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Archangel Metatron

June 2021 


Greetings Dearest Ones,

Many of you are feeling unsettled and even confused as you move through the newest energies that are blanketing the Earth now. Some are feeling anxious and unsure of what to do or what is to come. And with that many questions are arising and often no one can seem to give answers that make sense or give what one is looking for in the questions.

A great number are feeling that they must do something, something new, go somewhere, and get moving on their path for they feel stagnant and stuck. Many feel an uneasiness and uncertainty as things play out in the world around them.


We assure you Beloved Ones, that all of this is not anything to worry about. It is all okay. Trust us when we tell you this.

You will be okay, you are okay. Life may seem like it is tossing you around this way and that way, or that you have one foot stuck within a tight crevice and you cannot pull free.

We tell you that if you are not feeling something is about to pop or that you must be free and move into new, it is also okay. Everyone is at a different place in their awakening. Some are still asleep. But if you read the words that are on this page you at least have your eyes open, even if slightly, and not in full slumber.


Now each of you is and will feel things differently, in your own unique way. There will be similarities when you speak about it with your friends and loved ones. However it is for you and with you is perfect. Don't compare yourself to others. There is no right way or wrong way, no time limit or rules as to where you should be.

What we suggest is that you will take this time to be gentle with yourself. Honor yourself, give yourself all the time you need to regroup and perhaps rest. Some may find the need to withdraw from socializing, social media, doing as much as usual, and just being with themselves. It is good to get to know yourself in a new and intimate way.

It has been the norm, the way it always is, for so long; the moving in a fast-paced world and life. Gotta get this done, and gotta go there, gotta get it done in this much time with no leeway. Sound familiar? Or did sound familiar?


The new human is here. You are changing, life is changing and everything about you and the world is changing. You, Divine Being of Light, are here in a magical time and are being watched over and supported in every moment.


Yes everyone has been touched by the energy of the New World that is coming into being. Some are feeling it in very big ways and others are not as they are not in tune with the same vibration. Yet everyone is in the right place right now.


Those of you that have awakened or are awakening are often screaming in your precious heads “Wake up every one!”  Yes when that light bulb illuminates and one sees it and realizes that they have been in a slumber, they want to shout it out at the top of the mountains so that everyone can experience what they have found.


We tell you over and over how incredibly amazing you are. We tell you of your magnificence, you Divinity, your expansiveness, your Oneness with all and some of you get it but none fully comprehends or embraces it. The contrast and duality that you have lived in for thousands of years is part of you. You are now in the process of shedding all of this, releasing and letting go of the old so the new you, the new human, can emerge.

You have lived in separation and never in oneness. You have lived with 'we' and 'they', right and wrong, dark and light, have and have not, masculine and feminine, and Heaven and hell, and it is not easy to change. It is not going to happen overnight. This is precisely why it seems to take so long to you. 


The whole blueprint, your blueprint is being re-written. You are getting a complete overhaul and it must be done with precision. You cannot shed it all in a quick manner. It takes a lot of work, a lot of processing, to reprogram your beliefs and patterning. As with a surgeon doing delicate surgery, there can be not lax way about it. Everything must be done to ensure success. The doctor cannot leave something unfinished and not completed or hurry though in a careless manner. The patient cannot receive only a partial surgery. And neither can you be remade into the new human that you are in a partial way. Everything that does not serve you must go so that all the new goodies can come to you. It is all such a beautiful and intricate process.

You have come to do this. You are experienced souls who said 'yes' to coming to bring this forward. And you are making giant steps. Yes, we know your feel like they are baby steps and at times you even think you have taken a few steps backwards. And it is all perfect. Just think of it as new dance steps that you are creating and move with the flow of the music for that music is Divine and your own personal song.

The slumbering is ceasing to be and eyes are opening to see the truth and to see that everything they thought was truth, most likely was not. This new collective experience is of a magnitude that has never happened here or anywhere before. Some say the Earth has been ‘hijacked’ and that is one way to express it. Humanity has been in what we shall call an intoxicated state for thousands of years. And because of it there is a very large amount of programming controlling mechanisms that must be removed, shed from each individual and mindset, and released. Again this cannot be done in the blink of an eye. 

