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Archangel Zadkiel

~A Message from Archangel Zadkiel

August 2023

~ Beloved Ones,

Greetings and many blessings to you. We wish to promise you that there are many blessings being bestowed upon you right now as you read these words. The simple exclamation for this is because you are loved, so very, very loved. There is nothing for you to do to receive this love. It is yours and you do not have to earn it or strive to obtain it. It has always been yours and always will be.

Precious ones, we are here to support you in any way we can. Too often you think you have to do everything by yourself, as if you have been given a lifelong sentence of sacrifice and drudgery. Oh Beloved Ones, this is not your truth. You are not here to toe the line, be a good girl or boy and do what you think and believe you are to do. You have all done the nun and monk gig in other lifetimes. This is not your calling this time around. The cards that you believe were dealt to you are not from the same deck as the one that is the Divine deck which holds only cards of love. No matter what card you select or draw, it will always be made of pure unconditional love.

You, the beautiful human, have forgotten your Divinity as was planned and now you are walking your path to remembrance. As you move along, experience what you choose to experience, you become very good at doing many dances that have names that you have given them, even though you don't usually know this in you conscious mind. It actually is a very brilliant and incredible talent you have with this aspect of your life.
You may choose to do the dance of 'The Victim' which has very many complicated steps, but you can become a pro at this dance. You begin by telling the story of your life and how everyone and everything is against you and doing something to you at every turn. This takes a lot of fancy footwork but you are up to the task.

Another dance you might choose can be the dance of 'Hopelessness'. Oh Beloveds, this too is another very complicated dance. But you practice and practice until you know the entire routine and it is the dance that you perform in each moment. Those steps include the 'Nothing is Ever Going to Change' steps and 'I Am Stuck Here and There is No Hope for Me' steps.

Yet another dance you may choose as yours might be the dance of 'Guilt'. This is a very interesting dance and takes much practice and repetition to get it down to perfection. The steps in this dance are very intricate for you must learn to side-step in your beliefs that you have done something wrong, and you must be continuously moving without pauses. You must avoid forgiving yourself and moving forward. There are many circular moves in this dance. You twirl around and around in guilty feelings.

There are many more dances of course and each one is unique and the steps can change in the blink of an eye. All the practicing and hard work that you do with your dances can suddenly become old and tired when you find clarity, insight, have an 'Ah Ha' moment and then unexpected changes show up that can shift your outlook on your dancing. You are so good with your dance steps that you would be a 'shoe-in' on a television show with the name “Lightworker Dancing Professionals”. You would not have to audition for this show.

There would be many who would want to be your dance partners and no one would be doing the dance in the same way. Unlike a popular television show that does exist where there are certain steps to each dance, your show would be wide-open to steps that no other knows.

Isn't this fun Beloved Friends? The very good news is that you can create entirely new and amazing dances any time you wish to replace those old ones. It is a choice you are to make if you want. When you decide that you want something new, that you want to rid yourself of those old and very stagnant dances, you can do it immediately. All you have to do is decide that is what you now want and you can create dances that are for your Highest Good that serve you in the best way, and express who you really are.

How about doing a dance with the title ‘I Love Myself Unconditionally”? Or perhaps another (and you can have as many dances that you wish at any given time) might be 'I Love My Life and Live in the Moment Each Day'? That sounds like a lovely dance for you.

We invite you to have fun with your dance creations and see where it takes you. Once you are aware you are in the midst of a dance, hit the pause button and observe the steps, the movements and feel the energy of that dance. Are you tired and even bored with these steps, these old, old dances? 

Or does it feel right, really, really good and gives you a feeling of joy? If so, then dance away and make up fun steps as you go along. No routine steps - go for new and exciting steps. Show your 'stuff', what you are made of and dance to your heart's content with imagination, trust and without having to follow the steps of another's dance. You are unique and you are meant to live in your uniqueness with joy and exuberance for the gift of life that is yours and in the awareness that you are a gift to life.

Dear and Most Beloved Ones, you are in charge of your life, every dance that you participate in is with you as the choreographer. You are in charge! And you have unlimited talent and abilities to make your life one big and beautiful dance marathon of joyful moments and easy steps. Be the master of your dance and live your life as you want it - in joy, peace, heath and prosperity. It is your choice. It is your stage. Dance the steps that are in your heart and allow it to lead. You only have to follow and enjoy the music and rhythm of life. You are meant to be in joy. You are meant to have fun. What dances are you going to choose? 
You have the dance card to allow whomever and whatever you want into dance with you.
May we have this dance?

