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Archangel Chamuel

April 2023

~A message from Archangel Chamuel~ 

Beautiful and Beloved Souls,

The energy that is swirling around at this time is intense, strong and is bringing up many emotions and insights to those who allow it to happen. Many are not allowing it and are finding much difficulty in their lives.
Precious Ones, we come to you with encouragement. We encourage you to have faith and trust in yourself, in the Universe and the Source of all things. We know it is hard to not get caught up in what is around and before you in your worldly life. Yet if you are going to get out of the hamster wheel and disengage from the constant going around and around without and end in sight, you cannot go forward.

All is well in the big picture of things. We know that when you are only seeing your life in what is around you and your daily trials and tribulations, it can be very hard at times to believe that it really is all well.

So within this message are words of love and encouragement for it is time for everyone to rediscover joy in life and of life. If you will open the eyes of your hearts and allow yourself to see how much you have to be joyful about, we do think you will understand.

Your world as you know it is changing rapidly and it will never be the same. This is a wonderful thing, a Divine occurrence, Divinely planned and is to be embraced with joy and gratitude. 

It can be very difficult when you are in hard times, poor health, loss, sadness and despair to see anything joyful. Oh Beloved Ones we do understand this very well.

If you can pull up those proverbial boot straps and take some very deep breaths that is a way to begin. Sigh if you wish. Sighing is a good way to release. And to go further, smile, sing, dance and relax. Fear and all that goes with that emotion cannot exist with the frequency of joy.

The focus you put your attention upon is what of course is what you attract and create. Seeing lack or being without, is telling the Universe that is what you want and as long as you continue in that vibration it will continue to be yours.

You are in that driver’s seat, behind the wheel and no one else can move you in any direction that you do not choose to go in. So we ask you to let go of worry and concern and know that even if things seem hopeless, painful, disappointing, even infuriating, it will be so much worth it when you get to other side. There is another side, a pot of gold and more at the end of the rainbow, beauty and peace as you have never known it is coming. 
It is not easy to believe in something you cannot see and understand. We know this. As a human one feels they need to be able to analyze and see all the details before they can move forward. Yet Beloved Ones, you are not that human. You are a Divine Being of Light who has come to the Earth to experience and learn new things. You are a creative being and you can create so much for it is unlimited. You also can create the life you want, the experience you want to have and it will be granted. 

It is all an illusion, this thing you know of as life. Your soul chose to come at this time to have another experience. Your soul is eternal and knows what is true. So if you can embrace yourself in the arms of love and can let go of everything you have been taught and believe is truth, you can begin to expand and it will be like moving into a beautiful garden that is the most exquisite garden one could imagine. And you are the one who can imagine it and then bring it forth. Do you see most precious ones that you came to experience joy, happiness and love? Yet part of being human is that you forget and are on a quest to rediscover yourself and find all the gems that are within you. You are the only one who can choose what you experience. No one can do that for you. It is called Free Choice.

If you repeatedly say that you have this dis-ease or ill-ness than you actually are owning it and again you are telling the Universe that is who you are and so it remains with you.

If you say you are lonely, unforgiving, have lost hope in everything, then unfortunately you are telling that story to the Universe and it sees that as what you wish.

The only way to shift out of or away from what you don't want is to shift your thoughts and beliefs. If you believe you have no money or no friends, than that belief creates it to be real. We know you do not wish any of this yet the beliefs are so deeply embedded that it is what you see as truth. So how can you change your stories, your beliefs and thoughts? 

You must let go of all the unworthy and undeserving beliefs that you have stored up within from this lifetime as well as past lifetimes. Love yourself beyond how you love any other. Love yourself, love all that you do and are and sing praises of you. Tell the world, tell the Universe how magnificent you are. We know it but it all depends on you believing and embracing it and you.

You even have the choice to believe or not believe our words. And even if you don’t, know that you are unconditionally loved and all choices you make will never influence that. You are a perfect being in a human suit that can have a few what you would call mistakes and flaws, but the Universe and those in all realms of the Divine see you in perfection.

