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Archangel Haniel

~A Message from Archangel Haniel~                     September 2022

Beloved and Beautiful Ones,

It is a pleasure to be speaking to you at this time. We want to reassure you that you are always in good hands, that you are precious and that no harm can come to you as long as you believe in your Creator and all that you are.

You are not only a human. You are a vast part of the multi-verses and you are here having a human experience because you, your soul, chose to do so. 

You didn’t just happen to end up being who you are, looking as you do, where you live or who is in your family by chance. Every part of you and your life was planned. Many find this hard to understand because of the tales that have been instilled in generation after generation that are now what individuals believe to be truths. They just say “It is because it is because it is.” But is that truth?

Let us explore this a bit Dear Ones.

We will begin with the source of all Creation. You may call that source what you wish. All is One. One is All. It does not matter what you might be told that there are different levels of being. This is simply not true. 
The human consciousness has been for so very long, for thousands of years, embedded in thoughts and a mindset that there is separation.

Beloved Ones, this is not a truth. It is based on fears, greed and the desire to be dominant over another. Being in greed and domination are stemmed from fear. All that does not come from love is based in fear. 
You Dear Ones are each a creation of the Divine, just as We are, those from the Angelic Realms, all Masters, all beings in the Higher Dimensions, every animal, rock, plant, river, ocean, tree, fish, bird – everything is created from the one spark which is God consciousness or the All That Is. 

Over the past several thousand years humankind has chosen to forget who they truly are – that you Beloveds, are God. Does this surprise you? God consciousness is within every being. You are God consciousness in a human form to experience opportunities of growth. 

There is no separation between that of which you were created and you yourself. This belief has permeated the minds of humankind for so long that many believe that it is true. You are God, Angels are God; we are all God. There is not a being that is above you who is in charge and rules over all thus all beings are below him/her who are being judged. No my friends, this was told to you for many reasons which were not in your good interests.

All are created equal. There are many different faces, bodies, skin colors, beliefs, opinions and views. The beliefs for each are unique whilst still being one with all. You are a drop in the ocean yet you are the ocean. You are a single and unique snowflake yet you are the snow. Are you able to grasp this, embrace this and own it?

Your soul’s intention is to enjoy the journey of a lifetime and experience different aspects to grow and ascend. Each time a soul chooses to incarnate, and it is always by choice, much goes into it. There is much planning you see. Soul groups come together too as they are assisting each other on the journey that is to be a lifetime. There are of course no coincidences, and thus it is all in the choice and making of each soul as to what that particular lifetime will have as lessons which are for the growth and advancement of the soul. 

As you move through these experiences you ultimately are healing issues and beliefs that have either held you back or brought you unwanted emotions. When you have something that does not feel good or right in your life or it brings a sense of discomfort or pain, these can be very real to you. If you let it go and ignore it, it will not improve and can be like the cut on the finger and become more than it needed to become. If you take care of it by letting it come to the surface and own it and love it, yes LOVE it, you can heal it very nicely. If you treat that wound upon your finger by tending to it with care then it is sure to heal. Do you see how this is the same with wounds of the emotions?  

The past is over. What has occurred before this moment now is over. It has no bearing on today. When one dwells in the past with the “I should have…” or “if only I would have…” then the wound can fester and not heal. 

But if one says “okay that happened and I let it go for now is now” the wound becomes healed and forgotten. Perhaps there may be a tiny scar of no significance. This is much better than the scaring that can occur of wounds that held onto and allowed to become painful and ugly.

If you look at something in a way that is painful then it will remain painful. 

How do you tend to that wound? We invite you to learn to see everything as a blessing and say thank you for everything that is in your life, everything that you experience no matter what it is. By doing this and shifting to this perspective you are healing. And as one of your bodies heals so will the others (that is your emotional, mental, physical and  spiritual bodies).

Now let us shift to today, to this moment of what you call time. Things are swiftly changing and all for the greater good of all. As we said before, nothing is coincidental. This has all been planned. It is time for Earth and humanity to rise up and above all that has held her and them in bondage. Freedom is at hand. You are not here by chance at this time. You are here because you were ready and wanted to be here to help usher in the New Earth. 

We hope that you will take love as your way of life. Toss out the fears, the finger pointing, the belief that one is wrong and another is right, that one is better than another, that there is evil and that you or others are victims.