Time was created for the human and is necessary for life. Yet, because of it, you feel like you don't have enough time, or that it is taking too much time. Where you come from there is no time. The past, present and future all meld together. You hold a remembrance of this within you, and once in a while you may feel a twinge of recalling this. Often that is the cause of the stirring within that you feel is going on but you cannot explain it or figure it out.

Ah and that is a good segue for us to bring up another human 'condition' that is being overhauled. That is the mind. Oh what a marvelous thing the mind is. And it is quite necessary for you to function.

You have a tool called your mind. Your mental body is amazing if you let it work for you and not control you. When you allow it to get in the driver's seat so to speak, and drive you nuts at times, it can be quite bothersome. 

The human mind was made to work in tandem with the heart, which is in charge. But ego has settled into the mind and is having a great time - well most of the time anyway. Ego thrives on fear and doubt. When it feels threatened it will go into reaction mode and cause you to forget who you are and the big doubts, the low self-esteem, the fears, the separation and lack of worthiness comes to live with you. Ego really can be a troublemaker if allowed to lead the way.

And Beloved Ones, you are all learning how to shift this into a new way that works for your Highest Good. This is another one of the 'jobs' you came to do. You are releasing belief patterns and fears and you are telling ego that the old ways don't work now and you are going to do everything in a brand new way. It of course will protest, so don't let it win. Tell it you love it, thank it for being there for you, and invite it to be a partner in the new and exciting way.

You don't always have to figure things out. You don't always have to know every detail and how it all works. You don't have to know what it will look like. It is time to let that stuff go and trust that it always does work out, that the details don't matter for everything is in Divine and perfect timing, and how it will work. Just know and trust that it will always show up just as it is supposed to and when it is time. And that it will be so much more awesome than you could ever have dreamed. Sound good?

You come from the Divine Source of Creation. You are not just a human. You are eternal and are cherished. It is time to honor yourself, embrace that Divine being that you are and allow life to unfold in the beautiful way it is meant to come. Just stay out of your way and let it happen. Don't over think and worry about everything. Just be you, be love and be the breath of fresh air that you are. This is all that you need to do. Shine on oh Dearest Ones so that you can assist those who still have not opened their eyes and cannot see how breathtaking the Light and your Light are.  You can even sing to yourself “Twinkle, twinkle little star” and let the childlike part of you emerge whilst you smile and spread joy. Sing, dance, play and have fun. Lighten up and let the world emerge into its new and glorious planet that you with all others have created.

We Are Archangel Metatron in Service to Humanity

December 2020


Blessings Dear Ones,


Here we are in the final month, final weeks and final days of 2020. It has been an eventful year for most of you to say the least. We in the higher realms know what has been occurring and how it has affected your lives. We are here and present even when you do not realize this.


This year has been a very different year than any before for the majority of all lovely souls in a human experience. The entire planet and thus all of humanity has been what seems to be turned upside down. Never before has the whole of humanity been affected like this.


Everyone and everything has had to come to, in some cases, a complete halt. Lock down, quarantine, social distancing are not words or experiences that the collective has known before but now have become commonplace.


Many have or are experiencing physical issues which have left them without energy, unable to sleep, aches and pains in all parts of the body, ups and downs and ins and outs.


There have also been heart openings, remembering and recalling Self for some. Many have moved forward with leaps and bounds in their awareness and their ascension process. Most can say they have experienced both sides that we have mentioned. Some of have said they have seen the 'good, the bad, and the ugly'.


Ah, the life of a Lightworker can be tedious at times. If you are reading this then you are in that category; the Lightworker.


Those who are not awake as of yet or awakening are still experiencing the same 'issues' but in different ways. The Lightworker, even when being 'hit' in a big way, understands that there is a reason for all of this and is capable of working with and through it. No, it isn't easy and at times seems impossible to go on.