With Love and Respect for All, 

Archangel Zadkiel©

July/August 2019   

Welcome, Welcome, Welcome, Beloved Friends, So many things are going on with you and around you and around your planet, are they not? We do keep reminding you of this to assure you that we know what you are experiencing for we do not want you to feel alone at any time.


We would like to offer some advice that you may or may not like to try. Of course we never, ever tell you what you must do or not do. That is not the way we operate. We only give you guidance and advice and it is your choice to use it or not. The freedoms you have with Universal Laws allow this for you and they prevent us from interfering with your journey in any way and of course we would not want to interfere at all.


We invite you to try this, Beloveds: each morning when you first awaken say, and please use the wording that feels best to you, “I release all that occurred yesterday for it is now in the past and I do not need it anymore.”


Take a moment and with deep breaths, breathe this in. Feel the energy of your words. See yourself as you retired the previous evening allowing yourself to let go and climbing into your bed knowing that everything in your day was perfect and in Divine order. See yourself empowered with this knowledge and that whatever words you spoke or wrote; whatever actions you took were done with the best of intentions. Let go of guilt or blame and know that you were doing the best you could in the moment –in each moment.


Then as you are now awake, you can know that all that was is no more. This is a new day. This is a new beginning. If you can begin to do this and live this, beloveds, it will be so much easier for you as you walk your path. You are reborn each day. A new you, a new day and a new beginning. We give this to you for so very many of you are in a cycle of acting and speaking without pausing before doing or saying something that may not be in the best interest of you or others. It only takes a brief pause to consider what step you need to take.


What can happen, dear friends is this: you say something and then regret it even almost instantly. The words are then out there and the energy of them is in the Universe.


When you do regret then you begin to feel guilt and even shame. “What have I done?” you ask. Our words to you are that you must let it go. Forgive yourself immediately. Do not ride the ride of guilt and unforgiveness for yourself. It is done and it is over. And it is okay.


Once you forgive yourself for whatever you feel you have done, or even perhaps not done, you now send the powerful energy of forgiveness out into the Universe which is the root of all you need to have within you. It overrides all that came before.


Forgiveness. With it can come: love, self-love, self-worth, self-trust, self-compassion, and Self-confidence.


Forgiveness. How very powerful are this one word and this one action!


Forgive. Forgive. Forgive my dear beloveds. And if it feels better you may say, “I forgive myself for everything in all directions of time.” This way you are forgiving the past as well as what can possibly come in the future.


Start your day dear ones by letting all go from any previous days and forgiving yourself in all ways. We want you to really tune in and feel forgiveness of self. More than just saying or affirming the words beloveds: feel it within every part of your being. Move your attention to your beautiful heart and send that forgiveness straight to it and then allow your heart to return it to you.


Forgiveness is releasing emotions that are a very large burden that is unnecessary for you to carry. The energy behind unforgiveness is dense and heavy. It is the cause of so very many issues that you do not need to experience.


With affirmations: affirming and using affirmations is a very great tool for you to use. But merely saying the words to be saying them without feeling them and believing them will not bring to you what it is you intended for them to do.


You can say a whole slew of affirmations and if they do not come from the heart and have belief, trust and positive intentions within them, they will fall short of what it is you desire.


When you can say with authenticity words in affirmation from your heart and in pure love without any limitations on how it will appear or with the purest of intentions, you will receive results.


We ask that if you do affirmations do so with the intention that all that you affirm is for your Highest Good as well as the Highest Good of all concerned.


We also suggest that you say only a few at a time. You can cause much confusion for yourself when you have a very long list. Say a few at a time and then change them when you feel it is time to do so.


Another thought we would like to give to you: only use affirming when it feels good and when it is fun. If it feels like a duty or something you must do, then they will not have the impact they should.


Beloveds, we want you to lighten up and enjoy your life. You have been given a gift of life and as a gift should be, it is not intended for you to experience pain, suffering and misery. That is not what you are here to do. A gift is a gift. It is something for you to enjoy.


If there are things you are experiencing that are not in joy and happiness then it is time to look to and find what the real cause is. On the surface you may be able to find circumstances, situations and all sorts of things that are creating this for you.


This is not true. Everything is created by you. Everything is of your creation and yours only. 

Take some time to go within and you will find the answers-the answers to why and what that will give you a clear understanding of what is the cause.