Once you let go of all that baggage that has held you down and held you back, that has suppressed your God given lust of life and joyfulness, you will be doing what you came to do: you will be creating the world of love and harmony as you have always desired. Those heavy suitcases need to be emptied and disposed of right away. It is time for new lightweight luggage that is easy to carry what you truly need.

It is the time for new perspectives. Can you let go of political, religious and beliefs that have been taught by those who are supposed to be the ones who know everything? Perhaps they have told you things that are not your truth?

Are you willing to see things with new eyes, with compassion and love for everyone and everything? This, my Beloved Ones is who you truly are. You are made in the essence of love. You are love and you are loved. Pure unconditional love! We request you to be that love, do that love and act in that love. That is the only thing you need to do. You don’t have to fix anything or anyone. There are no broken parts here. All are whole and all are perfect. No matter what you may see playing out in the world around you remember it is all illusion. 

If you will stay centered in your beautiful heart and find peace, love and all the answers and solutions that is all you need. You have it all. 

May you find love, beauty, harmony, serenity and bliss in your life beginning today and all days forward. You deserve the best and you can have the best when you honor and love thyself.

Namaste’ Beloved Ones,
Archangel Haniel 

April 2017


My Beloveds,


Inspiration. May we speak of inspiration, of inspiring, of being inspired?


Each one who is reading this is in the process or on the brink of inspiration. For those who are in the process you have done much work to get to the place you stand in right now.


Lightworker, you are here as a transformer, as a beacon, as a wayshower, as an inspirer. You agreed to this and you planned the path you would take to do this important work. Yes, you have chosen it all. Others have been your supporting actors, who have assisted you in your ole as the lead actor. It is your story, your production and all has been written by you.


Does this tell you how powerful you are? You can create anything and everything!


As you have moved along in this journey of yours you have been inspired by others or by things you have read or heard. They 'rang a bell' with you and you sought to learn more.


Now you are becoming the inspirer as well although please remember that you will always discover new inspiration throughout your life. The greatest teachers and the Masters never stopped getting inspiration from elsewhere.


There are so many times that you have inspired and will inspire others and never know it. What seems like simple little things like a pat on the back, a word or two, an act of kindness, are all inspiration. How you do it and the semantics don't mean as much as what you do to be the inspiration.


Go with your inspiration as it comes to you and when it shows up. It may come in a simple yet unexpected way. You may be listening to your radio as you drive in traffic and a song comes on that makes you pause and listen to the lyrics. Have you ever overheard a conversation between people you do not know but know they are speaking to you?


Have you randomly picked up a book and the title catches your eye? All of these are examples of how inspiration can come to you. Don't disallow anything that grabs your attention and resonates with you.


Being inspired is to listen to your inner guidance and act upon it in some way. Can you trust that it is real and you are being given an opportunity to do something that your heart is guiding you to do?


Thoughts that are from inspiration of any kind are doors of opportunities for you to open. Is opportunity knocking and are you answering the door? If you follow your inner guidance, that well within, you can let inspiring thoughts grow and bloom in ways you cannot fathom.


Don't attach anything to your inspiring thoughts. Don't decide how they must look, how they must show up, when and where they must appear. Allow them free rein to bloom as you nurture them to grow in perfect timing.  


Now how about being the inspiration for another to move in a way they might not have done if you had not been there to show them that it can be done?


When you are authentic and show love, kindness and compassion for everyone and everything while being joyful, you can inspire.


Beloved Inspirers, be a catalyst for others. Shine your Light so they may find the way to the inner peace that is there for them to find. Be an example, an inspiration and leave the ‘fixing’ and ‘changing’ to each individual to do in the way that works for them. You are not here to fix or change anything or anyone but yourself. Change your thoughts and be a true inspiration as you are meant to be. Forget about fixing for

there is never a need to be fixed. You can never be broken or fall apart.


We are aware that we have gone in many different directions in this message. Our purpose is to be and inspiration to you! Yes, the theme is quite evident in our message and the purpose is to light a fire in some and inspire them to become the one they intended to be. Each spark that is ignited and allowed to burn and grow can become a bonfire of creativity.


Inspiration often comes in the imagination. Imagination is a powerful and wonderful tool and when you take advantage of this gift you have, you can create anything and everything you wish.


The true artist; the painter, the writer, the one who creates lyrics and music, the sculptor, the poet, the designer, the architect, the planner, all have one thing in common: they have had inspiration to create.  Everything has to start from something.


