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A dear woman submit her reflection on her session.

At the time we did her session she was living in Singapore. After she received her session she gifted a session to her mother who is in her 80's and to her teenage daughter. Through this I met three incredible women in three generations and feel very blessed to have met this family. Since then I have also been so blessed as to do sessions with her older daughter as well as her adorable and amazing son. I truly am blessed.

So on New Years Eve at one minute before midnight, which I find very amazing and of course timely,
I received her 'reflection'.

As I read it I was getting very strong guidance from many Angels to put this on the website so that
more could read it. This is one that I have not edited because her description of events that have
shown how Spirit works in amazing ways needs to be shown in exactly her words. The love in the
heart of a woman in another part of the world for the Angels and all of Spirit comes through in her
beautiful words. I am sure this is why the Angels wanted those who do not subscribe to the newsletter
to have the opportunity to read what she has written. This is truly an example of the power of faith
and trust.

I thank Vara Mohini for giving this gift to us all. As you read it you will understand what a beautiful
soul she is. I am very grateful to know her and have her in my life.

Please note that below the text is an image of a photograph that she mentions. It is stunning and

"The quest to find personalised guidance during a time in my life last year, when I was at crossroads
and unable to make a decision on my own, led me to search for who my Guardian Angel is; many
years back I'd been informed by a clairvoyant friend, that I do have an Angel watching over me.
This search lead me on a quest to find this connection. After going through several websites, I
connected to Linayah's 'Angelic Path to Healing' website and was immediately touched by her
compassion-filled eyes. What followed was mesmeric and magical which started with Linayah's call to
Singapore, where I was then living, followed by the most memorable and beautiful healing session
with the Angels that was initiated and mediated by Linayah which was amongst the most amazing
half hours of my life.

What followed through Linayah's writing with regard to the session was the most astounding message
that offered guidance and direction from the Angels which I was seeking for so long.

The most significant of all changes that have occurred after this session is firstly the factual realization
that one is constantly being watched and guided in the sweetest of ways by the Angels. This has
resulted in breathing easier and living one's life sans fear and full of warmth and joy. Also, the ability to
accept every change as positive even though one may not be able to understand its implication
immediately. The darling Angels take every opportunity to reiterate their presence as I've accounted

One of the most amazing experiences that we had was when my younger daughter Jahnavi and I
bought tickets for the U2 concert, in November, and later realised that the seats were far and high
up at the back, and that cheaper tickets were being allocated better seats. We tried calling the ticketing
company and tried to get them reallocated with no avail. Both of us then decided to just leave it to
the Angels because they have our best interest in mind. When we got there, much to our utter
amazement, we realised that the seating allocation chart was shown incorrectly online as well as on the
charts at the venue, and our seats turned out to be in the best possible location! We then expressed
our gratitude to the Angels who'd known all along and were guiding us. As we looked up to the sky to
say thank you, we were completely mesmerised and elated by what we were shown; divine wide
spanning wings of an Angel traversing across the skies! We photographed this amazing visual to share.

Another mystical experience was offered to us by the loving Angels a few weeks back when I was
thinking about a course of action with regard to my work as well as my son Janak's education ~ as
we were driving to school, a tad lost in thought, we stopped at a red light. As we looked ahead at
the cloudy sky, a huge cloud in the shape of an Angel with wings resting on either side was looking
over us.

Later, when I returned home, I took out my Angel cards and held them close to my heart, praying
to the Angels to reveal their message; on the card I pulled out was Angel Isaiah with wings in exactly
the same way as the clouds we'd seen and on the card was the most relevant message which read as
follows ~ " It's a good time to give birth to new ideas and situations in your life. I am watching over
you, guiding you and protecting you during these changes" I showed this to my son who was
completely overwhelmed with joy.

Immediately, yet again, realisation dawned with a feeling of warm comfort that whatever the new
developments, we will be guided through and sure enough, since then a series of rapid changes
have taken place. To some, also affected, these changes have lead to discomfort due to inability to
accept and believe that it is for the best for all concerned. However, for me and my family, these
changes have brought a sparkling ray of light, illuminating the darkness that had earlier surrounded
the issue; we are now on a new path and everything is moving into place just like the strewn pieces
of a jigsaw puzzle. This is being exacted by an inner voice that is guiding me at all times which feels so
good, just like the hand of a caring parent's over their child's head.

Yet another of many experiences that has given me and my family [yes ~ they too are touched and
blessed by the immeasurable love and compassion of the Angels] is when my mother Monica came
to live with us a couple of months back. Due to various emotional and physical trauma she'd
undergone, she was very debilitated and no mundane cure was helping to improve her condition.
That's when I called out to Archangel Raphael and had a lucid dream that night of my mother being
surrounded by emerald light. The next day my mother's condition started improving dramatically.
She's now healed and feeling happy.

Quantifying in words, the immense gratitude and bliss that I feel, is a task impossible; it is a feeling
that needs to be experienced to be believed; just as it is difficult to explain to another the taste of
sweetness which can only be factually realised by actually tasting something sweet.

My family and I have been touched and transformed by this realisation and I thank the merciful and
unconditional love bestowed by my Angels ~ Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Haniel, Raphael and my
Guardian Archangel Haniel, as well as Angels Flora and Isaiah. I extend a very special thank you to
Archangel Raphael for helping and healing my older daughter Radhapria, our little dog Kiwi and
everyone who has needed his wondrous touch . Much gratitude to Archangel Metatron for assisting
my son to resolve his issues"

And most of all the ever-beautiful Linayah, who through her kind and personalised ways, has given
us the most priceless gift ever; a gift of learning to love and give unconditionally."©

Vara Mohini
New Zealand

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