Archangel Michael

January 2022

~A Message from Archangel Michael~


Beloved Friends,

Greetings and welcome to New! We welcome you into a new linear year, 2022. There is so much to claim in this year. The year itself has the number 22 in it. Many of you know that the numbers 2, 22, 222, 2222 carry much significance in meaning. And it is different for each of you. What feels right and is your knowing of what those numbers represent is what is right. And if you don't feel anything with them, that is alright too. Some see consecutive numbers or numbers that mean something to them frequently.  We know that for those of you who are consciously aware of the frequency that they are coming into your awareness, you are feeling good vibrations with them. That is because you are in tune with that vibration. And again, those who are not in tune with it we say it is perfectly okay. There are other things that you are in tune with and they are what you should be focusing on.

We do not intend to go into a lot of detail with this. If you are interested then do some research. You may find many ‘takes’ on numbers and sequences. We suggest that you go with what feels right to you and let the rest go. As we said, what works for some does not always work for others and all is fine.

We will say a few brief words regarding the year 2022. Everything goes in cycles. This year was the ending of one and you will be entering into a new nine year cycle. This is important although you do not have to dwell upon it unless you wish to explore. This cycle is about peace and harmony. We know that is what every human who is incarnate at this time desires even if they are not aware of it yet. But the soul knows. When one takes down the barrier that keeps them from connecting with the soul or Higher Self, then all can change in magnificent ways. It is all choice and we honor all choices. We ask that you honor the choices of others no matter what they might be. Peace comes with love as the way to create it. 

The energy that has been flooding the Earth with Light Codes for each and every individual has been powerful and has brought about changes within the consciousness of humanity as well as within the Earth herself. Keep and open mind and open your arms to receive the gifts that are yours.

You are being given an opportunity to expand your horizons, to step into your Mastery, to create your world (life experience) as you wish it to be. You came to build a new reality and this is the time to do it. Being stuck in the old paradigm will not be as magnificent and freeing as it will be if you step up to the proverbial plate with a clear vision of what you want to be and embrace who you are as the Divine being of Light which is your true essence. 

When using one form of numerology, the year adds up to a six. Six is not a number as many have thought it to be with all sorts of beliefs that are illusions about this number. Six is asking for you to open up the doors of your closed closet of what you have thought of as your reality and let new ideas come in and go out. Don’t hold back any longer. It is time to create new! It is time to take back you power which gives you the freedom that was always yours but has been hidden from you. 

What you decide to be your truth and how you release all that has not served you whilst you move forth into an unlimited world, your new world, is how it will be. You can do, be and experience anything you choose. Are you ready to take that power back and let freedom, peace, love, and joy be yours? If so you are in for a most fantastic ride! Are you willing to ride in the last car of the roller coaster and hold your arms up as you sail down the highest hill? If so go for it! It has been said that the only risk is not taking one.

Enough said on numbers. Let us now speak of what is going to and is occurring in this your linear year 2022. Oh the energies that you are all feeling are quite something aren't they? Some of you feel as if you are in a swirling eddy and are not sure when it will subside. 

But you know it will. Even if your human consciousness does not see this, your soul, your Higher Self, knows. Change has been occurring for quite some time and will continue to occur. Open your arms and your hearts to the change and allow all the sweetness of what will be come to you. See it as a perfectly ripe fruit with the most delicious fragrance and taste that can be possible. Taste the juicy sweet flavors as they touch your lips and you tongue. Be in this mindset Beloveds, and in this moment of pure joy. Hold this sweetness as that fruit in your daily thoughts and imagination.

You are all such powerful beings and so many of you do not know this yet. And those who do will forget on occasion as that is part of your human experience. But when you are able to pull yourself out of that forgetting and return to remembering who you are, all will be well. All IS well my friends. All is well. You are all incredible, powerful beings who are in charge of your own life in every moment. You are a beautiful soul in a beautiful human incarnation. You have a spark in your core that is your Divinity, your God-self, and your Oneness with all. Allow that spark to grow and expand and shine brightly for all to see and feel. The power you have within is there for you. Ignite your spark and your power and become who you truly are and who you are truly meant to be. Shine those radiant lights and illuminate your world! Know your worthiness and your wholeness. You are meant to have a shining and glorious life and only you and your thoughts that you cannot have that are what will keep it from you. It is time to rise up out of self-pity, thoughts of lack and not having control over all circumstances of your life. It is time to step into your beautiful power and create what it is you desire in this lifetime. You do have control of it all.

You all have a creative power to excel at anything you want. You are so much more than you can possibly realize. Take that inner creativity and let it loose to encompass all the opportunities that are right there waiting for you to take them. Take them into your heart and let them become real. They are real if you allow them to be.
This is a glorious time for every being on the planet. The new energies that are moving in at a very rapid pace are bringing in love, light, hope, peace, the awareness of oneness instead of separation, and of community. You are all a part of this if you choose to be. It is coming for every being on the planet. Your earth is healing and with that humanity is healing. Can you not open up to it and be a part of it? Can you not want all this for you as well as others? Beloveds let your hearts guide you to be in this new time of beautiful and splendid light. You deserve it. When you surrender completely you will find yourselves feeling how you are in the arms of love and with Source as One and will be changed forever. You do deserve it all. Change is good if you see it that way. Let go of the old ways and the past. Let the new in. This year is a very pivotal year for everyone, for every being upon Mother Earth. You are each a spoke on a wheel of love and bright light. That wheel is turning and turning and more spokes are anchoring themselves to it in every moment. Do not let your fears keep you from being a part of that wheel. Get on board now!

We, as do all Light Beings, love you dearly. We only want you to be in love and joy and are here to help you achieve that.

Call upon us and we will be there to assist you in all.
We close with blessings of love for each of you.

In Light and Peace,
We Are the Archangel Michael© 

Please note: Archangel Michael wanted his message from January 2020 to be reprinted and then he gave another message for January 2021. So here are both messages.

 January 2020

Welcome again beloved friends. As always we are delighted to have this opportunity to speak with you and bring to you a message for a new year. This is not just a new year. It is a new decade and a new beginning. It is a new era. You are entering what can be your most highest experience in this lifetime as well as the very many others that you have behind you. This is a momentous time.


Oh the work you have done for eons to prepare for this time now. It is no coincidence that you are here, right here, right now and living as a human. Some call it/you the 'New Human". We will not disagree.


