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Linayah Kei Michael

This Month's Angel Message

(Last month's message: Archangel Metatron)

~A Message from Archangel Ariel                              September 2021

Greetings and Welcome,
We are the Angel known as Archangel Ariel. 
We wish to speak with you about your personal energies and to assist you in clearing out all those energies which do not serve you. Each one in human existence will have many energies that will come in and then go at different times and while they are with you they need to be changed, cleared and transmuted. Your Angelic guides as well as all of your guides and teachers in the Spiritual realms can help you with this.

Let us first discuss some of the things that go into your human incarnation. Most of you realize that each of you has had many incarnations over many years, centuries and some go back to very ancient times. Each time a soul chooses to incarnate, and it is always by choice, much goes into it. There is much planning you see. Soul groups come together too as they are assisting each other on the journey that is to be a lifetime. 

It is a very intricate and beautiful work of art, if we may use that reference. There are of course no coincidences, and thus it is all in the choice and making of each soul as to what that particular lifetime will have as lessons which are for the growth and advancement of the soul. 

Each relationship is planned and as the reason or lesson is encountered and then realized, the relationship will move on. When in your human body as a third dimensional being, you will not remember all that you had planned to achieve. But when you recall bits and pieces of that plan, it can be very exciting. 

So when you find a relationship has, in human terms, ‘gone bad’ or ends, you feel pain, sadness and often anger. 
These emotions are there for a reason – you chose them so that you could learn from them. Now if you stay in the negativity of those feelings you will not grow nor can you heal. But if you look at them with eyes of an observer and see only love and gratitude for the opportunity, you will be able to move on and your beautiful soul will grow in a very profound way.

Everything that comes to you is there for a reason, Beloveds. Everything! Instead of being in anger, blame, unforgiveness, guilt and feeling as a victim, please see the whole picture and choose love and gratitude as your emotions of growing. 

Each soul is seeking enlightenment and to be completely free of everything that it must learn from and about. Each soul has experienced many different and diverse lifetimes. No matter if you were a villain, and yes you have all done that at least a few times, or a healer, teacher, royalty, poor, rich or just your ‘everyday’ sort of person, it was a choice you made to learn from the experience. 

We like to look at you as being character actors who take on every kind of part that is intriguing to your soul. You are building your characters as you like to say!

Now as we relate all of this, a very important message is in it all. You most often carry from lifetime to lifetime those lessons and issues that you have had but not completely resolved or healed. Many of them are lessons that you have learned but have held on to over and over, resulting in your carrying beliefs forward that need to be cleared. You brought them to this life so that you can clear them and heal them. If they have been with you in many past lives then you have not found the way to cleanse, to heal. Our wish is that you will do it this time around. We are very happy to help you with it.

No one is going to have it ‘easy’ as you would say. That would not help you grow would it? But how you work with these lessons and how you free yourself from that which does not serve you is how you will bring happiness, a state of joy and manifestation to all areas of your life.

Dear Ones, you are not meant to struggle. When you are, as you see it, dealt a card you do not wish to have, you can do a replay and put that card in the discard pile. You have the choice and you alone have it. No one can choose for you. No one can tell you what to do. Your journey is yours alone. Everyone and everything that comes into your life are there as, shall we say, character actors playing a part in support. But Beloved Ones, you are the stars of your own journey. Each journey, each path is unique and very special. 

Each individual has the choice to make the journey one of rewards and joy, or to hang on to the things that are blocking those rewards to come your way and thus staying in one place instead of moving on.

Your soul knows what it is you wish to learn and experience. If you listen to your soul, your Higher Self, you will find the answers, and if you follow what is in your precious hearts, your experiences will be of beautiful blessings. 

How gratifying can it be to learn to forgive others as well as yourself? How gratifying can it be to learn to be in a state of love instead of hatred? How gratifying can it be to not see yourself as a victim of another or something but instead as one who has moved beyond it all and thanking that someone or something for giving you the opportunity. How gratifying can it be to let go of anger, mistrust and judgment and instead being loving and compassionate, knowing that everyone is doing the best he or she can at all times?

