Archangel Uriel

February 2021


Most Beloved and Precious Friends,


We would like to relate some words about your life as it is now and how it will be. You have heard

from many beings of the Light on different aspects of this. This is the most important topic for you so yes, it may seem as if we are bombarding you at times with the same rhetoric.


The world as you know it is in the midst of change that has never been seen before. This we have told you many times. The importance of it is beyond your comprehension Beloveds but trust us when we tell you that it is.


If you read the words that are on this page each month you are have some sense of questioning and a stirring within that there has to be something more to life than you see in this present moment. If you are in that place then you are either awakening to your true essence and Divinity or have already awakened..


For some what we are telling you may be uncomfortable to understand. But it is vital that you are open to new understanding and attempt to comprehend our words. If at first it doesn't make sense then that is just fine Beloveds, for when it is time you will understand what we say.


Long ago those in the Upper Realms came together to discuss the dire situation that was upon Earth and with those who live upon the planet. It was decided that Mother Earth, also known as Gaia, was more than worthy to have the assistance needed to bring her back to health and to help her ascend. She had tolerated for much too long the abuse and travesty that mankind had inflicted upon her. She never complained and withstood treatment that no being should ever be subjected to at any time. Yes the Earth is a living being. She is a Divine living being just as you are. She is loved by so many who have now come together to assist her in her hours of need.


Every being in the Light, those from other planets, stars and throughout the galaxy and beyond are assisting at this moment to change the vibration and bring Light in to replace the illusion that has been shrouding the truth of whom she is and who you are Beloveds.


In the time that we mentioned when all convened to come together for this unprecedented time, there were many souls who volunteered to come to be a part of what is known as the New Golden Age. Only those who could complete the service and could do the work were chosen. There were many who were not chosen.


Everyone who is incarnate at this moment is one of the chosen souls. Each has their own experiences to live. Yet not all are not here to play the role as many of you are. Does this surprise you beloveds?


If this resonates with you then yes, you are one of the souls who have come to assist in ushering in the New Earth. You are here to assist in altering the way of life that has been the known way. You are what is often called a Lightworker. You are working in service to the Light. You are working with the Light.


Let us be clear, not all Lightworkers are here to shine their Light for others to see. Some are here to offer contrast and stir things up so that the Light Brigade, if you will, can step forward to do the work. Instead of being judgmental and critical of others, remember each and every one of you has your own unique role to play. Let all actors in the play called life get the billing of recognition and gratitude. Yes even those who are portraying 'the bad guys' this time around. There is a purpose in everything.


Now there are some things that some are finding an awareness to or some who have been looking into what is going on. And there are many who are unaware and may not want to be aware. There is so much that is not known, that is coming to the forefront and much that is still to be revealed. Thousands of years of hidden pieces of the puzzle are being turned over to reveal what is on the top. Some of the revelation may be difficult for many to swallow.


We only mention this to bring into your awareness that the most important thing you can do is go within, and be still in that place of wisdom, love and knowing. Let everything happen for it will and as it should. Be aware without being in fear. Be open to a new understanding.


The Earth as you know it is changing and it has to change. For so very long things have been usurped and hidden from humanity. Now it is coming forth to be shown.


We will not give you details for that is not what we are here to do. And we most certainly do not want to frighten anyone. Always remember that life is an illusion and everyone has a role that they are playing. Always keep that in your mind no matter what comes up. You can envision yourself in a theatre watching a play unfold upon the stage in front of you. The curtain comes up and the play begins. You will see the actors, the sets and the story plot. You will hear words and watch movement. And it is all an illusion, this play you are watching. The ending will be so much more incredible and wonderful than you could ever imagine. As you watch you know that the surprises will show themselves at just the right time and you will delight in all that unfolds.


Now not only your planet but also humanity is changing, changing for the Highest Good of all. So what is it exactly that you are being asked to do? Each of you has a very important role that you chose to accomplish.


No role is more important than another. There are some who are in the limelight because that is their

purpose; to bring awareness to the masses by being seen and heard by great numbers. If you are not one of those, your role is not any less important. This is something you must understand and believe.


For many today that are experiencing hardship, ill health, losses and what feels like inner turmoil, it is not easy and we understand this completely. All old ideas and beliefs must be removed and replaced by love of self, acceptance of self, appreciation of self, and trust of self. And the ability to say ‘no more’.