You came to be. You came to experience something that has never been experienced before.


It is so very important for us to repeat again. We are, in the Higher Realms, giving you messages on the same topics repeatedly for a reason. If some of you find you feel you are tiring of the same messages and words, perhaps it is time for you to think about why that is. Perhaps you are beginning to feel the content of these repeated messages sinking in and you are allowing what we say to be something which you begin to contemplate instead of pushing aside as just words. Is it beginning to make some sense to you?


It is time beloved ones to take action and begin to do what you are here to do. If you are reading these words it is for a reason.


It is time for all on this planet to become participants in the change and the awakening process that is here now. It began quite some time ago and now the masses are beginning to open their eyelids from a very long slumber. It cannot be avoided. No more sleeping in as you might say. Time to wake up, get up and live! No one can hide under the covers anymore. We will make sure you come out to play.


If you are alive today, and you most certainly must be to be able to read this message, you are here for a reason. Every single being that is incarnate now is here for this reason. You agreed to come to be a part of this evolutionary change that has been in process for a very long time.


You are meant to live - really live a vibrant life. You are supposed to be excited about everything in your life! You are here to enjoy the rewards of hard work and accomplishment.


All beings on Earth, in the Angelic Realms, in the Higher Realms, in the Elemental kingdoms, and beings from far away are continuously working together to bring forth the rebirth of the planet and humankind in what is being called the Golden Age. A whole new reality is coming and is here.


For so very long what has been created and is now a ‘way of life’ is to be no more. It is time to stand in your truth – the truth of who you are and what you know as love and only love in pure and unconditional way. There is no other way. There is no other choice to make. You came to assist with the change that must be.


Separation as is now known upon your planet must cease to exist. Unity and Oneness is the only way for it is the way of the Creator and of your Divinity.


For way too long beings in human form have given away their power to others who used it for self-gratitude and self-service. Giving you power to another is not the way to live, beloveds. It serves no one.


Those who have taken it from you, always with your permission I add for no one can take it from you unless you allow them to do so, have gained strength which has resulted in borders, division, greed, battle and turmoil, conquering of others and war after war being inflicted upon the masses. Things have been stirred up and will continue to do so until all has changed to what it supposed to be. And it will for there is no going back and it shall prevail.


All of that is past and will not be anymore. You are all wakening to the awareness that it must stop and thus you are bringing in into being. We cannot do it without your assistance. For you live upon a planet of Free Will and Free Choice. So no matter what your civilization does we cannot interfere. We can guide those who will listen and plant the needed seeds for action in the right direction to be taken. That is where you come in. You are the sowers and nurturers of those seeds. Your endeavors are going to show the results with beautiful, magnificent and exquisite blossoms from those seedlings if you tend to them as your children.


Those who already have or have begun to listen to the wisdom that is within their core being have begun by taking action by teaching and showing others by example how to overcome the fear, the beliefs that have wrought so much pain and suffering that has been the way. By being an example inspires many. You cannot make the horse drink at the river and you cannot force anyone to listen to you. This is why being an example and inspiration is how you will get it done.


All this pain that has been felt by humanity for so long was so unnecessary. Power when used for self-gain can be a dangerous thing. This is not the personal beautiful power each of you possesses within your soul. Gaining power and taking for self-interests only has brought about what has become the belief of how it should be.


Do you not understand that possession, owning more than your neighbor is not who you are? Greed is not a way any of you in truth want to be yours. True identity has been lost and the belief is now that possessions, jobs, automobiles, 'frequent flyer' miles and high powered acquisitions are how one is identified. So more and more effort is spent to possess more, be more, be more powerful than another, to have many dollars in bank accounts and portfolios and resumes that are what is felt to be impressive.


How do you see yourself, beloveds? Do you see yourself as an owner of homes, vehicles that look impressive but are in actuality are nothing more than just a place to hang your hat and to take you somewhere to find more possessions? Does your home show the real you and the love that you put into it reveal itself? Do you like the vehicle you ride in and are you grateful for what it does for you? Or do you think of a vehicle as a status symbol? There is nothing wrong with owning a beautiful home and vehicle. Most certainly it is wonderful if you are not attached to it as a status symbol.


Do you see yourself in employment in a job that is exciting and of which you feel passionate? Or is it just another notch in your belt of what you feel is a must to have success?


The status symbols we mentioned have become a way of dividing the ‘haves’ and the ‘have nots’. We want you to understand and acknowledge right this moment that no one is more or better than another. What one owns should be because it gives them pleasure and not because it makes them better than someone else. The so called class systems that are found throughout the world are there to divide again – so as to conquer another. No one is a 'have-not.'


And what most do not understand, all of this owning and dividing comes from a deep belief that this is how one gains love.


Yes you read that correctly. A belief that love comes only though a show of accomplishments and possession is how much of the human consciousness sees as the only way. Fear has given so many the illusion of not being accepted, valuable and thus loved.


Over so much time humanity has lost sight of what is real and what is ego driven. It has been intermixed for so long that there is a numbness that exists to the love, the kindness, the compassion and humbleness that is who each of you are. You are one with the Creator.


You do deserve to have a full and abundant life. You can achieve this when you let go of all the beliefs that are so a part of you that it seems real – that is the beliefs that you don’t have and thus cannot have all that you desire.


Act and do not react. When taking action we invite you to ask yourself, what do you intend to gain from the action. If you intend to gain at the expense of another or of yourself by giving away your power, then a change in your intentions is necessary. If you intend to gain nothing but give much then you will act in Creator love.


It is time to look inside for the answers that you want. It is time to stop looking to the outside for those answers. They are not out there – they are within.


It is time for the soul or heart, the mind and the body, the sacred vessel that is yours to become married again in a perfect union.


Allow your soul/your heart/your Higher Self to be your guide. Let your mind seek information for you but not try to take control. This is difficult for many to understand and to do. They see the mind as the all there is way to gain anything and everything for it knows all the answers.


But this is not true, beloveds. The heart knows all the answers. The heart, the messenger for the soul, knows the path you are upon and knows where you wish to go. And it will always guide you in the right direction without fail.


When you feel a flutter in your heart, does it not feel good as you are feeling an emotion of something that you care for deeply and with which you resonate?