Those that are not as of yet in that Lightworker place (which is knowing that is who they are and are being it), are getting zapped but do not understand what is happening and because of this actually have a more difficult time with it all. There are different degrees of 'zapping' depending on where one is at that moment.


What is a Lightworker? It simply means one who is in service to the Light. What is the Light might be a question you ask. The Light is All. The Angels are of the Light. The Ascended Masters are of the Light. And you dear ones are of the Light. Everything and everyone are of the Light. Anyone who is incarnate now is here to do this work. There are many souls who could not come to do what you have come to do.


The Lightworker is working with and for the Light while in human form. You have done the homework and gone to school so to speak. You have had many, many lifetimes of differing experiences so as to be ready for this very important incarnation. In fact this is the most important lifetime for you. You have earned it and you are here helping to anchor in the Light for your Earth and all of her residents.


So you see, even when things get you down, life seems unbearable and meaningless, there is a reason you are experiencing what you are experiencing. Yes this is not the usual personal experience that you have come to know. It is one as a collective. But if you are not taking it personally, not feeling deprived and victimized, then you have the ability to see that there is a reason for it all. And yes there is always a reason for every occurrence. Always Beloveds, always.


The experiences you choose, and yes every one of them is of your choosing, are to give you a stronger knowing of who you are and what life is all about.


You all know that you choose those experiences before you are born. And you aren't new to this so you choose many very difficult experiences for you can handle them.


You as a group of multi-dimensional beings of Light said yes to the call to come to be here now. It is not by chance that you are incarnate at this time.


You did not come to fix things. You did not come to be heroes and take down the bad guys. You  came to be way-showers whose main job is to be an inspiration for others by showing love, kindness, compassion while maintaining a peaceful and allowing existence. You can do that for that is who you are.


Now the difficulty or the ease that you have, are and will encounter on this journey is again your choice. The harder it seems, the more sadness, grief, anger, hostility, and more that you feel the more you have to clear. This comes from the illusion of fear and the belief system that has been so embedded in your cellular memory from past lifetimes as well as this one that you cannot ‘see the forest for the trees’. The forest is the Divine being that you are and the trees are all that you see around you in the material world. There is a piece of every one of your ancestors within you as well.


Breaking the bonds of beliefs that are not reality but seem that they are to you is not easy. You can struggle and resist, and hold on to them in fear of letting go of what you have always known to be the way it is.


And now more than before you have been bombarded for almost the entire year by fear-based news, polarity like has never been before, and outbursts of rage and anger showing up in many who have never displayed it before.


The division, the polarity, especially within the United States is so wide that it is like the Grand Canyon. No one cannot at times get caught up in it and feel emotions stirring within. This is okay for you are human. But it is very important that you see them, embrace them and then l ook at them as only emotions and not realities. Do not let it grasp hold and control you.


We know that when you see someone you care about acting out with words or others means of expressing that is not of love, it is very difficult. We understand the frustration that both sides are so embedded that neither can back off and just allow the other to move through it. But that is exactly what must be done.


Can you pause and not react? Can you look at them with love and send them boatloads of love and Light? If you can and you will, you can shift things that are for the greatest good for both of you.


Dear friends, the New Year is around the corner. Is it not time for you to begin anew? The bonds of the past can be broken at any time. The key to the prison door that will set you free is right there in the keyhole. No one can prevent you from turning the key and opening that door but you.


You have come here to do what you can do and the consciousness of the Lightworker needs you to shine your Light into it now. Make 2021 the best year that you have ever experienced. It is yours to create and of course you can do it. It is not a matter of you being capable for you are more than capable and ready. It is a matter of you releasing what is in your way and moving beyond to a life you are meant to have.


It is also time to go within and find that place of love. Remove the barriers that are keeping love from you.


Each of you has so much more love available to you. You are loved beyond any possible comprehension you can muster up. Many have created barriers, walls, armor, fences or other means of hiding around them. No matter which has been created around them is only keeping love away.


You see beloved ones, there are those in the physical who love you dearly and perhaps you are keeping them from giving the love they have for you away. There also those such as this ‘on the other side’ who are desiring to be with you.