Thoughts, words and actions of joy bring that joy to your life no matter what you may be experiencing.
It is time to find joy, rediscover it, for you come from love and joy, in your life and allow everything to flow in ease and Grace.

Our role is to support, guide and help you see what is available for you and in this see and remember who you really are. When you do you will be astonished at your incredibleness.

Our wish dear ones, is to see each and every one of you in excitement about life, in love with life and all that it offers. We do what we can to assist you in finding joy, happiness and love of the gift of life but of course you are the one who has to do it.

We ask you to step back and really focus on answering our questions that we present to you. First, how willing are you to letting go of the same patterns of your behavior and daily life to try something new? Are you 'game' to explore new possibilities and opportunities that present themselves to you? In that, do you know that the more willing you are to accept this, the more will show up for you?

Are you stuck in the same routines, the same ruts and feeling that it will always be the way it is? Does your life and what is in it bring you satisfaction and a happiness that is deeper than only what is on the surface? Can you feel good about what you do and who you are? Can you awaken each day with excitement and anticipation as to what it will bring?

Do you feel that there is more to what you are experiencing right now? Is there an inner nudging and unrest that gives you thoughts of wanting more? And are you willing to take a leap of faith and jump on the train of expectations that is one-way and will take you to a new level of life that you have never experienced? Once you get on that train, Beloved Ones, you will never return nor will you wish to go back. Let go of those old worn out stories that tell who you may have been before. Are you ready for the new you to come forth? You are. Say ‘YES”.
Be on the train of love, ascension and take a joy ride to the new world that is coming and that you are a part of creating. You came to be here for this. Can you see how exciting it is and how blessed you are to be here as well as how you are a blessing by playing the role in it that you came to do?

Joy is the ultimate emotion that resides with love. There is no vibration higher than love and joy. They go hand in hand. Remember the joy that you had as a child of being in the moment and anticipating the next moment. Be that child again and be in love, gratitude and joy! You, the adult, can do the same thing in your own way. There is no rule or edict that states that when you are in the adult body, in adulthood, that you must not act as a child.

We say to you that when you feel with excitement how good it will feel to break those bonds and be free to live in joy and dance on the stage of life with abandonment you will never get off of that stage again. It is yours to do or not do. We hope you choose joy and get on the joy train now. The possibilities and opportunities are unlimited when you do.

Life Beloved Ones is a gift and you are worthy of this beautiful gift. See it in love and joy and be love and joy. Create the life you wish to have and be the person you wish to be by letting go of all notions that it cannot be so.
In Peace and Love,
Archangel Chamuel©


December 2021

~A Message from Archangel Chamuel~


Most Divine and Beloved Ones,

As the year 2021 as defined with your linear calendar comes to an end we know every human upon the planet Earth can say it has been quite a year. Each and every person, no matter where they may be, has felt much.

We know it has been very disturbing, disruptive, disconcerting and for many their lives are seemingly in disarray and you look upon it all with dismay. 

If you notice we have used words that begin with “dis”. There is a purpose for this. You see everything in your life is an illusion. What you believe to be reality is then your reality. Your beliefs and thoughts are what is behind every creation in your existence. And yes all that occurs in that experience is of your creation. Belief or disbelief? True or not true? Real or unreal?

Let us if you will, delve into these ‘dis’ words. Those first three letters describe something that is not working. Yes we know that the world is in chaos and what is being presented in all parts of the world are representations of what you do not want. And if you are in fear of what is happening and what you think might happen, it can be all of those ‘dis’ words that we offered.

If you can look upon all with the eyes of love, peace and harmony, with kindness and compassion, you can find a way out of that place of fear and perhaps just might be able to breathe easier because you are seeing from a new perspective.

Everyone wants peace. Deep within each and every one is the essence of love and thus of peace. No matter what an individual or the collective are showing that looks like in some cases atrocious and horrific, there is a Divine being within that has ‘lost their way’ as you might put it.

Just like dis-ease, it is all created from thoughts and beliefs. Yes dis-ease and ill-ness are created by the one who it affects.

So you are asking how are you, just little ole you, supposed to make this world better and all that which is not in alignment with love and peace be banished.