Let your heart tell you what your truth is. It will never give you anything but true guidance and love. You know why you are here and you know what is coming. Trust that knowing.


As we said, the mind, the body, the emotions and the soul when in perfect alignment, work together as a team. Always the heart is the guide for the inner guidance which is the source of your Divinity.


Beloveds it is time to take action, to change what does not serve you and your purpose and let go of all those beliefs and thoughts that are not your truth. You have diligently worked very hard on releasing old patterns and ways especially in this past year. This is your reward year. The jackpot, the matching numbers on your Lotto ticket are here for you in this upcoming year. It is up to you to seek, find, allow and flow and it shall come and shall be yours.


Begin by focusing on your inner wisdom, that guidance system that is ever present in your core and strive for growth to bring a way of life to its fullest by finding inner peace. As long as you look outward and seek fulfillment from outside sources and from others you will continue in the cycle you are now in.


Love is within and cannot come from outside sources. This is because each being holds Divine Love within. When you share it unconditionally with others you unite with their Divine love.


When you project love from within it is based in self-love, self-confidence, self-assurance and self-trust.


Love when focused on outer sources will always bring a feeling of a need for validation and  performance in a continuous cycle that feeds and feeds on these beliefs.


Love from within seeks unity and peace, harmony and oneness.


Dearest ones, find the peace, the love, the joy that is there for you. You have all that you need right there inside. Create in love. Speak in love. Act in love. This is who you are. This is why you are here now. You came to be part of creating the unity and peace, the harmony and oneness that you know is what all of humanity is truly about.


Be an example of this, beloveds. Be an inspiration for others. All are here for the same reason; some have forgotten and are in need of those of you who are awakened or awakening to enable them to remember. Bring forth your Light and shine it outward for others. It is time for all to heed the call, the call that you answered before you incarnated at this time. Don't try to force it, just let it come in the perfect timing that is right for each.


We thank you for reading our words again and we remind you that you are surrounded by many loving beings; Angels and guides who want you to have all the peace, joy, love and health that you deserve. We are here to assist you in any way that will bring this to be. You are very loved. Very loved.


We Are the Archangel Michael and We Are With You©

June 2020


Welcome Beloved Friends,


We greet you with a welcome and our wish is for you to receive what you had hoped to get from the words we have to offer to you.


So much is occurring around you, within you and everywhere, it seems doesn't it Beloveds?


There is a call now for every human being to awaken to what is happening now and to begin to understand that change is ongoing and will continue.


Our purpose is to hopefully bring an understanding to you of who you are, what your life is about and why you and your life are so very important, in the words we impart here at this time.


The human consciousness has been for so very long, for thousands of years, embedded in thoughts and a mindset that there is separation.


Beloved Ones, this is not a truth. It is based on fears, greed and the desire to be dominant over another. Being in greed and domination are stemmed from fear. All that does not come from love is based in fear.


You Dear Ones are each a creation of the Divine, just as are we known as the Archangel Michael, all Masters, all beings in the Higher Dimensions, every animal, rock, plant, river, ocean, tree, fish, bird – everything is created from the one spark which is God consciousness or the All That Is.


Over the past several thousand years humankind has chosen to forget who they truly are – that you Beloveds, are God. Does this surprise you? God consciousness is within every being. You are God consciousness in a human form to experience opportunities of growth.


There is no separation between that of which you were created and you yourself. This belief has permeated the minds of humankind for so long that many believe that it is true. You are God, Angels are God; we are all God.


There is not a being that is above you who is ‘running the show’ and thus all beings are below him/her who are being judged. No my friends, this is what has been passed on and on and on and has built a momentum to where so very many live in fear. Religious and cultural as well as governmental bodies directives have declared separation.


Let us explain further.


The Source of All is the Creator and can be called however you wish. It is all the same but what resonates for you is just fine for you to use. We shall use Creator, God, and Source in our words to you.


Each and every one of you is from the same Divine spark.  No one is different or above or below another. All souls are of the same. All life is of the same. Your planet, Mother Earth, Gaia, is of the same Divine creation.


This is why is it so important for humans to hear this, listen to the words and understand it. When each can embrace their godliness and holiness the shift to love and compassion will be complete.


Realize how valuable you are. See how important your being is no matter how it may appear on the surface.


Know that you are loved completely, unconditionally and that never are you away from that place. You are eternal and you are eternally loved in all ways.


When you can embrace this and who you truly are, you will return to the inner peace and self-love that is there and never leaves you.


When you can understand that your life is a gift and that you are not being tested, punished, or judged in any way everything will shift for you. There is no class here; there is no passing or failing grade at the end, and there is no separation between you and any other.


To find an understanding of your Divinity, your true being is what will bring you joy and peace. We promise you that it isn't as hard as it may seem.


You came into this incarnation with all the knowledge and wisdom that we are speaking about. As happens with every soul experience in human incarnation, you find yourself in human consciousness instead of your God consciousness. And with time you become to accept what you have been told about fear and being separate from others and your Creator.


We wish for you to see that your soul experiences are beautiful to those in the Light Realms. There is no other place that this can occur. Does this give you any idea of just how amazing this is?


The Creator gave you, those who live on the planet Earth, Free Choice and Free Will. You can take advantage of so much that you would not be able to experience in any other way. You are showing us and teaching us, Beloveds in ways you would not understand. But just remember that all is an opportunity for you to learn, teach and grow.


Finding clarity is the key to it all. Find clarity in who you are and who you want to be. If you look in to a mirror and gaze into your eyes to engage your soul, do you see a different you than if you look only at the surface and the image in front of you?


As your world as you have known is changing, are you embracing the new with anticipation of what will be a complete improvement? Or are you worried about what is to come?


Dear, dear friends, there is absolutely no reason to be in fear. At this point in time, fear is a very large part of the lives of many. This is why it is so very important for you to come to understand that all fearful thoughts are only illusion and thus are only in the mind and not in the heart.


As you are being bombarded in your news media and elsewhere with reports of how the world is in chaos and turmoil, we ask that you turn a deaf ear to these and do not let them into your minds and beliefs.


When you see or hear of unrest and destruction by some upon others, do not get caught up in it.