Those loved ones whether they are family, friends, soul sisters or brothers, are all here to love you. Just as we in the Higher Realms hold you in the purest of love, those loving souls are here for you as well.


Yes, they come with human emotions and so are different than we are, yet they still are Divine beings who are of course, loving. For love is the true essence of each and every one of you just as it is with those is the Higher Realms.


What we are trying to convey is that it is time to remove all of the barriers so that you can have love come to you in a magnitude of what you have never known.


We always hold you in unconditional love, but when you are keeping us from covering you in the most delicious way, you are not receiving as much as is there for you.


You deserve love. You are loved. Let us and let those who do love you do so in the fullest and wonderful way. Be an open vessel to receive love. The more you become that vessel the more love you will have to share.


Thank you to all Lightworkers everywhere. You are so loved and appreciated. Find that love and appreciation for yourself. The more you do the more you have to offer.


May the New Year welcome you with showers of love. Open up your arms and say 'yes' to allowing it to be yours. See yourself as a beacon of love and Light for that is what you truly are. Be that love and be that Light and shine as you know how. Remember and acknowledge who you are.


We are the Archangel Metatron in Service to all of humanity©



February 2020


Dear Beloved Ones,


We come to you to bring joy, peace, love and hope to you. The time is here for everyone in all corners of the planet to get up, dust off your knees and stand tall in the joy of life and to see that there is a Light at the end of that proverbial tunnel. (We chuckle with our use of your term about your planet having corners. Do you see a round object as having corners? Maybe you do and if so that is perfectly fine for you.)


What is being called the New Golden Age is here and you only have to open the door to allow it in. Are you ready? Are you willing to accept and allow what has been and is being promised of a newness that has never been experienced before?


Are you ready to stand tall in your new shoes and new clothing of love, abundance, prosperity, Oneness, peace and happiness? Are you willing to say 'yes' to what you do not know the outcome or the answers to be?


If so, then you will be moving into the beginning of life that is how your heart has been desiring for so very long. You are entering a new decade. It is decade like one that has never come before.


Beloveds, we have been telling you for quite some time about the changes that have, are and will occur upon your planet. We have been gently giving you nudges to move out of the old paradigms and into something that is hard to conceive; yet your inner wisdom and your heart knows is how you do want it to be.


We have been giving you hope and attempting to bring clarity to your questions and alleviate you fears of what is to come.


Dear Ones, you have come into a new time, a new existence and a new being. There is an end to the old ways that do not work and have not worked for way too long. The book is to be closed and stored on the shelf.


On the other side of this ending is life as it should be. Life that does not separate one from another, value one over another, and have boundaries and borders. This is the world that is coming as the old tired one exits.


It is now time to do as an animal does and shed the old coat and take on a brand new one. Put on your new coat and enjoy how it makes you feel. You deserve that new coat and you deserve to wear it in pride and happiness. See it as a new luxurious coat.


We also want to say to everyone that it is time to 'Lighten up'. Enough of the doom and gloom, the judgments of others and self, the fears of lack, of the future and in reality of life! Those are all so old and tired. It is not and never was you, so why not discard them for joy, excitement, self-love, no judgment of yourself or others, seeing your future as being bright and glorious with new, new, new everything.


It is time to enjoy your life beloveds. Why do so many of you wallow in self-pity and that 'woe is me' attitude? Isn't this becoming a bit tiresome? Would you not like to pull yourself out of that pity party and go to another party where everyone is having just plain ole fun? Hold you own party with the guest list being only those who vibrate with you.


You can move to the next party, the next stage of your life whenever you decide you are ready. As long as you are fearful of what will be at the other party, you cannot move on and will remain stuck until you are ready to let go of those old ways.


Those of you who have awakened to this and are embracing it by clearing out the remnants that are still hanging on and finding an understanding of who you truly are and what your importance is while seeing beyond the world in front of you, are ready to move on and we applaud you for we know it has not always been easy.