That is easier than you might think. First of all it is not your job to be the one who saves the world and its people. Second, nothing is broken so it does not need to be fixed. Ah yes, you think Chamuel must have and a ‘senior moment’. No Dear Ones, we are attempting to show  you how you can do ‘your part’.

As we said, that is easy. Just be you. Just be who you really are which is a Divine being of Light, a Divine spark from the Creator of the Universe and All That Is. You are here to shine your bright Light and that is all you have to do. How do you do that? You remain in the essence of love, the vibration of joy, and the energy of peace and see everyone, everyone and everything, with the eyes of that Divine being that you are. 

What better time to embrace this new way of being than in the Holy Season. No matter what you celebrate, how you do it of if you do it, it is all the same. Be you! And to begin you must love the magnificent you that you are and hold yourself in unconditional love and compassion. Stop being so hard on yourself and yes we know each of you does that at times and some do it most of the time. 

Many say it is an inside job. Oh yes it most certainly is. Letting go of what is outside, around you and going inside, for within your true being is where you will find the answers to every question and concern that you may have.

The world as you have known it is no more. It has to be this way. The planet and all upon it are ascending. That is not a destination but a vibrational energy. You don’t have to find the road to ascension. Again it is all inside and is being not doing. Don’t get caught up in the doomsday rhetoric that is rampant now. Yes things are crazy as you might see them. Think of it as it all being put in a blender so that all ingredients can become purified (our replacement word for pureed). Our blender is higher tech.

Beloved Hearts, dear Divine Ones, we ask you to let go of the fear and thoughts of hopelessness and stay within, that inner place that holds your truth, wisdom, knowing and will never steer you in the wrong direction. Follow your instincts, trust your feelings and intuition. Magic can and will happen when you shift to the side of love and peace.

Allow others to find their way while being supportive and understanding without attempting to make them see it your way. Your way may not be theirs and that is okay. Remember each of you has awakened or are awakening in your own timing. No one came without the need to awaken for that is part of the game of life. One is born with all the knowing but within a very short time a type of amnesia takes over and all is forgotten. So remember that you had to find your way to where you are and thus others must do the same. 

May Peace be yours in this Holy Season, in this remaining month of 2021 and may you not hide your beautiful Light but instead let is shine forth as an inspiring wayshower would do.

You are so very loved by all in the Universe and beyond. We are here for you and will never let you fall. We will always catch you. “Catch a Falling Star” is what we do – we catch all of you bright stars. Thank you for coming to do this amazing and glorious work. Peace and harmony will come. The timing all depends on how quickly the collective takes their power back and stands in truth. Be patient and continue to hold your space in Light and Love.

In Peace and Love,

We are Archangel Chamuel©

September 2020


Bountiful Blessings Dear Friends,


It is always a delight to be able to speak with you in this way. We cherish the moments that we can communicate and connect with all who wish to hear our words.


Beloved Ones, it is time now to begin to open yourself up and be free from the bindings that have kept you  in a place of fear, doubt, and yes, stagnation.


Many of you are beginning to understand your truth, who you are and why you are here. You are beginning to see beyond the illusions of limitations that have kept you from knowing yourself.


Yes, you have heard many times how magnificent you are. You have heard how loved you are and how much protection there is for you whilst you move through your journey upon the Earth. Repetition may seem boring and stale to you, but we continue to be repeaters for a very good reason.


We do not just like to make small talk. When everyone has listened, really listened, and taken ownership of their reality, then we will not need to be repeating over and over.


Many of the words we use that are your 'human' words that express who you are, cause a great number of humans in 'all walks of life' and at all stages of awakening, to cringe and shrink away. Powerful! Limitless! Masterful! Magnificent! Worthy! Deserving! How about Divine! Eternal! Whole! Capable! Wise! All-Knowing! Alchemist! Radiant! Complete! Perfect!


Okay, we think we have given you somewhat of an idea of what we mean. Each of you can hold claim to every one of those words and the essences of the meaning with the words.


Beloveds, it is now time for you to embrace that which is yours and is you. It is time to claim all of the treasures of the treasure chest that is you. Out with all those old and so passé beliefs that you are less than you are.