There is great unrest occurring at this very moment in many places. Anger and shock have now escalated into fear and violent acts. Harmful actions and hatred seem to be running amok. We beseech you to drop into your heart space and do not let any of this energy take hold.  Instead of seeing victims and perpetrators, violence and destruction see only Light and Love. As long as you see what you call evil, bad or dark, then it will be what you experience. What do you want your world to be? How do you see all beings - living together in harmony and as one, or separate and holding blame, unforgiveness and anger which leads to more hatred and fear?


We ask that you consider putting very positive and loving energy into your thoughts and see the world as you want it to be. We assure you that if you go into your heart center and listen, you will find what it is you truly desire. If you see a beautiful planet with love in every space, humans working together in compassion, love and kindness, no borders or separation, no thoughts of one being better than another; of everyone embracing wholeness, joy and well-being, and all fear as being non-existent, then beloveds, how does that feel?


If you do this and truly hold the intention of this being your desire and then seeing it as already a reality, it will put that energy into it. If you choose to see the turmoil and unrest that we mentioned, then you are putting that energy into it. What you put in is what will come for you. You conquer with love, not hatred or fear. Love is always the answer and the only answer.


Everything is an illusion. Everything! It is as if you are in a continuous dream state - and oh your dreams are very interesting. You are here to experience and everything that you do experience is not real, only an illusionary experience. If you believe our words then you will know that everything is really perfectly okay. There are no battles to be won, not enemies to defeat, no eye for an eye situation. It is all good. It is all Divinely very okay.


The time has come for every one of you to rise up above the old thought patterns and beliefs and go within to the inner wisdom and knowing that you have and has always been there. Let what serves your Highest Good come to be and in some cases, out of dormancy. Find the clarity to who you are and what you are here to do.


It is all right there within for you. You can bring light and love to your world if you wish. If each of you will take charge of your own life and let go of what others are doing, you can make a difference, a beautiful difference.


Beloved friends, whatever comes into your life put positive energy into it by your thoughts and actions, bless it and express your gratitude for it showing up to further your growth and learning. See the world around you in love, peacefulness, joy and beauty. As you heal yourselves in this way so shall you bring healing to the Earth and to humanity. Each one is responsible for his/her life. If each of you will do as we invite you to do, do you not see that it now becomes a collective of positive and loving energy? Your energy will unite with others who are doing the same. That beautiful world of peace and harmony and love will become a reality.


How much do you truly want your world to be as you say you want it? How done are you with what has always been? How ready are you to take the steps to begin anew in a new world that is just as you have always known you wanted it to be? Ask yourself these questions and then take your time to answer them. Be honest. Are you ready to let go and live life as it is meant to be? Does, peace, harmony, kindness, compassion, understanding, oneness and love appeal to you. Do you want that? If you can honestly say you are ready then do it! You are in the driver's seat and only you can take you to the perfect destination.


Allow you Divine spark to ignite and grow. Let your Light shine Dear Beloved Ones. Remember who you are. Step into your power as the Divine being that you are.


Be in peace and joy as you are meant to be.


Archangel Michael and We are With You©                             

May 2019


Greetings Beloved Friends,


We wish to bring this message to you as it is very important for each and every one of you to

understand what is occurring today and what is necessary for you to focus on with the  changes in which you are finding yourselves.


In the United States you have what is called “The State of the Union” message. We would like to call ours “The State of the Universe” with the subtitle being your "Planet Earth".


Everyone, no matter what part of this beautiful planet is their residence, is aware of the many

changes that have been and are occurring upon Mother Earth.


Some of you are much more consciously aware of it than others. Those who are not, feel something is happening to them and around them but do not understand it. But souls are awakening at every moment and this is a very good thing. Those who are still sleeping will get the inner nudges and begin to open their eyes and look around.


Actually, since much of this has been discussed on these pages at great length, we will now focus on another part of it and discuss what is the foremost need to begin and the first step toward the healing of the planet. We refer to addressing Self: the self that is your soul or Higher Self. Your Higher Self is your Divine Self.  


Healing must begin with each person. As more and more do the work that is necessary to heal Self, healing of your planet will follow.


We wish to speak with each of you, as individuals as well as part of humanity as a whole. You see, you are One with all and so the whole must come from each individual's effort. All the pieces are needed to create and reveal the picture on the puzzle.


All healing must begin within. We know that can sound very daunting and an almost impossible task to some of you. That is okay. As you move forward at the perfect pace that is meant for you, you will learn to understand this more. There is no pressure for each must move in way that is best for them.


What we are speaking of, Dear Ones, is this: each of you has the power right within, inside you to heal everything in your lives.


Often ‘healing’ is thought to mean physical healing. Yes of course, without a doubt, physical healing is very important but this goes much deeper than that. You see, physical healing is a result of healing you and yourselves in totality. By this we mean that healing must occur in your mental body, your emotional body and your spiritual body. The physical body heals as a result of the healing of the other bodies.


Your physical body is a home, a sacred temple for your soul to reside in while you are experiencing human existence.


So where do you begin? You begin with you. “How do you do that?” you ask.  It is not something that will happen in the blink of an eye or overnight.  First of all please have patience with yourself and with the process. Know that you are at all times doing the best that you can do. That in itself is a very big step. Healing is not a destination. It is a place that is within each of you to remember and uncover.


The next thing and the most important thing for you to do, is to be in love with you. Yes, love yourself beyond anything else.


There is a component of all these important things in this process. They all go hand-in-hand.


These are: self-love, self-confidence and self-care. Combined together you can bring wholeness to yourself. We like to call it the Trinity of Self.


When you care about yourself, when you love yourself for whom you are and have confidence in yourself, you begin to bring healing to your entire being.


Instead of holding onto guilt or seeing yourself in a negative way  such as: not pretty enough, not tall enough, not strong enough or good enough – look at the beauty and magnificence of you. Each of you is a magnificent being. Each of you has incredible qualities. Look at all the accomplishments you have achieved. Look at the beauty in all that you do and have done. Give yourself a pat on the back because you deserve it. You have made what you perceive as mistakes. If so, then so be it. Forget whatever has happened as it does not matter anymore. The past is just that. It is the past. It has passed and therefore does not matter.


Begin to trust yourself and feel good about yourself. Allow yourself the time to do this. As we said, it will not happen right away. But if you keep working on it you can do it.