But like one who is on a treasure hunt seeking to find the hidden treasures, you have not given up because you know that the rewards and the treasures will be yours very soon. And they will. Many of you are already experiencing either a small taste or a great big bite of the deliciousness that is available. Don't give up beloveds and stay the course for it will be what you have dreamed about and more. So many surprises will be yours.


For those who have not yet come to this place at this time, it is alright. You are in the perfect place and in the perfect timing. You are feeling there is something more to life as you have known it. You feel the need to explore and understand more. Beloveds you ARE in the process of beginning to awaken so be proud of yourselves and know that you are much further along than you realize. As long as you keep moving and flowing, even when it seems like it will take too long, you will get to your destiny and in fine timing. Be patient with yourself and your life for everything is in perfect and Divine Timing. You will not be left out of the celebrating and not out in the cold. It cannot happen.


We will not address those who are not aware yet and are mired in the muck in their lives here, for everyone who reads this is not in that space. You are reading this because you are aware, you are on your beautiful path and you are on the way to glorious and amazing days to come. If you do not see this, do not worry. Trust that it is so.


Remember you have a very large team of beings of the Light who are here to assist you through all of this. We will help you when you stumble and we will guide you to the right places and right people that you need in your lives. You are never alone, not in any moment. Let go of thoughts that you must do it all by yourself. Let go of thoughts that struggle is just a way of life that you must experience. These are not your truth!


You are all incredible beings who are experiencing a life as a human. You have done this many times. This one is the best yet, beloveds, for you are now on a journey like one you have never experienced. All those other lifetimes were there to prepare you to come now and be a part of the evolution and change of humankind as has never been known before. How exciting is that? How awesome are you?


See your value. Know your Godliness. Know you are One with all of Creation. Know your perfection and wholeness. When you acknowledge and embrace this you will find peace. Love yourself Beloved Ones for you are worthy of that love.


Stay centered and do not allow distractions of the outer world to hold you back. Stay strong in your truth and be authentic in all you do and say. Each of you are powerful and have an incredible amount of wisdom that is still untapped or yet to be recalled. It will all be returning into your awareness when the time is appropriate. Many are already feeling, seeing and experiencing amazing information and viable gifts coming in non-stop. And if they are embracing it they are going to only keep receiving more and more. That is how it works.


We say to you Beloveds, relax and have fun! Enjoy this journey you are on and be grateful for everything that you have, you are and that you do. Love yourself beyond anything. Let go of self-judgment, self-blame and unforgiveness of yourself. Let go of the past now! When you do, things will become much smoother. This we promise you.


You are loved much more than you can know. You are valued much more than you think. You are worthy much more than your old beliefs allow you to know.


It is time to let those outdated beliefs go. Out with the old and in with the new. The sooner you clean the attic the more room you will have to bring in the new. Clean you house now and remove all that no longer is needed. It is time to get the brooms out and sweep away the cobwebs that are cluttering your life. Do this Beloveds and you will not be disappointed. We can assure this for you.


You are all shining stars in a Universe that has infinite supply. Let your Light shine dear ones and let it shine brightly instead of hiding it. When all of you sparkle together like on a clear night that has a star-filled sky the world will be a better place.


Your star essence is important in the whole picture. Each of you is a piece of the puzzle that is needed to complete the picture. You are a vital part of that picture. Shine and twinkle dear stars and light up the Universe. We are in gratitude to you.


Blessings and love,


We are the Archangel Metatron in Service to Humanity ©


April 2019


Greetings and Hello Dear Ones,


It is as always a pleasure to speak to you. This message we give today is about harmony. Harmony is a very important quality of life. When you are in harmony all can fall into place.


With music you have harmony when several or many individuals sing together with each voice harmonizing with the others. Or the orchestra plays in harmony with all the different instruments playing together to bring beautiful sounds to the listeners. Musical harmony is pleasing to the ear.


Harmony in the world is lacking in many ways. When all is harmonious there can be no separation or strife. Without harmony as is the way of the consciousness upon the planet now, it is not pleasing to the ear nor is it pleasing to the heart.