When you discover the answers then you can clear them and heal all if you wish. We say ‘if you wish’ for again it is all your choice. If you want to be cleared, to be healed of unwanted experiences then you are the one who must do it. If you wish to hold on to them for any number of reasons, then it is your choice and they will remain with you.


Now on a somewhat different subject we would like to speak of past lives and purposes.


Oh how so many of you get caught up in wanting to know all about who you were and what you did in past lives.


Dear Beloveds, you have experienced so many lifetimes and each was chosen by your soul to learn lessons. Each life has different lessons or often the same ones come up because for many reasons you didn't quite get what you were supposed to get previously.


And that is okay. You have never made mistakes for you make the choices in each life that you wish. That is always there for you.


Who you were, when, what you did really doesn't matter. We ask that you let go of thinking you must know all of these lives.


The only time it does matter is when something has come into this lifetime from another that needs to be healed or cleared, or is something your soul wants to bring forth.


Then you will be shown what that was.


There is a great difference in knowing all of this and knowing what is for you to know that applies to now.


Think of it as if you were to read every word in a dictionary to know all words. Most of those words do not make one bit of difference to you and are not needed.


Your dictionary of past lives is the same. They are ‘past’ and they do not make one bit of difference to you and are not needed.


Oh beloveds, all the worry about being on your path or on the right path and what are you supposed to do really takes up so much of your time and energy. It is wasted time and energy.


You are always on your path. Always. Your soul has chosen what your path and your purpose is and will make sure you never leave it.


We wish for you to let go of worrying about so many things that do not make a difference.


Instead of worry we wish for you to have fun and enjoy each moment.


We are in gratitude for each of you and who you are.


With Love and Respect for All,

Archangel Zadkiel ©




September 2018

Beloved Friends,


Earth and all who live upon it are embarking upon a new and glorious beginning, one of which has never been seen before, and you are receiving messages from the Light Realms at all turns. Yes that is so and is completely necessary. You are being called upon to do your part.


You see, awareness is coming into being for so many. But there are some who still have not found that awareness and it is our intention to bring it to as many as possible who will listen. We cannot reach any who have closed their ears to truth. More and more, especially recently have begun to awaken.


Thus, those of you who are awakened or in the process of awakening are being given reminders, new information and what seems to be a succession of messages that come more and more often.


This is important beloveds. We have stepped up the 'program' so to speak. And it will continue in this vein.


We must reach all who will listen. You who are here to assist us and are being given much and we understand this. But you also know that it is vital now for the time is here.


All the new energies that have been coming in for many years have now intensified. Yet at the same time those same energies are being felt in new ways by many. This means that they have done 'the work' to work through the clearing out and shifting that was needed, all in a personal way, and are not beginning to feel less like they are in the hot seat and on call 24/7 to get everything done. In other words, things are beginning to ease up for many and this will continue. All that does not serve you, your planet and all who live upon it, is and has being moved out.


Because you are reading these words, you are one of the important souls who are here to assist in bringing this all about. It is not by chance that you are here and are at this moment reading our words to you. For each one of you, the words can have different meaning and resonance and the is how it is supposed to be. Your uniqueness, your individual gifts, pace and awareness is perfect. No one is in the same spot or at the same level. Have you ever tried to stand in the same spot as another? That is not possible. Think of it in this way. You must stand in your place and they must stand in theirs.


The call is out for every one of you to step to the plate, take your bat in your hand and swing with all your might to hit that home run that will take the ball out of the park and send it to as many who are willing to catch it. We have enough balls that there is no chance of you running out of them. And again, each will have their own style of swing, of motions and delivery. All is so very perfect Beloved Ones.


No longer can you sit around and wait for someone else to take care of things. Each and every one of you must take your turn at bat. Every one of you!


And no matter where you are at this moment is perfectly okay.


We repeat in a different way: each has his/her own path and are in different stages of awakening. Your soul chose this path putting you right where you are supposed to be at this moment. Know that this is perfect for you and do not worry that another may be, what you feel, further along. What others may or may not be doing is of no concern to you. Only what actions you take are for you to focus upon.


Be comfortable with who you are and what you do. Embrace it as a gift that is only yours. There is no hurry for you to move any faster than feels right.


Allowing space for you to find what is to be found in your inner wisdom and guidance is necessary. Pushing to make it move along will only create a very unsteady life for you. Give yourself the love and compassion you need while knowing that everything will fall into place in the right timing.


