Archangel Gabriel

March 2020


Blessings of Love to All!


Beloved Ones, is life a little chaotic and perhaps even messy for you right now? Are you observing many acting strangely or even in unrealistic ways? Are you feeling unsettled and unsure? Does everyone around you seem to be losing their minds and acting out 'of character'?


Welcome to your new and progressing world Dearest Ones! The splendid and magnificent world is unfolding. Yet as with change and new, there must be tearing down and clearing out.


Think about doing a major renovation to your home. You must have plans and designs. You have to know ahead of time what your intention is, even if it is only in your imagination, before you begin what you are going to do. You also must remember that nothing goes exactly as planned and there will always be glitches, surprises and disappointments.


Yet you have a plan, an intention and you go forward expecting to have a completeness with your project. The bigger the renovation the more you must expect that things will show up 'out of the blue' that were not in your plans. There are always unknowns in everything. Nothing goes exactly as expected and that is one of life's lessons for everyone. Let go of expecting things to turn out just as you think they should, for that is not how the  Universe works. You have to be flexible, trusting and allow what is the best for you to show up. And it will if you don't get in the way of the flow.


If you are refacing the cabinets in your kitchen you will not have nearly all the unexpected things that you must deal with as you would if you completely gut you kitchen and begin anew.


This Beloved Ones is what is occurring upon your planet. This is the biggest renovation that has ever been undertaken on this planet or any planet for that matter. Humanity is being given an opportunity to completely renovate itself and become the unified group consciousness that it is meant to be.


For too, too long that mass consciousness has gone deeper and deeper into a very unpleasant existence. But your beloved planet Earth wanted you to have the chance to rectify and renovate you kitchens by updating them and ridding all of the old beliefs and thought patterns that are not of peace, love and oneness. It is time for all new appliances with a completely new design that looks nothing like the old one. Complete make over!


This means that each of you is doing the work of the contractor who tears down the whole structure and begins to build, reinforce, rewire, renovate, recreate everything. In this it is necessary to be determined to not be deterred, but instead to clear out every bit of debris and dust particle so that you can start fresh.


We know this has not been easy and at times has seemed to be impossible to continue. The clearing, freeing and releasing has been an on-going process. But Beloveds, you can and are doing it. Do not give up, do not despair for you will come through it with flying colors.


This is because that is who you are. You did not come in this lifetime to be here to sit around and twiddle your thumbs. That would be quite boring to you. You knew what you were 'getting into' when you were born. But you also knew that you and all those who came with you were the ones who humanity and all life upon the planet were counting on. Yes the saying, 'You are the ones you have been waiting for' is very true.


You have so much support with those in the Higher Realms; your Angels, the Ascended Masters, your guides and loved ones from the Other Side are with you in each moment. And that support will never leave, never dwindle or abandon you. There is no need to worry, fear or believe that you must do everything on your own and that you are alone.


We really want to stress this upon you. You are not alone. You never have been and you never will be. You are the contractors and the professionals who are redoing your kitchens. We are the crew who works alongside you to help when things hit a rough spot here and there. No, we cannot make everything run smoothly and effortlessly for that would interfere with what you are here to do. We are your support team, your backup crew, your pit crew. And Beloveds, anytime you wish to come in to visit your pit crew for a change, all you have to do is go there. Do so in meditation, in prayer or in just asking for our assistance. We are here to assure that everything that is for your Highest Good will be yours. It is all preordained. Yes, everything is in perfect and Divine order and it will play out in ways that you will be pleased as well as, in your words, be 'blown away'.


We invite you to step back, take some nice deep breaths and trust. Do not fight life, for that is like fighting with the image of yourself in a mirror. When things don't work out as you thought they should, then know there is a reason and be in gratitude that something better will take its place.


Now that you have been doing the clearing out of all that was your old kitchen, you can now begin to work on the kitchen of your dreams. The world as you have known it no longer will be. All those outdated parts and pieces had to be removed.


Everything and everyone is being redefined. A lot of fine tuning is going on in each moment. Keep your thoughts in love and all will show up, at the perfect time and in the perfect way. We promise this to you. You are cherished and treasured in every way. Yes you will stumble along the way, but do not be unhappy with yourself when you do. Just as a little toddler is beginning to walk, they fall down and get right back up, and keep going, so can you. You will never fall so as to hurt yourself. A trip here and there is to be expected but not lamented. You have a great cushioning of Angelic love around you. You are fine and you will always be fine. We will not let you fall in a way that you will be hurt or harmed. We will catch you every time.


Your spirit cannot be broken even when it may seem like it has. You are you and you cannot be broken. You are Divine and when you let yourself be held in your own arms with love and kindness, appreciation and compassion, things must fall into place in the Divine and magnificent way they are meant to come.


When things feel overwhelming, daunting, too much to handle, and out of control, this is the time to give yourself some 'me' time. Go to a place that feels good to you. This can be a physical place such as out somewhere in nature, which is one of the best rejuvenating places one can be in, or in meditation, in a place where you can be quiet and just be. Take deep breathes and connect with your heart and inner wisdom. If you do this, you can find peacefulness and be removed from all the chaos that has been weighing you down.