The awakening that is occurring upon the planet is rapidly bringing about the harmonious life that each of you desires. It may seem to you as if this is not so, that there is to much that is out of harmony everywhere. Yes it can appear that way in your linear reality. But we see it as moving very quickly for we follow no time or space constraints.


How does harmony, simple and beautiful harmony spread and become the way of life?


As with most things, it begins at 'home'. It begins with each individual taking care of his or herself. Finding peace and harmony within yourself is how to begin. For of course if each one does this as the individual it cannot do anything else but expand and create change.


The human consciousness is like a sponge. It absorbs every thought and action, every word that is put out there. We say this often and you hear it many times and in many places. Your thoughts are so powerful that they manifest in ways you do not think is possible.


Let us say that you are thinking about how life would be if you had all of your needs taken care of and you could enjoy life as you wish for it to be. Those thoughts go out into the Universe and into the human consciousness and it is like a ripple in the water that becomes bigger and bigger. Picture how it is when you toss a stone into the water and the ripples become bigger and bigger as they expand outward. This is exactly how it is with a thought.


When you see life in the way we have described you are planting seeds of the same into every conscious mind everywhere.


Now it works the same with thoughts that are in a different vein. You think that the world is a mess. You think that there is greed and upheaval everywhere. You think about how there is lack and war, unfairness, deeds against others that are cruel or just plain wrong. You continue to think

about all the horrific things you hear or see in the media. How can the world ever be peaceful with all this dis-harmony going on?


You have just put those seeds right out there into the very same Universe and consciousness and again it is received in each conscious mind.


Beloved friends, do you see that you are powerful and your thoughts are powerful? You can plant the seeds of change, peace and harmony if you wish to do so. Each of you has the power to influence change. It all depends on what you do with your thoughts.


What is perfect harmony when applied to the individual life? How do you see it? How do you feel it? What does this mean to you? Ponder these questions and sit with them. Really focus on the answers that are your truth. Do not give answers that you have been taught are the correct ones.

Let those go. Give answers that come from your heart.


You have been given over eons of time misguided information that has become belief. It is time to reorganize your belief system and the patterns that you follow. It is time to direct your attention to finding your true self and with that self-appreciation. Peace and harmony can only come when you do this Beloved Ones. Misguided information and misuse of creative powers are going out the door. The misqualified energies will be infused with love and harmony.


What individual harmony is Dear Ones is simply this: it is internal calm. Peace within. Knowing, trusting, and keeping your inner GPS system on at all times is what will be your harmony. That GPS system needs to be on so it can guide you to the right places. Do you trust your inner wisdom and your intuition? Do pay attention to that wisdom and the intuitive senses that daily give you nudges and information?


Understand Dear Ones, that to be in harmony is to be in accordance with the same. If you want joy but are not in joy you will not have harmony. If you desire love but feel unloved or unloving you will not have harmony.


Harmony is being in accord or consonance, agreement of all parts of the orchestra, the choir, the individual being. It is coming into an agreement that brings all together and is pleasing to the ear or the eyes or the heart. It is when all parts are agreeing and willing to come together to create

beauty in sound as in music or in a loving community and world. It can be beloveds. It can be.


Think of yourself as the conductor of your orchestra and guide all within your life into perfect harmony and joy. Peace and harmony are there for you if you let go and cease with resisting. Bring forth beautiful music and beautiful sounds to your world and then send it all out into the

Universe and let the ripples expand and grow and flow outward to all. If this may seem impossible, we assure it is not. It is very possible and is occurring as more and more are seeking peace and finding it within. In the famous quote "Be the change you wish to see in the world' Gandhi was

expressing this very thing. Harmony comes from you. Change comes from you. You must be the spark that ignites the flame.


We leave you with the lyrics of a song from your Elton John.


'Harmony and me

We're pretty good company

Looking for an island

In our boat upon the sea

Harmony, gee I really love you

And I want to love you forever

And dream of the never, never, never leaving harmony.'


Create the harmony that is yours. Be the harmonious piece of the orchestra that plays for the entire world. How lovely it will be when all are singing and playing the same tune in harmony. It shall be beloveds.


We are the Archangel Metatron In Service to Humanity©

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