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Archangel Andrion

July 2013


Welcome and Greetings,


We are the Angel known as Andrion. Yes, many of you may not know this name. There are many, many Archangels you see and so it would not be possible to know all the names. Names are used only for the benefit of you, beloved humans. And you don't need to be concerned if you don't know many. That is not important. What is important is that you trust the big picture and allow Spirit to assist you in whatever way can be of benefit to you. When you are introduced to a new Angel or Being of the Light, rejoice and allow this new energy to come to you. We come to you with messages of healing and encouragement. You have been receiving many times over words that you often feel are the same.


Yes, beloveds you are correct in your thinking. And the messages will continue to come to you with repetition yet new insights will be within them as well.


Why do we repeat ourselves? It is not for our benefit or the sake of hearing ourselves speaking. It is for you dear ones. For your eyes to read, your ears to hear so as to bring understanding and if you choose, peace of mind and relief.


Times have been extremely hard for many as they continue to work their way through the processes of change.


You are seeing changes occurring in each moment. Each day you read your news or turn on your television and hear about something that is bringing about great change whether in close proximity to you or in far and distant places.


The world as it has been known for thousands of years is changing rapidly and trust us when we say it is all for the better of all humankind.


There are those who are attempting to hold on to the old ways; the ways of separation, greed, dishonor, manipulation, oppression, suppression, dominance and every act which keeps others from being free. They may try and try they will. But they cannot hold on for much longer. It will not be allowed for humanity is waking up and is beginning to say 'no'.


You have come here to usher in the new and you are doing it beloveds. You are doing it! The shifting is here and will continue. There are as you call it 'shake-ups' in every part of the world, in every institution and government that will bring the old guard to the nearest exit. Be patient and continue to send prayers and intentions that all will be as it should for the better and Highest Good of every being everywhere.


Do not, beloveds, see pain and turmoil, destruction and devastation, fear and darkness. In place see clearly freedom, unification, compassion, love, grace, humility, honor, peace, oneness and liberation for all in every corner of your world. Let there be Light.


Feel the power in this dear ones. Let go of all the fearful illusions and see only what is real. What is real is the world, your planet called Earth, as home to a new humanity. One that holds abundance, wholeness and love for every being in the oneness that is the true essence of your being. This is how you are meant to be. This is how you have prepared for it to be. Your work is paying off with bonuses that are yet to be seen. You will 

reap the rewards dear, dear friends.


Be patient, and yes we know that is not an easy thing to do but you have been exceedingly patient for so very long and the finish line is around the corner. Be proud of what has been accomplished. Never before has a Golden Age such as this one occurred anywhere. The human consciousness is shifting in monumental ways. Awakening is happening in every moment. The wake up call has come and is being heeded. Those of you who are already awake or in the process, are understanding or beginning to understand that this is a 'big one'!


And as you have been told many times, your work now is to clear out all the old programming, belief systems and paradigms and make room for the new world, the new existence that you deserve. So we say to you, hold on and surrender into the love that you are, the love that unconditionally is yours at all times.


If you could see what the physical eye cannot see, you would be astounded and 'blown away' as some of you like to say. Your physical vessel is only a fraction of your being. And you are never alone beloveds. You have support in all forms of Angels, Ascended Masters, Beings of the Light that you do not even know exist and those from very far away. All is love and there is nothing more. That is all that is needed.


Rest assured dear ones that All is well and All will be fine. Nothing can remove your unity with the One. You are One. All of you are One. We stress this for so many feel they are separate and that there are only a select few. This is not true and is another example of the programming that you have been given. Let go now of those thoughts that you cannot be and are not worthwhile. Your life is worthwhile and you are important, oh so very important.


The 'you' that you think you are is an illusion that you have created. The 'you' that you really are is far removed from this one you see in this physical body. It is time to take off the mask of illusions and see clearly. You are in the driver's seat and the wheel is there for you to take hold of and go. It is time to remove the auto pilot and take control of your life and live it to the fullest. Live in joy, peace, abundance, harmony and health as you are meant to live.


Just as an orchestra requires every participant to play their instrument in just the right place to bring harmonic music to listeners, harmony in your world requires the same. Each and every player and instrument is needed to fill the air with the sweet sound of music. And each and every human upon the Earth is important to play the instrument of life in the best possible way. Each has their own music and tune to play yet when all play together it is a magnificent creation.


Each of you plays to a different beat of your music. Others play theirs. Sing and dance to the melody and tune that is right for you and allow others to do the same. When all come together in the perfect timing the world will be filled with a symphony of musical tones of love and compassion. This is a melody that has never been heard upon the Earth before. This is what it is all about. This is what you have worked so hard for and prepared for through so many lifetimes.


It is time beloveds to sing your song, play your music and dance to the rhythm of the Universe in a song of peace, love and Light. And while you are doing so have fun! Singing, dancing and playing your music cannot do anything but bring you joy. When all are singing, playing and dancing to their music, joy will abound all can rejoice. It cannot 'come down' in any other way.


We are the Angel Andrion and we bid you peace, joy, love and enlightenment

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