Some of these beliefs can be embedded so very deep within your core that you do not see them or know they exist. These must be brought to the surface and accepted and then released to be healed.


We ask that you create more time for the inner work you need to do. Set aside regular time to meditate, sit and listen to the inner wisdom of your soul and allow whatever is still lurking inside to come forth. It will if you allow it. Take a walk, listen to healing music, hum, sing, take deep breathes of Creator love into your being.


We know that at times it seems easier to resist doing this and to ignore it. But like the annoying itch that needs to be scratched, it will become more and more noticeable until it cannot be ignored and most likely grow into something more severe.


Your soul talks to you through your heart and through your body. Yes your beautiful minds chatter most of the time if you let them. And if you let the mind be in charge it can give you all sorts of reasons to ignore the messages your body and heart are sending by telling you that you cannot heal or that you are destined to be in turmoil and fear.


On the other hand, if you allow your heart to guide you and follow what it says, you will accomplish what you need to do. And if you listen to your body as it tells you that you need to pay attention, you can also heal as you need to heal.


Being in human incarnation is not what you might call 'a piece of cake'. It is difficult to deal with all the dense third and fourth dimensional energies of life. This is why we tell you more and more how appreciated you are and how important you are.


When you come into an incarnation as a human you agree to forget much of who you are so that you may experience certain aspects of life and what you like to call lessons. Many of you who are here on the planet today as Lightworkers have had many, many incarnations. Some would call you ‘old souls’. For a human perspective we say that most of you do come under that description although we do not care to label anyone or put them in a ‘category’ of such. You have been around the block many times, to use a human term. But being an old soul is not a requirement to do the work. Again, there are many, many different roles in this play called life and ascension, and all are needed to play the part they have agreed to play.


You have had lifetimes that are very diverse. You have all experienced every different type of being that is possible. Oh yes, you have been ‘good guys’ and you have been ‘bad guys’. You have done it all. Each one brought you closer to your soul’s ascension.


Now you are here to awaken and remember who you are. You are here to recall all the wisdom and

knowledge you have acquired in all of those experiences so that you may use it for the benefit of all

sentient beings who share the planet with you.


Beloved friends, it is time to awaken and step forward to enable the process to move smoothly. The more who embrace this, allow the healing that is needed individually as well as with your Earth, the more rapidly the changes will come.


We ask that you work on yourselves. Be compassionate, kind and loving to you. Let go of any judgment that you have of you and who you are. Allow the real you, the Divine being that you are, come out to play.


You see, if each person does this and only works on his or herself the results will be very amazing. As each one does the inner work needed to free themselves from what no longer serves them as with fear for example, it will be like a beautiful tree in the spring whose buds open one by one to reveal a tree full of beautiful blossoms. As more and more blossoms open up, the tree becomes one display of outstanding beauty.


This is what it will be like dear ones. See you and all of your brothers and sisters as blossoms on the same tree. As one Beloveds, as one. Let us call this the new version of the Tree of Life. Does it not feel good to be a magnificent blossom on a tree with all the other blossoms that are just as beautiful?


Your tree is symbolic of what humanity is becoming. One with all is the new paradigm. As more and more of your understand this concept, embrace it and visualize it as being a reality the more and more Light can and will come in. The new human can then emerge.


We ask this of you: be attentive and in tune with you; with your body and your intuitive senses. Make

decisions according to how you feel. When an opportunity comes to you what do you feel in your heart and in your gut?


You know these feelings and emotions beloveds. Do not ignore them. Listen and act instead of reacting. If something feels right and everything your mind is telling you says it is not right, listen to your heart and your body. Do not let the ego lead you away from something that you know is what you want to do. Trust your instincts. Trust your heart. Trust yourself.


If you would like to do a test run with this so that you know the signs and how to recognize them we will give you an easy exercise to try at your convenience.


Imagine something that you know is right for you. Something that you already know is good. While thinking of this and imagining it occurring, notice your body, your heart and your reactions even in subtle ways. Do you get an allover feeling of joy or peacefulness, or even a smile comes to your face? You say, “It just feels right.” How often have you said that without putting a lot of thought into it?