No more beliefs of the need to prove yourself, to earn your worth, to climb a ladder to success, do what you are told to do and be, and strive to better yourself. You are already all of those; worthy, successful, proven and the best of the best.


You are always growing, always learning, and always transforming. Allow it to come naturally and with ease and Grace. You can climb any mountain you choose to climb and you can move that mountain as well.


You do not hear us when we are shouting to you at times. Yes we shout when necessary. When you are saying you are not deserving, that you are destined for failure or to have a hard life, we shout “NOOOOO” to you but you possibly do not hear for you have closed your ears to hear the truth which contradicts the beliefs that tell you these are truths.


If you were given an assignment to write an essay that defines who you are, what would you write? Would you tell about your beauty, your incredible beingness, your perfection, your ability to overcome any obstacle that comes across your path (of course you know within that all obstacles are illusions that you have created so you can overcome them), your loving ways, your creativity, your kindness, your 

knowingness, your amazing knack to manifest just what you need at the right moment, your openness to new adventures and ways, your strengths and celebrations of accomplishments and creations, and an innate sense of being in the right place at the right time?


Oh Dear Ones, that is only the tip of the iceberg of who you are. Do you understand where we are going with this? You have everything you need. You are everything you need to be. There is not one thing you cannot do, there is no place you cannot go, or anything you cannot be. No matter what you want to do, be or create is already yours. That is how fast your ability to manifest is Beloved Ones!


We encourage you to begin to be gentle with yourself. Allow you to be you and do not take yourself to task for what you see as mistakes or wrong choices. Be loving to the you that created those choices and know that they are not mistakes.


When a child falls down and has an abrasion on their knee, you do not see them as making a mistake or wrong choice. You do not berate them for falling. No, you help them up, brush of any dirt on and around the abrasion, and the kiss them and hold them in a big embrace. If any other action is needed, you take care of it. You do not dwell on the ifs, buts, shoulds, if onlys, and they don't enter you mind. The child fell

down and has a boo-boo. That is all there is.


Treat yourself in the same way Beloved Ones. Take care of the boo-boos and then move on. Let go of the guilt and anger. Forgive and let go. The child was doing what a child does and was doing the best he or she could at that moment. Can you allow that to be yours as well?


If you will, every time something comes up in your life which may cause you to think of yourself in a way that does not show love for yourself, pause for a moment and tap into that knowingness of who you are and give yourself the love you would give to the child with the knee abrasion.


Love, love, love you! How can a Divine being that is one with Creator Source not be completely loved? For that is who you are. Claim that! Claim the Divinity that is you and love it with all of your heart.


If you do anything do this for yourself. Own your extraordinary and powerful being. Be it! Do it! Love it!


If each one focuses only on doing this for themselves the world can heal, the world can come together in unity and love. Love is the answer in every situation no matter what it might be and loving yourself as the Divine being that you are is all that you need to do.


You are a Being of the Light in a human experience and you are here to shine the Light that is you for the whole world to see. Do not hide it or hide yourself. Be seen. It is safe to be seen. It is safe to be you and to express yourself in all ways. Do not hold back.


It is time to change old patterns of belief and become the new and shining you. Stand in the truth of who you are and as you do, stand tall and be proud. Be regal and knowing how amazing you are.


Love is what matters in all situations, experiences, choices, thoughts and words. Begin with you Beloved Ones, begin with yourself. Love, Love, Love that which is you in all ways, always.


All beings want to be loved and want peace. Hold love and peace in your heart and it shall be yours.


In Peace and Love,

We are Archangel Chamuel ©


Greetings Beloved Ones,


We the Archangel Chamuel, are delighted to bring the message to you this month; this month, the final month of your calendar year and the month of celebration for many. Is it not actually the month that begs for expressions of peace?


Our message for you is one of peace. Peace is the ultimate vibration, expression and desire of each of you. For in peace there is love; in peace there is joy and happiness and there is bliss.


For a very long, long time peace has not been the overall way of being in the mainstream of life. When pockets of peace have been acquired and found then often what follows is as if it is a glass floor that is shattered in a moment of time.


How often have you been feeling a peacefulness around or within you to suddenly find it is interrupted and the feelings have disappeared?