This is very important Beloved Ones, for you to do this daily. See it as your sacred sanctuary, your place for you and you alone. Give this gift to you and you will see remarkable shifting. Your 'me' is the most important one in your life. Your 'me' time is the gift you must give to yourself. Make boundaries without feeling guilty, carve out time even if it is a few minutes at a time, and give yourself the nourishment and refreshing that you require. Your well-being is of essence for you to be fully present to do what you came to do.


We never can express enough the gratitude we hold for you. Your presence upon the Earth right now is a blessing and gift to all. You are so appreciated and loved. Thank you for being you.


In Peace, Love and Gratitude,

Archangel Gabriel©


November 2019

Good Day Beloveds,


We appreciate that you are taking the time to read our words. If something we say brings clarity, understanding, peace or resonance, then we are delighted. And if not, that is okay as well for we hold no judgment whatsoever.


We come to you at a time when many situations and monumental shifting is occurring right at this moment upon your planet. You have storms in nature that are sending forceful winds across areas of land and sea. You have storms of the human kind that are creating dishevel as the entire world is watching and focusing on the daily happenings that your media is very prompt to spread far and wide. You are being bombarded with photos and graphic details of the events.


There are fires and earthquakes, tornadoes and floods, hurricanes and more. It can seem like so much is going on and you can enter into a state of worry, fear, blame, and hopelessness unless you are able to center and not buy into all of the hype.


Dear Beloved friends, we want you to focus your attention on healing and love instead of destruction and turmoil. If you are holding energy in your hearts and in your thoughts about peace and healing for all involved, no matter who they may be, instead of seeing it as tragic and horrible which of course is negative energy, you can make a difference. Each person on this planet needs to think of peace, love, joy and beauty for every other person and being on your Mother Earth.


Visualize a place that you have recently focused upon and what is happening in that location. If you will shift your focus onto the beauty of that place and what that beauty represents while declaring peacefulness for all who are affected; people, animals, countries, governments, land, structures. See them smiling and in joy. See them being friends and brothers and sisters in love and peace. See the land in beauty and not destruction. If each of you will visualize this there can be a very large shift in the energy that is there. The rippling will become waves that will be created and they will astonish you.


With an occurrence that is natural such as the earthquakes and tornadoes, if you will visualize gentleness and send love to everyone and everything in that place it can make a difference.


Fear, worry, blame and judgment are energy just as is everything. Energy can be changed. You can change it by moving from those feelings and emotions to those that feel good: peace, harmony, beauty, gratitude, joy, sweetness, kindness, goodwill, compassion and love, then the energy must be shifted. It cannot stay in that place where fear resides.


If you buy into the energy of the media and the stories of destruction and upheaval, and sorrow then you are actually sending energy of exactly that, which of course will result in it growing in that manner.


Say your prayers, send your blessings to the peoples, the animals and plant life and anyone who is affected without holding any judgment for anyone or anything. Do not point fingers and do not decide who is right or wrong, because Beloveds, there is no way that you can know. Be love, be peace, be compassion and send that to all counties and all other continents, cities, or any areas that need it. This is the only way that it will change. If love is not given then all will deteriorate. If you can and wish to help, donate your time or 



Gather together in groups and prayer circles. The power in even a small group of beings holding an intention of love and well-being for others is beyond what you can imagine.


And with the natural 'disasters' that may occurring whether they be drought, snowstorms, flooding, earthquakes, tornadoes - you get the idea, in parts of the world where the earth is showing herself in ways that seem hard to understand, we ask you to also send prayers and blessings of love and compassion, not only to the inhabitants but also to the land and for your Mother Earth, Gaia.


She is shifting and needs to realign herself so that she may heal. All this must be done for her as she expands and ascends. We assure you she is being as gentle as possible.


Humankind has treated her so very poorly for so many, many linear years. She has been very tolerant because of her love for each being who resides upon her. But she cannot take much more of it. So she must have movement.


We ask you to try to understand this and to feel love for her. Again, by sending love to her and holding her in your hearts with an intention of healing to occur, she will heal. She must heal just as you must heal what is in your life. Come together and assist her as you can. Even if it is to only tell her thank you, you are doing so much for her healing. You must show her the love that she has always shown toward all. Respect her as she respects you.


Every incident that occurs and becomes known is bringing a chance for change in consciousness, for togetherness instead of separation, for community with souls coming together to provide assistance in many ways, even if as we stated, in a circle of intention. Every incident brings an awareness that there must be change. Every incident brings more together in love. There will be a time when all will be One, which in truth already is, and every human will know this and embrace it. We see this and it is coming dear Beloveds, it is on the way.


We thank you for spreading your love and caring for your planet and all those who live upon it. Thank you from all Light Beings. We are all here and supporting you in this shifting and changing as it moves along.


In Peace, Love and Oneness,

Archangel Gabriel ©