Then imagine something that you know is not right for you. With this you can imagine something that

you do not resonate with it. As you imagine this scenario, again notice all the signs and reactions that come. Don’t try to make them happen, go with what just comes. Does your heart race, do you feel tension, or complete dislike? You say, “This does not feel right and I am not going to do it.” How often have you said this in a reaction to something that shows up?


Now you know how your body and your inner wisdom guide you. Begin Beloveds to pay attention to what you feel and trust it. Your Angels and guides also speak to you in this way at times. Trust that you are getting true and loving guidance.


In closing Beloved ones, we invite you to live joyously from your heart, embrace your truth and importance as the magnificent being you are, welcome all new opportunities that come into your life and by doing this you empower yourselves to step into your power and walk the extraordinary walk that you have at all times within.


The more that you honor yourselves and your intuition by listening and trusting that all the answers you ever need are right there inside, the easier it will become. Go within and not without is a saying many use.


And we ask you to not try to fix things. Be diligent, be patient and remain in your heart space. The Universe is always working for you and will never let you down. All you have to do is say that you want changes that are for the Highest Good for All and then let it go. Allow the Universe to do what it does. It knows what it is doing. It knows how to do it. Don’t let your human mind and ego get in the way.


So if things begin to show up that might rattle you and send you into a spin, do not give up. Instead go within and let everything settle in. Believe in yourself. Trust yourself and the Universe.


We are all one and together we will bring about the change to beloved Earth and all who reside upon it. This is a change that is your birthright. This is a change that blesses everyone and everything as equal and with love. The greed, the manipulation and the control will cease to be.


Your only requirement is to stay true to yourself and not let anything including your mind, steer you in another way.


Awaken to the new you, the new glorious world and the new beginnings that are on the horizon.


Hear the guidance that your inner radar is giving you. Trust, have faith and never give your power away to another. Be in your wholeness and your sovereignty.


We thank you from the depths of our hearts for being you, for coming at this time to do this work. You are an essential part in this new way of life upon planet Earth. Thank you.


With Love, Light, Gratitude, and Blessings,

We are the Archangel Uriel©


November 2020


Beloved Friends,


It is always a pleasure to bring a message to you. My words for you come with hope, love and blessings for you to know your greatness, to know how loved you are and that the time is here for you to step into your power as the Divine Being that you are.


It is time.


So many have given their power away to others and or beliefs in many forms. Some give it to a job; some give it to a family member or to religious doctrine. Others give it away to beliefs that are so ingrained in them that they don't even know they have power that they have given away. And some have let fear overcome their entire being. Many are actually paralyzed in that fear like as humans state, “They had just seen a ghost”. Now we actually find that notion a bit humorous for why would one think ghosts are scary? Fear does play havoc with the thinking process quite often.


The time has come to change this and each of you are more than perfectly capable of doing just that. Reclaim what is yours, your power.


Power is not as the perception and the misunderstanding has been for eons Beloved friends. It is not holding control or authority over someone or something. There are no 'markers' here dear ones. There are no contracts 'with the devil' involved. Those are all illusions.


Your personal power is that which is yours. It is your truth and your Divine right to be that truth. When you allow another or something to hold you 'under the thumb' so to speak you give away your power. Now more than ever precious ones is it important to understand and know that no one can take your power from you unless you allow it. Why would you allow that to occur?


When you are not in love with yourself you can give your power away for you don't feel good enough to keep it. So you let another do it for you and then of course you don't feel good about that either.


It is time.


My dear friends, it is now time to take the reins, take the wheel and go to the head of the pack. Love of self is not being self-centered. There is not what is called conceit involved.


You are creating your world and the world around you in each moment. When things are not going as you want them to go, then you can change course.


Many have been moving through life in a haze, on auto-pilot and numbness to everything outside of their little world. This has been the ‘norm’ for so very long. Humanity has become conditioned to just do and follow the crowd, do what they are told to do and not make waves. They actually are like robots who don’t think for themselves.


They keep creating and thus living what has been taught and see no other way. They have come so far as to not even question those beliefs. The numbness has set in and there is no feeling to bring life back. They cannot see past the limits or even that there are limits.


It is time.


