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I have been bringing messages from the Angels for many years. I post them on Facebook and share them in other ways.


Please enjoy the loving guidance the Angels give.


For daily messages, if you wish to follow them, you can use the link below:

"Daily Angel Message"

Please follow this link to like and follow the account or click on the Facebook block image below.

If you aren't seeing these messages pop up in your Facebook feed, do like and comment on a few, and then you should start seeing them.


Please feel free to share the Angel Message on this page as long as you mention this website, the author and use the message in its entirety with no alterations, additions or excerpts. Thank you for reading and believing in the Angels.


They are with you in every moment if you allow them in.

I am also the conduit for a channeled message from an Archangel each month.

A different message from the Archangel who wishes to speak at that time will be posted here on this website. Please enjoy the loving and wonderful words of guidance they have to offer.

I am honored to bring the messages and teaching of these loving Angels to you.


Click here for Monthly Angel Messages.

Again, please feel free to share the messages on this page as well as those that are archived as long as you mention this website, the scribe and use the message in its entirety with no alterations, additions or excerpts. Thank you for reading and believing in the Angels. They are with you in every moment if you allow them in.


Angels' Blessings,

Linayah Kei Michael

You have to believe in happiness,
or happiness never comes.
I know that a bird chirps none the less,
when all he finds is crumbs.
You have to believe the buds will blow,
believe in the grass in days of snow.
That’s the reason a bird can sing,
on his darkest day, because he believes in spring.

You have to believe in happiness,
it isn’t an outward thing.
The spring never makes the song, I guess.
As much as the song the spring.
Aye, many a heart could find content,
if it saw the joy on the road it went.
The joy ahead when it had to grieve.
For the joy is there-but, you have to

~ Douglas Malloch ~

“As children we made wishes and they were very important to us. As adults we still engage in rituals that include wishes: candles on a birthday cake provide us the opportunity to wish and then blow out the candle, you can wish upon the first star you see at night or on a shooting star, you can toss a coin into a fountain, well or stream and make a wish. The Angels say that with all of those you are doing more than just making the wish. By blowing out the candle you send that wish out to the Universe and let it go. The same with the coin – you toss it in and then let it go. When wishing becomes something that you hold onto and keep repeating over and over, you are not releasing it so it can come back to you. Do you wish for health, well-being, abundance or world peace? If so wish with the intention of letting it go. Don’t hold onto your wishes and desires. Release them, give them to the Universe and let it respond in the best way that is for you Highest Good. Wish, release and trust that everything you desire can come into manifest if you trust and don’t put limitations and parameters on your wishes."

Message from the Angels 1/23/18

"As we move into a New Year, the Angels say that what transpires in 365 days depends solely on you. It is time to let your beautiful Light shine. Do not hide it any longer. You are worthy of a magnificent life which is your birthright. You are more than worthy of doing the job you came to do as an ambassador for the Light. Your Angels say they are 'wowed' by you and your incredible and amazing beingness. Are you ready to embrace that as yours and step fully into your power? The Earth is holy ground. You are worthy to stand tall upon her and hold your head up high and bask in the Divinity that you are. Never for a moment believe that your Angels have left or are not hearing you. They are with you in every moment. It is your choice to how you interact with them and how they interface with you. The more you believe, trust and open your heart to experience Angelic love, the more you will be aware of it. If you see them as holy beings, then remember that you too, are a holy being of Light."

Message from the Angels 1/1/17

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