This is something that each and every one of you has to encounter at some point in their lives. How it plays out is how you deal with it. You are all very strong and powerful beings and are absolutely capable of doing it. Choose what you know is best for you. Yes you know deep within all that you need to know. Tap into that wealth of information and knowledge and use it for your Highest Good. Do not sit and wait for things to come. You are a co-creator with the Universe and it responds to your every thought and desire.


And please remember you do not have to do it alone. You each have a team of beings in the Spiritual realms that are ready to assist you with it. Call upon us and allow us to guide you. You do not have to struggle beloved friends. We wish for each of you joy and peace.


Blessings of Love and Light,


Archangel Michael ©         

January 2021


Beloved Friends,


Thank you for allowing us to give you back to back messages that span a year’s time. We do have a reason for this. You see what was said last year can now be moved to this year. Most all of it pertains to 2021.


Some is to be updated and some remains. Let us first discuss what remains.


Nothing has changed as far as the reason you are here. You have come to be a participant as well as a wayshower in this new Earth. It is not a task for 'newbies' or young souls. The same goal applies for 2021: peace, unity and a human collective who lives in that peace and unity and has shed the old ways of greed, manipulation, control and no respect for anyone or anything.


If you will take a few moments to really be with what has transpired in the past twelve month  without judgment or feelings of being victimized or having ‘ the rug pulled out from beneath your feet’ and instead drop down into your heart center and see and feel with a new perspective perhaps you can see things differently.


Humanity has been tossed into an entirely new way of life. Nothing remains the way it was. Many would like that to be but it is not nor shall it ever be. Things had to and must change to prevent an outcome for the planet that would not be to your liking.


For thousands of years mankind has been enveloped in a greed, manipulative, separation paradigm if you will, that has pushed out what the human and collective is meant to be. Some call it ‘the fall from Grace’ and that is a very good way of putting it.


So it took something that would shake everyone so as to wake them up. Gentleness in waking the human up doesn’t work anymore. Not many listened to those gentle nudges and now they are being shaken up in a way that they cannot ignore it.


There is much going on behind the scenes so to speak. So much that you could very likely be amazed. We want you to know that every being of Light from all galaxies and Universes are with you and watching over you. This new effort which has never been attempted anywhere at any time will not fail. So release the thoughts of the end of the world and hopelessness. Toss out the word ‘hopeless’ right now.


Nothing works smoothly for there are too many aspects, chapters in the works, pages to be turned and much to be sorted out.


You may be asking where you come into play in this. You, as is everyone else, are essential in making it happen. Everyone and that includes every single human being upon the Earth is playing a role. No one is more important or has a better role. So no matter what someone is doing, saying or acting out, they are playing the role they came to play.


Now with that we remind you that each of you have Free Choice and Free Will.  Many are playing out in ways that don’t meet with your approval. There is no right or wrong. Remember that when you feel the urge to judge. Nothing is as it appears. Remember that as well.


The word of the year is virus. COVID. It hit like an explosion and shattered the everyday lives of everyone. We will not go into any part of this or that about it and all the questions and theories that are rampant. Our intention is to bring an awareness to as many who will listen of the hope and the absoluteness of a New Earth beyond what anyone can imagine.


What we will say is that it has provided a way for every single person in human form to stop and pause, to go within and to feel into what really matters and to question the way things have been. You can look for  good in everything if you choose. We encourage you to not feel fearful for you are going to be alright. Yes the media is attempting and in many ways being successful, to bring humanity to its knees though fear. It is time for those individuals to stand back up straight.


We will come to a close with these words: we encourage you to live life as it is meant to be. Be present in the present moment. Let go of all the fearful ideas, beliefs and stories that have been thrown before you. You can walk in them and let the mire cover you or you can walk over them and not let them soil your feet. Everything is a choice.


You are in charge. We want you and you are meant to have the most wonderful experiences possible (which are limitless) but you must choose them. Stand tall in your truth and let no other tell you what your truth is. Trust that you are being watched over and always looked after. There is nothing wrong. All happens as it should. Believe, trust and love you and yourself unconditionally. Feel joy, love and bliss instead of worry concern, fear and disillusionment.


We Are the Archangel Michael and We Are With You©

~A Message from Archangel Michael~  May 2021

Beloved Friends,

The Earth, Planet Earth, is being bathed in the most spectacular Light and energy that is bringing about transformation before you very eyes. Are you paying attention? Are you feeling this change and feeling differently than you did at the beginning of this year? For quite some time this has been occurring and it is now very intense and coming forth with great power. You, the Earth and all who live upon her are being bathed in love, powerful and uplifting love. 

It is now vastly important for each and every one of you to put down your swords that you carry from fear and pick up your swords of love. Those who sit around and wait for a knight in shining armor to ride in and ‘save’ everyone are in for a great surprise. You, each of you are the knight in shining armor and the planet needs you to do what you came here to do – to step in to your power, your individual power that you innately carry within. You are not merely a human amongst billions of other humans just here to ‘get by’ and ‘pay your dues’..

There is division now more than ever. Your world is made in duality and polarity. It is now being shown to you in the extreme. Are you willing to take up the sword of love and say you are in? Are you in the movement to freedom, peace, love, unity, and unlimited abundance for every person on this beloved planet?

The time has come for all Lightworkers to step up to the plate and hit the ball - not trying to walk to first base. It is time to hit the ball out of the park and into the Cosmos!

You came here to do this work. You are doing it and you can do it. You are now playing in the majors; no more minor league training for it is time for the big time arena.

Beloved and Dearest Ones, you are capable of more than you understand. It is now time to let go of all the beliefs and doubts that keep you from stepping into your magnificence. There are codes within you that are for doing your work, your mission, your purpose. This was all agreed upon long ago.

Those who have awakened or are awakening are finding a new sense of being that comes within and often it is not easy to describe or understand. If you are feeling it, not sure of what it is and don't know what to think of it, then be assured you are just fine and are in the perfect place right now.

You are shifting in a big way. Nothing is or will ever be the same. Do not let that frighten you. Do not be reluctant to step into your power for you are very powerful and you are not merely human. You are a powerful being that is a spark of Creator Source and are loved unconditionally and eternally.

For some who read our words, this may all be a bit disconcerting. If it feels uncomfortable do not worry about it. You are in the right place and where you are supposed to be now. No one wakes up instantly and has all the 'issues', beliefs, fears, and old paradigm thoughts disappear in a flash. It does not work that way. All release, heal, let go and grow in their own timing and that timing is perfectly perfect!

