then we actually begin to
expect the disappointments!

But there really is no need for this to be a part of life at all.

How? By letting go of the how, the what and the why and trusting that all will be perfect in
all ways. When trust is there and completely there we will not be disappointed. Instead we
can anticipate that wonderful things will be the end result.

I know I used to do this all the time. My perfectionist Virgo insisted that all be precisely as I
knew it should be. And of course I set myself up for many disappointments. I know now and
have learned well that focusing on the future and how all should be, actually put so many
limitations on what could come to me. All does not have to perfect. I know that so well now.
As a result I allow the Universe to deliver just what I need at just the right time.

Another thing we all do is ask, pray or request something and then say how and when we
want it to arrive. That only puts it in a box with a tightly sealed lid.

Yes it will come to us but often not in the way we had thought it would or should anyway.

Instead of thinking we know what is the best result or way, it works so much better if we
just put it out there and then step aside and let it go. Let the Universe have free rein to
deliver and it will.

Besides there is often something wonderful and magical that we have no idea exists for us.
When we don't get in the way we let it flow with ease. Spirit does work magic and wants to
bring the best there is to us and many times there are beautiful surprises in what we receive.

Our minds cannot know everything, although sometimes we 'think' we do know. Spirit does
know and wants us to have all the abundance, health, joy and all of our dreams to be fulfilled.

So step aside and have fun. Let your Angels bring surprises and gifts that you would never
expect. Let the child in you be open to wondrous anticipation in your world. Have fun, play
and dream and open your arms up to receive! Let go of trying to control and dictate the

You will find that everything will be beyond any expectation you could imagine. 

Linayah Kei

~ Peace Follow Forgiveness ~                                                    November 2011

We all have been there. We have all felt what we see as pain from something that has
happened in our lives and we feel a victim. We feel anger, hurt, and the pain seems very

From this we feel emotions such as blame and unforgiveness. Much is said about
forgiving but it is one of the most important things we need to do.

You say, "But it is not easy to forgive what they have done or what has happened to

It actually is much easier than it seems. Being able to forgive others and also yourself is
the only way the burden can be removed.

Unforgiveness can fester like a sore that becomes larger and larger. It can eat away on
your heart, your emotions and can, if left to grow, cause physical problems.

You do not have to say that what you feel the other did or said is alright. That is really
immaterial. You do it for yourself. Be willing to let that heavy burden be lifted from your
shoulders and feel freedom.

When in that space, allow the feelings to be there. Own them. Feel them. Then let them
go. Forgive everyone and everything.

St. Francis of Assisi said, "Where there is injury let me sow pardon."

Everything we feel has been injurious to us is actually of our own creation. No one can
do anything to you without your permission. So if you don't allow the injury to exist
then it will not be there.

If there is anyone or anything that you feel has hurt you in anyway, release them and
release those thoughts. Let it go. Get on with your beautiful life and put the past behind
you for nothing that has been matters anymore.

**(I looked back in the archives because I knew I had written about forgiveness before.
And I had - in September 2010. I am going to add it to this at the bottom. Angelic
guidance of course! They wanted it here with this post.)

The Angels are always willing to take what you don't want. Turn it over to them and let
them take it from you. Let it go. Peace will come when you do. Peace follows forgiving. 

Linayah Kei


I love quotes. I have a whole list of them and add to it as I find new ones. There are so many
wonderful quotes from so very many wonderful people. I love to share them and to talk or write
about them.

The quote I would like to write about now comes from Alice in Wonderland. "I relieve and release
your hurt that you may be set free."

Oh how powerful is that one little sentence! Holding someone or something in unforgiveness, no
matter what it is you feel warrants that feeling, is the most detrimental emotion we can have. It
can bring health issues, emotional issues as well as an unbalance in our lives. By being unforgiving
we are only hurting ourselves.

By saying, "I relieve and release you so that we may be free" is how I would change the quote.
Releasing brings relief of carrying a burden that weighs so heavily on your shoulders.

We all have felt unforgiveness at various times in our lives. That is just part of our humanness. But
how we deal with it is how our souls can grow. Judgment, blame and unforgiveness can also bring
feelings of guilt from being unforgiving.

Many great teachers have taught that forgiving is so very important. We often hold on to incidents,
circumstances and things that have occurred in the past for a very long time. By forgiving doesn't
necessarily mean that you condone the action or words that brought you to feel this way. You are
merely saying that you no longer want to carry it around anymore.

The best way to let it go is to say, "I forgive..." and fill in a name or situation or even yourself.
Yes yourself. How many times have you felt you did something that was not right and then kept
holding it inside where it grew and grew?Let it all go. Let yourself be 'set free' as in the quote.

Everyone makes mistakes and that is all that it is - mistakes. Remember that everyone is doing the
best they can at all times. When you let the blame and judgment go and instead put love into the
situation, you will be set free. ©

Linayah Kei

~ Being in the Moment; Embracing the Now; Letting Go of the Past and the Future ~

                                                                                                        October 2011

"Now is the time" is something we have often heard. What does that really mean?

So often these days we hear expressions like "Being in the Now". What does this mean for you?

The Angels over the past five years have taught me so much and this is one thing that I
understand very well now.

I know that in many of the messages that I have channeled for this website in two and one half
years, they have addressed this and it is always basically this: Past, Present and Future.

The Past is, as they say, just that - it is passed therefore no more and so does not matter any
longer. It is past.

They say, and I love this, that the Present is called the present because it is a present, it is a gift.

The future is something that if we allow it to come in the right way, in Divine Timing, will bring
our thoughts, desires, wishes, and dreams to us when we ask from the heart. We should always
dream big dreams.

Where we get into a bind is when we say we want something and then try to manipulate it or
say just how it should come. I know that this can be hard to understand.

Having a vision and seeing what it is we want is beautiful. Saying that you know exactly how
it should come and when put lots of restraints and blocks on it manifesting. The amazing
opportunities and fulfillment are there yet we cannot know just what they actually are. I always
add after a prayer or request the words, "If not this something better." Then I have not put
parameters and limitations on what I am asking. There could be even better and more wonderful
things that are waiting to come to me that I have not even thought about or considered. The
Universe always sees the whole picture where we cannot be so clear. And after I say this I let it
go. I don't dwell on it as I have given the intention and I trust that it will come in just the right
way and timing.

The Divine Plan is for all to come to us that we are asking. We actually cannot know completely
in our human consciousness what is there and that is what makes it all the more fun and exciting.

By looking at the future with the eyes of a child: in wonderment, excitement and expectation in
the knowing that whatever it is it will be fantastic, then we do not put limitations on it.

Just watching a child in their excitement of something they know is coming is so heartwarming.
When we can find our inner child and through it see the world in joy and anticipation of good so
much can open up for us. The child does not have a fear that something will not be good as that
never enters their minds.

When we are in the 'now', in the present moment, all the rest will take care of itself. If we can
see each moment as a gift, a blessing no matter what it may appear to be on the surface and
say how grateful we are for this moment, we are allowing all else to just be.

Looking at your life in the moment right now and seeing how blessed you truly are will bring
peace of mind to you. Letting go of what was or will be can bring great and wonderful changes
into your life. Step back and see all the blessings and gifts that you have in your life.  

There is a Chinese proverb that I think says it very simply: "A bird does not sing because
it has an answer. It sings because it has a song."

Enjoy your now moments and let the rest be.

Linayah Kei  

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