At the beginning of this message we mentioned energies. As you become more intuitive to energy you can learn to work with them. Some of you are very sensitive to energy and can often take on energy from another. It is very important that you clear this out. 

If a loved one or colleague is showing anger or judgment towards you or another, letting yourself stay clear of it is so very important. There are many ways to do this. We are always very happy to help you with it. Call on your Angels and guides to assist you. You may call upon a certain being or just any being in general. Whichever feels right for you is the right way. There is no wrong way to do it.

You can ask us or do it yourself if you wish. Putting a bubble of protective light around you is a good way to protect your energy from any outside and intrusive energy. You can put different colors of light around you. Again what feels right is the right way for you to do it. You can envision a circle of Angels around you and in so doing there will be that circle. Just thinking it will make it be so. You are very powerful and when you hold an intention it will come to be. But always do what feels right to you; what you know in your heart is the way for you. Never do something because another says it works for them. If it resonates, then by all means try it. But if not, then graciously move on until you know without a doubt that it is for you. 

You can invoke a Master or spirit guide, Angel or Angels to be with you. You can ask them to clear your energy and put a shield around your body and aura. However you do it is not as important as doing it.

If you know ahead of time that you will be with or near energies that can be negative or unwanted, as in a group or large gathering, you can put your shield around you before you go. And yes Dear Hearts, just intending that nothing will penetrate you and your field then it will not. That is how powerful you are. When you fully believe and trust your power, then you will know that you are always in Divine care.

Now if you are doing intentions, creating protective space and so forth, then it is a good idea to do this daily no matter what you are doing or who you are around. Even your dearest loved ones have their energy and you have yours and they need to be kept separate. Do not think of it as bad energy, but just that of another and not yours.

If you are not sensitive to absorbing energy from others, it is still a good idea to protect yourself in this way. Whether you realize it or feel it or not, each of you do and will come in contact with unwanted energy.

Beloved ones, trust is so very important. Trust yourself to be successful on your beautiful paths. And yes, each path is beautiful beyond description. Every path is of equal importance. You should be very proud of who you are and what you have accomplished in the journey of your soul. 

And now we say to thee that it is the time to be in your power, to be authentic and to be sovereign.  This is more important than ever before. Humanity has given its power and sovereignty away for thousands of years. This is not how the human should be in their experience. Rise up in a peaceful way and take back your power. Stand in your truth fully in love and kindness and say ‘no’ to anything that does not reside in your truth. No one has power over you. Never believe anyone that tells you that you should or should not do something. Center in your heart and know what is your truth and not what you are told it is. Say yes to what you know is your truth and no to everything else. No one can control you or reign over you. That is a falsehood that has been indoctrinated into everyone’s mind and so is believed. Let that go now! Believe only in you, your truth, your Divine sovereign rights and let no one rule you by fearful words, doctrines, or mandates. Love they neighbor. Have you heard that before? Love all as your brother or sister and let no one tell you that one kind is better than another. Vanilla is as good as chocolate. The flavors are different but they are all made in the same way. Do not judge another in any way. Do not judge by color, beliefs, actions, lifestyle or words of others. Let everyone be in his or her own sovereignty just as you are in yours. Everyone is equal! Everyone is unique. Do not judge if someone doesn’t agree with your beliefs. You have the right to yours and they have the right to theirs. This is what makes the world a beautiful place with Free Will and Free Choice. When everyone not only sees this but also practices it, the world will be as it is meant to be: in peace, harmony, no divisions, no hatred, all coming together in love, joy and kindness. It will happen Dearest Ones. It will when you open your heart to love and let go of all the illusions that have been the way of life for so very long.

With Blessings of Peace, Love and Joy,  
We are the Archangel Ariel©

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