Each of you has the ability to bring peace into your lives and then into your world. It begins with yourself. It begins at 'home'.


And it is not as difficult as it may seem to you. It can begin with your imagination. If you will imagine what peace would look like, what it would feel like and be like, you can bring it to you.


When the word peace is spoken what do you feel? Pause for a moment and really get into the feeling of peace. Bring that peaceful feeling into your heart space which is the center of your being. Breathe it in and allow that feeling of peace to fill you up like a sweet elixir. Continue with the breaths, deep, deep breaths and with your eyes closed imagine peace, whatever it may look to you.


My Beloved Ones, you can be peace and when you are, peace will be around you. As you allow yourself to find that place of peace within you, you may then expand it out. Move it slowly out to fill the room you are in, then the building, then the neighborhood, the city and continue until you have sent peace out to cover the entire planet.


A peaceful and loving heart makes for a peaceful and loving being. This is your true essence, your Divine blueprint is simply love. It is there for you to embrace and express.


As long as you see everything in a peaceful way no matter what or how it may appear to be in the world around you, you can find peace within. Each of you holds a deep desire to have peace, to be in peace and  remain there. This is because of whence you come - from God/Source/ Creator and thus you are Divine love which includes peace. We ask you to  promise yourself right now that you will be that peace. Promise that your thoughts, words and actions will be based in peace. It is there for you and only you can bring it out of 



The beautiful white dove is often used as a sign of peace. The sweetness and gentleness of the dove makes her a perfect expression of peace for do you not feel softness, sweetness and gentleness along with calm, serenity and bliss in peace just as you do with the dove? If it works for you, whenever you feel in need of peace, imagine a dove right in front of you. How will that feel? It is for you to find out by trying if you choose.


Make peace with yourself and fall in love with who you are and what you do. Forgive all those past 'transgressions' that you cling to and become free. Freedom does lead to peace. Free yourself to fly like the dove and let go of everything.


We are always very pleased to assist you in finding your peace if you ask. Imagery is a very good way to put yourself in that peace space. We are happy to give you images in your physical eyes that show peace if you wish. It only takes your asking and we will deliver.


You can find a peaceful place to be just by imagining yourself being there. What do you think would make you feel in peace or what does make you feel that way? Watching a sunset? Sitting in a quiet place in nature and listening to the sounds that are all around you? Holding a child or adored pet in your arms?  Anything that shouts 'love' to you, gives your heart a warm and pleasant feeling is where you can find

that peace.


Taking yourself away from the noise and distractions of your daily life is very important. Making time to be by yourself in quiet moments is a gift you can give yourself. Do this each day as many times as you can. Dear ones, not only is this important it is necessary. You can always find and make time to do this if you truly set your mind to it.


Love, love, love. Love leads to peace, joy, and well-being. And when that comes what follows is creativity, inspiration, manifestation, and whole new avenues open up for you. Choose the path of love for yourself and all of life and the peace you are seeking will be yours. A peaceful and loving heart has no limitations or barriers. Love manifests peace. Love, peace and joy go hand-in-hand.


You are loved, you are safe and you are never alone. Does that give you peace of mind? It should beloved ones for it is your truth and it never will change. You are always held in the arms of love and protection. Think of it as a cradle that gently rocks you as a mother would do for her child. You are loved as the mother loves the child.


We invite you to say goodbye to that which perhaps is keeping peace at bay and make room for it to come. Open the door and invite peace and love into your heart and your entire being.


So Precious Ones, in this month when most of you celebrate a holiday of some kind, take some time away from the busyness, the stress-filled shopping, planning, creating, and doing all those tasks that you feel are needed to have a 'perfect' experience, and sink into you beautiful heart/center and ask what is peace? What do I/my heart and soul want for me? What is it really all about and what matters and what

does not matter?


An ounce of peace does not cost a gold brick. It is not to be purchased or bargained for - it is your birthright and when you believe this and honor it, you can find the peacefulness, the peace in your heart (which as always resided there) and the blissfulness in every moment that you desire.


In Peace and in Love,

We Are The Archangel Chamuel ©

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