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Archangel Nathaniel

September 2012

Greetings Beloved Friends,


We are the Archangel known as Nathaniel. Our name be new to many of you. This is the first time Linayah has channeled us and it has been great to have her, shall we say, get to know us lately. We have enjoyed becoming acquainted again for we have known one another for quite some time.


We would like to begin our message to you with an assurance as many other Archangels have expressed to you upon this page as well as through other channels and messengers, that everything is going to be okay.


There is much talk amongst many about December 12, 2012 and December 21, 2012. Speculation ranges very broadly from the doom and gloom of the world ending and all of life becoming non-existent to a whole new world of love, co-creation, Oneness, and wholeness.


Which one resonates with you beloved friends? Are you a 'doom and gloomer' or are you one who foresees a world in peace and plenitude? Or are you somewhere in between either not knowing what you believe or ignoring it all because you would rather not think about it?


Beloveds, you are in a Free Will and Free Choice Universe. You can choose any scenario you would like to experience.


You may become bogged down in fear and worry of horrific happenings coming to 'do you in' if you so choose. Or you may put your lovely head in the sand and hope that whatever happens will just pass you by.


Or of course you can go with the vision of a world of plenty for all, with the waters in every corner of the Earth clear and unpolluted, where the fields of crops of every kind of food one can think of to sustain all life abound. You can choose to see your world with air that is fresh and clear without fear of breathing in pollutants and living conditions for all human and animal life to be healthy and good.


We are here to help step up the awakening that is swiftly moving across your planet. We are here to help ignite the fires that are in a dormant state with many as well as assist the spark to glow brighter with those who are or are in the process of their awakening.


Each and everyone of you has a Divine spark, a flame of Divinity that burns within you. This has always been and always will be with you. You ARE a Divine being and you are One with the Creator. It is time beloveds to let your flame be seen, let it rise up and be a part of what you are. Show yourself, see yourself as that Divine flame.


It is time to put kindling on your fire. This is done by loving yourself, respecting yourself and being the true magnificent being that you are.


It is time beloveds to shine. It is time to take down the barriers and shields and become the Light that you are. Do not hide your Light any longer. Shine, shine, shine!


We promise you that there are no risks in becoming that who you are. The only risks come from not recognizing you and who you are.


You have our assurance and you have our guarantee that you are safe to do this. We tell you that there are beings from the Angelic Realms, Ascended Masters, beings from realms that you have not known about before and loving beings from far, far away that are surrounding the Earth and all her inhabitants. We are holding all in love and protection. We work continuously to make it all as easy as it can be and to come to the end result that we all hold as one vision.


If you let the flow of the river of Light and love that is ascending upon the planet in and allow it to move in freedom, there can be no other result but the world and life that you know is there for you.


Are you tired of the warring, the hunger, the polluted air and water, the greed and separation that has been how life has been for so long? Are you not done with it and now say, "Enough"? Do you not say that things must change?


This is what you know deep within. Many of you are at the place of knowing and working towards this goal. Those who have not come to be in that place are still beginning to feel a stirring within and perhaps it is not comfortable.


Know this beloveds: It may seem uncomfortable at first because you, all of mankind, has become numb to the truth of Divine love and wholeness. The beliefs of a world that is supposed to be in turmoil are ingrained deep within.


You can change and release the fears that are holding you back. You have Free Choice so you may choose to step out of what may seem like a comfort zone to move in to unknown territory. Yes this can be unsettling. But we say to you that if you see those fears as nothing more than emotions that come from illusion and see that they actually do not have power over you, you will find that moving forward is not so difficult.


And you never have to take one step alone. There are no hidden potholes that will swallow you if you walk on an unknown path. You have Angels and guides with you with every step and if you ask for their assistance they will hold your hand and walk with you and you will be safe.


It is the ultimate goal of every being of the Light to assure that the goodness, the love, the Oneness return to you and your fellow brothers and sisters in every part of the world, in every walk of life. We will not let you down. We will not abandon you at any time. We are here to assist you in this monumental shift.


There is a famous quote that you all know: "Be the change that you wish to see in the world." The visionary Gandhi understood that each one must have the vision and then become that vision.


Everyone wants peace and happiness. No one wants to suffer and be hungry. No one wants another to experience pain or loss. The way to have your vision become your truth is to become the change to make this happen. You cannot say you want something and then think that others will take care of it. It does not work that way. Each and every one of you must step into your truth and be who you are meant to be. You must put the energy of your vision into making it be a reality.


Do you see beloveds that if each does his or her part by doing what feels right to them in listening to the guidance from within and then acting in that love you will have your vision be yours and it will be greater than you can even imagine.


Sit a while, close your eyes, take some deep breaths and imagine what the world would be like if you could change it. What do you see? How does it feel? We say that most likely it looks and feels extremely lovely. It can be what you might call a 'paradise'. Yes beloveds it truly is possible.


See your vision come to fruition and do your part in the web of life. What a glorious time it is to be here at this time. What an honor to be part of the change you wish to see come in to being.


You are loved and you are protected at all times. You are appreciated beyond what you can conceive. Enjoy your beingness and your beautiful gift of life.


Lovingly and gratefully,


We are Archangel Nathaniel ©

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