Each moves through the experiences in life in their own unique way. No one sees things in the exact same way. No one learns and expresses in the same way as another. You are all unique and beautiful. Yet you are all One of the same consciousness.

The point of our words is to bring about awareness to you of how special and how needed you are.
Imagine this if you will: thousands and thousands of souls who are very evolved, have experienced a great, great number of lifetimes, agree to work with the Angels, Archangels, Ascender Masters, Star Brothers and Sisters, Galactic Beings from everywhere and beyond, to bring about something that has never been achieved in this way. All are around you in benevolent support and love.

Dear Ones, you are working with the Universe and the galaxies far away. You are on a team of unmeasurable resources and have support from everywhere. All eyes are upon you so to speak and all hold you in love and with gratitude. And we are all waiting for humanity, the mass consciousness, to come together in unity and love. It will happen and is already happening. And our hats are off to you for you have brought it about in a much swifter fashion then we ever could have thought would occur.

Does that tell you how powerful you are? Does that give you a glimmer of the importance of your role? What we tell you is of course only the tip of the iceberg. The human mind cannot fully understand the extent or vastness of it all.

So if you are asking what you are to do with all that we have related, let us say that you don't have to do anything that is overwhelming or uncomfortable. You don't ever experience anything you are not capable of experiencing. What is required, and that word we use loosely for no one has to do anything they do not choose to do, is for you to find peace in your heart, love yourself beyond what you can imagine that you are able to love anyone or anything, shed all the old beliefs that are so long over and only are burdens, of unworthiness and self-doubt. Let go of what you have been told is the way you should do, think, act or believe. Trust your heart to tell you your truth. For so very long mankind has been told untruths and beliefs have become instilled into everyone that there is good and bad, right and wrong, left and right. Division has been created that is not your truth. Humanity has now been shown extremes so as to waken them up. And it is happening. 

Find your joy and live life in joy. Find love in every moment and give yourself the tenderness of your love, your respect, your appreciation and your awareness of just who and what you are.

We do not ask you to move mountains. You can do that very easily. We ask that you become the truth of yourself and step into that truth knowing that you are more than amazing and more than the labels you have attached to yourself.

Own your Divinity. Own your truth! Own that you are a Lightworker extraordinaire who is a master manifestor with abilities to create magic and miracles.

Embrace life as the gift it is and embrace who you are as that Divine being whose gifts are treasured just as you are treasured.

You are treasured. You are a treasure and you are precious. Will you say 'yes' to owning and being you as you are meant to be? Everything is going to be okay. All is going to be glorious and unlike anything that has ever been felt upon this Earth before. No matter how chaotic it may seem, how much it may appear to be hopeless and useless, how it is impossible to surmount, keep trusting your very large team of Beings of the Light and most of all trust yourself. This is not your first rodeo Beloved Ones. You know the ropes; you know the way to get things done in love, compassion and kindness. 

This may seem like a story that is frightening and scary. But it is a story and you are the one who writes the script. The ending is magical, sweet and beautiful. Are you willing to embrace it as your story? 

Back to your batter self, put your batting gloves on, carefully select the bat you wish to use, step up to the plate, lift that bat to rest upon your shoulder (this is after you have dumped all those heavy burdens from your shoulders) and stare the pitcher in the eye. Don't see a threat of an unhittable ball. Instead see an Angel, a guide, or even the Creator holding a golden ball that will be tossed to you in the perfect spot so that you will connect and the sound will reverberate throughout the Universe.
This Beloveds, is who you are. You have unlimited potential and can create anything. Let that sound of your golden ball be heard as it connects with your bat (which of course is also golden). Let it be heard around the world. Yes everywhere!
No more hiding in the dugout and warming the bench. The world needs you, humanity needs you, the consciousness of the masses, needs you to do this. You came to do this work. The training is over; you have graduated Magma Cum Laud. Now it is time to apply your talents, what you have learned and to assist others. It is time to shine that big huge torch of Light that you are.

We are not putting pressure on you. It is time to come forth and be. We never pressure anyone (yes we give nudges and little pushes but never pressure) to do anything they do not want to do. We only encourage you to see the truth of who you are and let your beautiful Light shine as it is meant to shine.
Love, sing, dance, be joyful and happy. Laugh and play. This is the curriculum and that is all you need to do. The rest will all show up when you do. See it is not so hard. Sounds like fun and enjoyable does it not? Time to get on your happy! You deserve it. All is quite well Beloveds, quite well.

We are the Archangel Michael and We Are With You©

April 2020


Greetings Beloveds,


It is April and for many it is springtime. It is the time of new, rebirth, change, delight, beauty unfolding, creativity, and perhaps freedom if you so choose.


Yet this is an April that you have never seen or experienced before. It is one that has never been seen before. And we do not say “April Fools” to you dear ones.


The whole world, your entire planet is in a time that fear is rampant, greed has shown its ugly head, blame and finger pointing abounds, unproven opinions are everywhere and your media is having what you might call in your human language “a hay day’.


Most precious beings, we assure you that the world is not ending and all is well. It truly is. This is the most important shift in and for human consciousness that has ever been before.


We ask you to let go of all the fear that comes naturally with this. With all the daily bombardment of one story after another, many contradicting the previous one and information given that causes you to stop in your tracks, of course fear can take over.


Fear causes anything that it is focused upon to grow. This can be a physical, emotional, mental or even spiritual space that it can settle in. It can be in more than one of those bodies at the same time. And fear has taken hold of the world.


We are here for you and we are readily available to assist you with all fear-based issues you might have.


Let us discuss fear. First of all, fear is an illusion. If you do not believe in it or do not focus upon it, then it cannot be in your field.


What counters fear? That would be love. Love and fear cannot exist in the same room. If fear is settled into your ‘room’ (your body or mind shall we say) it is in a very dark room. When the door opens Light will come in the form of love. And when it does, the darkness fades and fear cannot remain. Fear and love cannot exist at the same time – ever.


And Beloved Hearts, you are love. Your essence is love. You cannot be anything else. You have just forgotten who you are, how powerful you are and how magnificent you are. You are a Divine being of the Light, just as we are, who has volunteered to come at this time to help usher in the Light and love of your Creator.