The world is being shown to you as in turmoil, in chaos and hopelessness, fear and angst are rampant. But do you think you need to believe that this is so? Perhaps you can choose to see things in a different way. Perhaps seeing that every one, everywhere is acting a part and that there is more to what is occurring than you can understand. Can you trust that no matter what anyone is doing, they are acting out a part that is for a higher perspective? Do not allow others to tell you what is so. Find out for yourself. Go within and ask your internal wisdom if what is being presented is true. Your inner wisdom and guidance is always right on and will never lead you astray. Trust.


Can you trust yourself; trust the Divine and the Source of all Creation to always take you where you are to go?


Can you trust that you are safe and nothing can harm you unless you allow it?


Can you believe that you can make a difference? Can you trust that you can help shift consciousness to love instead of fear? Fear is a control mechanism and unless you buy into it you are not ever going to be controlled.


Be sovereign, be true to yourself and don’t allow outside influences to cloud your knowing. There is always more to anything that meets the eye (or ear).


It is time.


There is always a door, an opening. There is no wall that cannot come down. And all walls can topple as soon as you decide it is time to find the opening. It is there. It has always been there.


It is time.


The time is here to look past all of the limitations and find the door, go through it and into light.


And it can begin with the smallest of changes. It can be done in small steps, baby steps if needed. It takes holding the intention that you want to change the way you live. If you are in the rut, in that box, behind the closed doors, you are now being invited to intend to come out and see what is there for you.


Oh beloved friends, it is time. It is time to see that you are not limited, you can change and everything is possible. Let go of the past and begin anew.


In this moment you can create anything. In this moment all is possible. This moment, the present moment, is a gift and a blessing, a treasure for you to receive. There is no other moment just as this one. Do not let another moment of your beautiful life go by without saying 'Yes' to the new you.


See it in this way. See that this moment is the greatest of all moments in all lifetimes for you. Right now! It is time. The energy in this moment is not as any has been or will be. So do not let it pass you by.


It is time.


Time is now for you to create what you want, and unravel and let go what you do not want. No matter how bad it may seem right now, you can change it so quickly with your thoughts, intentions and belief in you.


Every moment you have experienced has been in growth. Nothing has been for naught. If you see it this way, you can find gratitude for what you have experienced and what you have done and been.


Yet those experiences are now gone by the wayside and the only important focus is on now.


It is time to see yourself in new light. See yourself as the powerful and Divine being that you are.

Allow that power, your truth of who you are and your Divinity show itself.


It is time.


Revel in the beauty of you, in the treasure that you are and your preciousness. Revel in life and the gift that it is and the gift to life that you are.


It is time.


With Love, Light, Gratitude and Blessings,

We are the Archangel Uriel©


September  2019


Most Beloved Friends,


We are so appreciative for your taking the time to read our words this day. We know that life as it is o 

Planet Earth is very busy, hectic, rushing here and there is the norm, not enough time in your day, an 

then weariness and exhaustion can show up. So this is why we understand that it is a task at times t 

take a few minutes to read something or listen to something that might be beneficial.


We hope that you will be able to receive some insight and peacefulness with our words. If what we

say to you resonates with you, then we feel we have done what we wish to do.


All messages upon this page are given in love, gratitude and sweetness. And often we may seem to

be repeaters but there is a reason for it. Each who gives a message may say the same thing but will

say it in a different way. And with that some will 'get' what is said my one Archangel and others may

'get' what another one imparts.


Each of you is unique. Each of you is different. Each of you is on your own personal journey and

what resonates with one will not with another. This is what is one of the beautiful things about life.


We who reside in what is called the Higher Realms are your supporters, your co-creators, your trusted

friends. If you choose to see us in this way and not as separate and unavailable, your life can shift in  

dramatic way. For when you understand that you don't have to do everything by yourself, that you are 

not here to struggle and stress, you see that there is so much more to this journey of yours, this

incredible gift of life.


We know you have heard the saying 'What you resist, persists'. Oh yes, that is true is all ways. The

human ego has a great role in helping to keep you on your toes so to speak. That ego will tell you many things that you choose to believe. Don't fight with your ego. Allow it to show you that you are in control, not as you might think - the mind and the ego run the show, but it is you who runs it all. You are the only driver of your vehicle and you can test drive it in anyway you wish and where you wish to go.