We are asking you to now take those steps to move into the new and let go of feeling you must hold onto the old ways which are not right for you anymore, beloveds. This is very important and the pace in which you take those steps is perfect. You know what these steps are. Your soul knows what they are.


You do not have to take steps that are too large. Baby steps are fine. It is the taking of the steps that is of importance. And again, step only in your place to step - not in the steps of another.


We are calling upon you to really take hold of your life and own it. You are the creator of everything that comes into it. No one else can ever create anything for you. All that comes your way is of your own creation.


So what do you really want to create, beloved ones? Have you grown tired of the feeling of heaviness and burdens? Are you done with lack and feelings of no hope? Yes you should be.


You must be ready to rid yourself of those unwanted emotions and thoughts now. And you can! You can do anything you want when you free yourself of what it is you do not want.


By letting go, caring for yourself with love and compassion, and saying, "I now want change in my life and I hold the intention of it being so". You can do it. Let go of the fear of change. Change is inevitable.


So why not embrace it and allow all the goodness that you want and deserve to come to you. Do not

resist what is yours-your Divine right of joy, happiness and peace.


You cannot hold onto the past and bring new in at the same time. It is an impossible task. So dear beloved ones, let everything go. It is in the past, has no meaning now or of what will be.


Let it be gone. Release, forgive and find freedom; the freedom you deserve to be yours and the freedom to walk into the future upon a planet that is healed and cleared of all negative energies and with all other beings in Oneness.


Your willingness to create a life in love, compassion, grace and trust will bring change in miraculous ways to you. We promise this. Nothing in this life of yours is meant to be hard or to be a struggle. If it is then you have created it from fear. All of that is an illusion and is real if you fear and believe it to be so.


Now is the time to stand up, take your place as a member of team human race as it is meant to be.


Do you want love or hatred? Do you wish abundance or lack? Do you wish health or not? Do you desire peace or turmoil in your world? Beloveds ask yourself this and then answer in complete honesty. What do you choose?


When all stand up and say, "We have had enough and we no longer will tolerate that which is not in the best interest, for the Highest Good of all", you will find that an enormous shift will come into being. You are seeing this beginning to happen as mankind is coming to a new awareness that things do not have to be as they have been. Things can change, all beings are meant to live in love, happiness, abundance and health. Peace is on the horizon and many are seeing glimpses of it now.


The allowing of individuals, businesses, countries or groups to hold power over others must stop now. Greed, separation, 'we' and 'they', disrespect for the earth and those who reside upon her, spreading of fear, holding others in bondage in whatever way that may be must be removed. And it will. But it will come much sooner if you, each of you, steps forward in love, peace, compassion and kindness for everything and everyone. Peace will prevail and the wise will hold that knowing in their hearts and not judge or blame another. Peace and love, compassion and kindness are there true essences of your being.


Are you not weary of all that has been a part of life on this planet for so very long? Yes of course you are and that is why you are being offered an incredible gift. The gift is life as it should be. The gift is fresh air to breathe, clear and unpolluted water to drink and plenty to eat for every single being whether in human form or in the animal kingdom as well as the plant life.


Please visualize the world you want to live in. See it in the beauty it can be. Do not focus on what is wrong and needs to be 'fixed". Instead see it as healed and perfect in all ways. This is how change can come. Whatever you put energy into is what you will see. If you see devastation and hunger you will give energy to it so it will grow. But if your focus is putting the energy into clean water, full bellies,

love and peace in every corner of the world, community and togetherness, then that is what will come into being.


Can you understand this Beloveds?  Think about this. If you have one hundred people working on building a company that honors the environment, gives back to the employees in ways that show gratitude for what they contribute, does not attempt to take and not give, what do you have?


On the other side of this, if you have one hundred people who desecrate the land, the waters and out of greed take and not give except in only self-interest, that is what you will see. The first one hundred people put energy into creating something that benefits all. The second one hundred put energy into creating something that is only for their benefit as they see it to be.


Beloveds, the first hundred will multiply and grow and grow. We ask that you join those one hundred in the first group and bring into being exactly what you desire it to be. It does not have to be just a dream. It can be a reality. It will be a reality. But again, each of you must become a team player and do your part as benefits the best interest of your team instead of being on a team of one.


We are grateful to each of you for your effort to create your new world. Embrace the new energy, the beginning of a new life as it is meant to be.


With Love and Respect for All,

Archangel Zadkiel ©

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