You are here because of who you are. You are here because you earned this opportunity to show yourself, your power and your truth. It is your time to shine. It is your time to live in glory and share your gifts with the world. Now it is imperative that everyone who has come to do this endeavor steps up to the plate and swings with earnest knowing they will connect. You cannot miss!


The world needs you. The planet is gripped in fear and bewilderment. Be an example of love, trust, truth and Light! Show everyone that all really is going to be okay and if they release fearful thoughts it will all come to an end even sooner than expected. Be uplifting, be happy and don’t try to make anyone listen. Just be joy, be Light, and be you. Those who are ready to shift and change will.


The consciousness of the human is shifting in a big way. There is no going back and there is no way to avoid it. Your ‘mission’ if you accept it is to be love. Just be love. Offer your love to all who need it. Offer you kind heart to others to give them calm and a sense of hope.


We ask that you let go of trying to figure out what it is all about. Dearest Ones, there is no need to know. You are curious beings and you can tend to get into your heads and analyze, suppose, search for an answer and just might drive yourself looney!


There is no need to know the whys, whats, whos, and hows. Beloved Ones please let that go. As long as you stay there you are not going to fully live in the love that you are here to spread to all.


Distance yourself from the news as much as possible. Do this for yourself. And when you do you will be able to center into your lovely heart and find the peace that you wish.


With most everyone across the planet in what is called ‘lock down’ or “shelter in place’, it is an opportunity for all that has never been given before. This is your chance to become good friends with yourself. Yes, you can get to know that incredible beautiful being that we know. You really don’t know you at all. Take advantage of your quiet time, your stillness and your rest. (Yes we know those with children at home and confined together can be trying. But it is also an opportunity to show them how to be kind, loving and joyful. Make it a fun time and teach them how to be creative, to be honoring of others and to work as a team. Oh yes dear parents, this could be the most educational time for your sweet children and the greatest gift you can give to them).


The entire world will change with this. You are seeing it happening already. So much good will come from this that when it is over you will be amazed and just might smile knowing that you made it through an historical time and that you gave yourself to the world as well as bestowed your gifts in a compassionate, kind and authentic way.


Things have been in a place of all that is not what you are, what this planet is and what the plan was for Earth. It has taken a lot to get to this time and it is finally here. Do not think for a moment that this was not planned. Again please just listen to what we say and don’t try to figure out anything. Just listen and trust.


What we mean by planned is most likely what you might already be trying to decipher – and please don’t do that! But with Divine plans there is always a Divine outcome. Can you trust that and then just ride the waves of the energy as it does it thing?


Please remember that you are not meant to suffer. It is belief that creates suffering. It is up to you to go there or not go there. You have the most incredible what we shall call GPS setup within. You and your body can do anything and can that means anything. Your body is a miraculous vessel. It is with you to serve you so that you can live here in this dimension and if you work with it you can achieve much more than you can possibly believe.


We wish to give to you some offerings and they are only suggestions and guidelines for you to use or not use at this time. What works for you is what you should do. No judgment will come.


Let us first go to the heart. Your heart is incredible. Its physical component is what runs the whole physical system. Your heart chakra is your center and your place of love. Every time you go there, go to your heart space and be with it, you connect with your soul as well as the Universal flow of life. You are connected. You always have been and always will be. Nothing can take that from you. Do not doubt for one second that this is not so. Let your heart be your guide. It is where your soul, your Angels, your guides and the Universe speak to you. It is where all that is truth comes. Go within and not without is the saying. Do this for yourself.


Now let us speak about the breath. Your breath is not just breathing in oxygen. You breath is your Creator speaking to you. Breathe in and breathe out. Focus on that breath and let it fill you completely. Don’t take breathing for granted. The deeper you breathe the more you bring in the force of Source. Can you think of, imagine or visualize your breath going in and then going out? Can you do this and think, imagine or see the Universe coming in and telling you that everything is okay?


Thirdly we wish to invite you to relax. Let go of all the worries and concerns of the world. This is a collective energy and you are not meant to fix it as to how you think it should be. Your job is to put the energy of love into that collective energy and that is all. Trust that everything is in Divine and perfect order and all is under control. You are not here to save the world. You are here to be you, to be authentic and to live in joy and delight. When you do you are an example of well-being and you show all that they too can have what you have.


You and all others who came to do this work, and if you are reading this then you are one of those beautiful beings,and you are doing it. The more you stay in and be love, show love and love yourself, the more of that energy goes out into the masses and evolves.


The world and all humans are in this together. This is a big thing my dear hearts. It is not just about a virus. That virus is the catalyst to the massive change that has been foretold. Some call it the ‘Reset’ or a ‘global reset’. We don’t particularly adhere to labeling anything but whatever you wish to call it know that it is real and it is going to be okay.


Do not, and we stress this with red flags and pleas, get caught up in any of the fears, judgmental finger pointing, attempting to decide what is true and what is not. Don’t go there. All are opinions and supposing and you cannot, no matter how you try and how you might tune in, know what is right and what is not right. The world is made up of duality and so you will never have the correct answer when it comes to something that is globally present. So please darlings, don’t try. It serves you not. It serves no one. Let others who wish to try to decipher what they hear and see if they choose. But please do not do it yourself. The sooner everyone will let go and think only of love, of being kind and compassionate and understanding, the quicker things will come to an end. And what an end it will be: the end of an era that was lacking in peace and harmony.


With the world being secluded from one another it is not a prison sentence. It is a gift, a necessary gift that has been opened in perfect timing. Can you welcome it instead of trying to push it way and denying it? It is that time to go within instead of without and get to know the Divine being that you are. Oh what a delightful treasure you will uncover. You have no idea, and your mind cannot understand, just who you are.


Everyone will emerge, like a butterfly from the chrysalis, to a whole new being, new way of life and what you have all been working towards for eons. Yes we know you are asking how this can be with everyone. Not everyone will come out in the same way. Those of you, who embrace all with loving hearts and deeds, will be the most beautiful butterflies to ever have appeared. Be only concerned about yourself. Let others be and do what they choose.


Everyone will and must change even if it is slight or not apparent – this is ‘must be’ transformation. Do not expect to see everything to be perfect instantly. Just know and believe that it is and will happen. And thank yourself for what you have done, what you are doing and what you will do.