You are just as capable as the greatest creators. They trusted their inspiring thoughts and ideas, and moved forward with them. So can you. Embrace your inspiration and without analyzing, just go with it. Those thoughts are like the ball that has been given to you and now it is in your court. How are you going to play it? Will you play safe or will you play it in a new way, with new ideas and new thought form? Will you go for the three pointer? You get to play that ball in any way you wish and no one will tell you how to do it. The coaches may be on the sidelines cheering you on and giving you encouragement but you are the star player and what you do with your ball is how your inspired thoughts will grow or wilt. It is your choice. See you inspiration as that ball. Will you keep it in tip top shape and make sure it is filled with air to give it the

bounce it needs, or will you let it remain in a dormant state and slowly deflate?


You are unlimited. You are a master creator. You are capable of great things and you can do and be what you want. Are you ready to be inspired and inspire? It only takes a slight thought or idea to grow and grow into a beautiful masterpiece. Are you willing to try it? A you willing to try something new that gives your heart a reason to sing? A tiny seedling can become a giant tree or an incredible flower.


Nurture you thoughts and ideas as you would that seedling with love and care. You just might find you soon have a masterpiece.


To put everything we have said into a shortened form, as a recap of sorts; don't let your inspiration pass you by. Don't ignore new ideas and insights. Give yourself permission to be the master gardener who makes the garden grow, flourish and blow your socks off! Trust and believe in yourself and know that everything and anything is possible. Don't sit on inspiration. The wallflower never grows. It has to be able to take the

dance floor and dance the new and unknown dance. You already know the steps, you have only forgotten for a while. Bring them up again and dance the dance of your creative self. We know you can do it. You are the one who has to decide that can do it.


Namaste Beloved Ones,

Archangel Haniel©


September 2010


My Beloveds,


We are so very delighted to be here to share some thoughts with you today.


Dear children, there is much change occurring on your dear Mother Earth, your Gaia.  Most of you are feeling many different emotions, energies and are not completely understanding what is happening. You are asking, "What is going on?" "Why am I feeling this way?" "When will it end?"


You see, beloveds, for a very long time the energy has been very one-sided. There has been a great imbalance that has created wars, desecration of the planet and her resources and so much mistrust of others.


The time has come for all of this to change. Mother Earth is very revered in other dimensions. We see her as a beautiful, giving and loving being who unselfishly gives and gives and gives with love.  But her willingness to do this has brought about much harm to her and she is hurting in many ways. She is a living being just as you are.


So for her to heal there must be great change and it is coming very rapidly. She cannot sustain herself and all life upon her for much longer. For quite some time new energies have been coming to her aid. And for these new energies to come in the old energies of hatred, anger, unforgiveness, self-centeredness, blame, separation and lovelessness must be removed. And it is, my friends, it is.


As you look at the whole picture and see the downfall of companies, governments, regimes around the planet you can see that this is what is occurring. All that does not serve your Gaia with respect, love and compassion will and is being removed. In their place are new energies of love, community, cooperation, and Oneness that will bring about a whole new and beautiful way of life. Know that it will  be and within the next ten years the changes will be drastic. So many have already come and many more are on the way.


So we ask you to be patient with the process, knowing that all will be good and life on your planet will be back to the way it once was, as it should.


Each of you must also do your part in this change. We must all work together as One. This includes all humankind as well as the Angelic realms, the Masters and all others in the Spiritual world. Being united in this common cause of hope, love and healing will bring results that you cannot even fathom at this time.


Do internal work, dear ones, and let go of all that does not serve you. Let go of fear-based illusions and emotions. Bring them to the surface and then allow them to heal by letting them go. Yes it takes some time and perseverance to do this, but it is something you each must do. Bring them up, see them with an open heart, and then let them go. Release all past issues that you have been harboring for a very long time or even for a short time. The past is just that, the past. Nothing from it matters now. Focus on today and now and let everything else fall into place. It will beloveds, it will if you allow it. Do not hold onto anything that does not serve you now.


Go within, get to know your soul and find inner peace and wisdom that is right there waiting to be found. You can do it and you have all the power right there inside to do it. And know that each of you has a great number of guides, Angels, and other Spiritual beings who wish to assist you. You do not have to do it alone. You have a team who will guide you throughout the entire process. But as you know, the Law of Free Will and the Law of Choice says that you must call upon us for that assistance.


We honor your Universal Laws and will not give guidance or assistance unless you ask. So please call any or all of us in and let us together bring about a magical transformation of you as an individual as well as your beloved Mother Earth.


We thank you and honor you with love and send Peace, Joy and Light to you.



Archangel Haniel©

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