Resisting comes in many forms. If you have a nudge or a thought that feels good and you ignore it

because it doesn't make sense, seems too outlandish and foolish, you don't have time or the money or, and on go the reasons - that is the resisting. The ego will be very willing to help you find numerous reasons to ignore something that most likely is what your heart, that your soul desires and what could be something that could bring you joy and happiness.


Many resist because of fear. Fear is an ugly beast. It has many faces. Take a moment and ask yourself while being very honest, what it is you fear. You might even make a list and look to see all the fears. Do this without judgment for fear itself is a great teacher. And as long as you resist all will persist and life will continue on as it is.


Beloved Ones, we ask you to see everything, everything, in your life with the eyes of love, kindness and compassion. See all the issues that show up as gifts instead of burdens. We repeat: see everything as a gift. We promise that when you embrace all with love and gratitude, while holding true to what is in your heart, you will know without a doubt that all is in Divine and Perfect Order and that you cannot fail! There is no failure - the belief that failure has or will occur is what can make it seem real to you.


So perhaps you are asking how you move away from believing in failure and having fear of that failing. Beloved and Dearest Ones, it is so much more simple than you make it to be. That is something the beautiful human, you who are an incredible being in your human suit, think is hard. You have been taught and thus believe that life is meant to be hard, there is all work and no play, you have to work, work, work to gain and be anything and then of course you are so exhausted trying to accomplish this and end up without the true meaning of life - that of joy, laughter, love and blessings. Magical moments are created by the human who shifts away from all of those old beliefs of fear, lack, and gloom and doom, to embracing each moment with heartfelt love, adoration and joy. And those three are what you will have if you decide to shift. You have a magic wand in your hand. Are you ready to use it?


You are so much more powerful than you think you are and you can achieve anything - yes ANYTHING - when you decide you have had enough of the old and worn out, the undesirable way life has been and say "No more".


Saying this and meaning it (not just uttering words without completely feeling them will not

change anything) is your first and biggest step. After that you can get into the flow of 'easy peasy' which is a very delightful place to be. You deserve to have this flow in your life. You deserve it because it is your birthright!


Please do this Dearest Ones: trust, believe and love yourself, love your life and everyone and everything in it. It all begins with you. It all depends on how you give love, appreciation, honor, kindness with no judgment whatsoever to you! To you!


If you are willing to do this, then you can find the peace of mind, the love that you desire and the

knowingness that you are so very loved and that All really is well! You did not come here to experience struggle, sadness, emptiness and low self-esteem. No you did not! You came to enjoy a beautiful journey of experiences that you choose and to find growth and insight along the way. It is all good Beloveds! It really is all good!


You can master anything and you can master your life as it is meant to be. You can create anything and you can create your life as it is meant to be. See and know you Divinity! See and know how precious you are and how nothing can harm you in any way. See and know that you are a Divine creation of God/Source/Universe/Creator or however you choose to see the source of all creation, and so how could you be less than Divine?


Banish all those untruths, beliefs and programming now Dearest Ones! Open the door and show them out and then close the door behind them as you tell them thank you and send them on their way. They are not needed or welcome any longer.


The most important words in your vocabulary are: Love, Joy, Trust, Believe, Compassion, Kindness,

Self-love, Self-Care, Gratitude, Appreciation and Yes! Say yes to all of those words and we promise that it will be wonderful, magnificent and awesome. It is up to you to decide to choose what you wish to do, who you wish to be and where you wish to go. Just you. No one else can tell you what to do or not do, who to be or not be, or where to go or not go. It is for you, the singular you, to take hold of the wheel of your incredible vehicle, turn the key on and gently move forward to unknown horizons that you know will be exciting, fabulous, and filled with magical moments - those moments that only you can create. You do not have to know what lies ahead. All you need to know is that it is all perfect and splendid.


Go forth today and begin anew. See it as a new beginning, a new adventure and a new you! It is your choice and we are your cheerleaders in every step you take. We have you covered so there is not one thing to fear or be concerned about.


We smile as we say all of this to you. Our heart is filled with love and tenderness for you. We know

who you are and we know what you can do. You can do anything! Remember this along the way:

"Uriel said so".


In Love, Light, Gratitude and Blessings,

We are the Archangel Uriel ©