Now is the time for unification, allowing and understanding. Those that are in fear and feel they are victims need you now more than ever. Don’t tell anyone what to do but tell them you support them and love them. Do this with words or simple gestures. You know what to do. Use your intuitive senses and show the world how it is done.


William Shakespeare said, “Now join your hands, and with your hands your hearts.”


You are now to practice ‘social distancing’ so you cannot physically join hands. But you can join hands etherically and with imagination, and using your intuitive senses, you can join hands with everyone. Then you can move from there as Shakespeare said ‘with your hands and heart’. Place your hands over your heart and feel the peace.


So we go back to the heart. The heart is the most important thing to focus on now. Be aware and conscious of what you say, do and think, and make sure all comes from your precious heart.


To recap, and we thank you for taking the time to read our very many words in this lengthy message:


Let go of fearful thoughts. Fear is from not knowing what the future will be and not trusting that everything is always just fine.


Place your focus on and in your heart. Center yourself in love. Let your heart always guide you. Listen to what it has to say.


Relax. Take advantage of this gift (yes it is a gift for you have been put in a holding pattern where you are being given the biggest opportunity to expand and completely shift.) Nothing will ever be the same as before. But you have to trust that and believe it. So Beloveds relax and enjoy this down time. See it as a gift and it will be just that! Take advantage of this gift and spend time with yourself. Peace comes from within. It is always there and all you have to do is tap into it and it activates.


We are all in this together. Yes WE! This is not just something that is happening with humanity. It is not just global. It is Universal and all beings everywhere are right here with you. It cannot fail. All will be okay. Do you trust Michael? Do you?


We Are the Archangel Michael and We Are With You©  

January 2019


Happy New Year Most Beloved Ones!


We are always so delighted to be the 'first ones on the block' to give the message of the month. First is good. It is the first of the year 2019 and new beginnings, new energy, new insight, new outlooks, new creation, new experiences, new relationships, new friends, new 'ah has' and on and on we could go.


First and foremost (we shall see how many times we can use the word 'first'!) the emphasis is to be on what is new for you. What do you want to be new in your life? What do you want to change? What is the first thing you want to accomplish?


Now we ask "What do you intend to change?" Wanting is good as long as it is a starting block, a base or foundation, for your desires to take form. Wanting can be a hindrance when the focus stays on the wanting and not moving to create an outcome.


There are unlimited opportunities for you to explore and experience if you wish to pursue them. How many times have we reminded you that you are in the driver's seat and you are the one with your hands upon the wheel? How often have we expressed to you that your life is yours to be as you choose and no one, including Angels, can tell you what to do.


Many of you love numerology and number meanings. There is a lot to it and it can be fun to delve into those meanings. We will not go into what 2019 means for you and what to expect. You can do this yourself if you desire.


What we will say is that 2019 is so full of opportunity and potential for everyone that it could be like going to an amusement park on a free day. All the rides are free and the fun, laughter and excitement is free. This is not just for one day Dear Ones, this is for the entire year. Yep, a whole year of rides, fun, and play if you choose. Oh my, what will you choose to ride first?


We do hope that you won't sit on a bench somewhere and miss out on everything. Again the year proposes to you, on bended knee as well like a suitor asking for a hand, to take charge of what you do. Live your life as you want it and know that if you wish abundance then it has no choice but to come to you. If you want love, then it has no choice but to show up for you. As we said before, want and then act and intend with purpose and determination. You can if you say you will.


If you read our words then you are already on the overhead gondola taking the scenic view of your amusement park. You have done the work and found your way to being an observer and one who now makes choices that suit you instead of following the crowd to the popular rides. From your place above you can take it all in and then choose what really gives you a thrill, what brings a smile to yourself and gives you a reason to live and enjoy life. As you look around you see the rides that don't cut it with you - they are too boring or just don't seem to have any zing in them. You also see some that spark a bit of interest and so you might try them out just to see what they offer. And then there are the rides that make your heart jump with joy and makes you want to rush over to get on before it takes off. How fun can that be! You can be the first in line and get the best seat if you choose.


Beloved Ones, let the child within, the one who loves to find new things and new ways to do them, run, skip, hop or walk with purpose to take you to new places and new beginnings. Don't sit back this year and miss out. You have overcome so many challenges, many that were in the past year, and now you are at the peak of the mountain that seemed too high and impossible to ascend and you can see the entire landscape. You have come so far - now is your time, your opportunity to shine, play and live the life that is your birthright. And it is all yours to create. You deserve to do this.


New year, new horizons, new landscapes, new beginnings, new opportunities are here and will be here all year long. Instead of wishing that you could do something but know you can't, how about wishing to do something and making that wish come true? You can! You can!


Now if you are thinking that you have heard this before or at least variations of this before but things never happen as you were promised, that is okay. When our words 'sink in' and as a seed begin to grow, you will  be able to see that everything we say or have said is guidance that can lead you to the right doorways to the happy, healthy and abundant life that deep within you know you deserve and can manifest. We offer, plant the seeds, and drop the bread crumbs. It is for you to pick them up, nourish them, bring them to grow and blossom with the most tasty fruit there can be. Your choice, your choice Beloved Ones. Accept our gifts and create what you want to be yours.


You can ride in a luxury liner to sail your seas of opportunity. Or you can row your boat at a slower pace. Either is perfectly fine. You will get to your destination in perfect timing if you decide to set forth and see what the seas have to offer.


A very inspiring fellow by the name of Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, "Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year."  Now we think this is a very good way to start this newest year - 2019. With that attitude you cannot be anything but successful!


So dearest and most Beloved friends, make each day this year like a new chapter in your book of life, a new start each morning as if the dawn has brought you breakfast in bed, and begin anew with looking at everything in a new way, asking questions you have never asked before, see others in ways that you have never seen them before, and sing your song, your beautiful melody that is yours only to sing.


Trust yourself to do these things for if you hesitate and can't bring yourself to make a move, you will surely miss so very much that is waiting to come your way. Change is good, new is good, and the unknown will be known at the most perfect time. Can you trust that?


We smile with you, we celebrate with you, and we are in joy with you when you are happy and living life as you want it.


Watch out world, a New Year is here and the new you is about to take flight! Go get em dearest and Magnificent Ones!


We raise our glass and toast you with love!


We are the Archangel Michael and We are with You©