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This Month's Angel Message:

~A Message from Archangel Sandalphon~        May 2024

Beautiful Friends,

We come to you with words of encouragement, support and unconditional love. 
Things seem to be in such a way right now that some of you thinks ‘the world has gone to hell in a handbasket’ as is an old saying that many humans have repeated often.

As the world continues to seem bonkers it has been a trying time for some of you and a rewarding one for others. This is a contrast as all does shift and peace can come to anyone when they allow it. You are often told to go with the flow. This is good but how about lifting the bar higher and become the flow?

We know you are all feeling tired, even exhausted with the energies that are bombarding you, the physical and emotional ups and downs and everything else that has kept you feeling that there are too many loose ends, unsolved ‘problems’ and hurdles to get over. Some have experienced loss. Some have had physical issues to deal with. We do understand this and are here for you to help ease it as much as we can without interfering with your journeys. 

Let us discuss the word ‘manipulation’. This is a word that can cause most of you to recoil and pull back upon hearing it. Yet we would like to put a whole new slant on it and just maybe by time we are finished we will see if you might perhaps look at it in a new way.

You are in a Universe of energy. Everything is energy. Every thing. You are energy. The clothing you are wearing is energy. The home you live in is energy. The dirt on the ground, the trees and the birds, the rocks and the animals are all energy. We are sure that you get our gist by now. If you can begin to see things in this way your perspective can change.

You are continuously moving, shifting and working with energy. You are energetic beings who are playing with this infinite energy field. Think of a child with a ball in his or her hands. The child can spin the ball, bounce the ball, toss it or throw it. Whatever they do with the ball is manipulating energy.

So does it not make sense for you to become a master at manipulating energy? And to know that you can do it? You already hold the degree; you just have forgotten where you put it.

Okay, how do you do that? Beloveds first you learn to interrupt the energy you are experiencing in each moment. 

For some of you you know that when you walk into a room you can feel and can sense the energy in that room.  Sometimes it will be very positive and uplifting and other times it will be low and negative, maybe even stifling where you feel you ‘need a breath of fresh air”. 

Dearest Ones, it simply is this: your feelings are the language of your soul.

There is nothing hidden from you for you are immersed in a common consciousness and so are playing within the field of the Universal mind. 

You are perfectly capable to go with your feelings and train yourself so as to keep negative energy fields at bay and to attract positive fields. 

Yes you can do this although it may take discipline and what is discipline? It is becoming a ‘disciple’ to yourself and that is a very good relationship to have, is it not Dear Ones? Indeed it is!

We see that it is important for you to understand who you are at a very deep level so that you can use that knowledge to consciously create your life in the way it is meant to be.

You are much more than you currently believe yourself to be and your finding you self-awareness is all about that. Beloved Ones it is about being the most incredible version of your most highest vision that you hold of who you are.

You are being that version of your soul’s vision right now. You just don’t see it. Your soul knows what is on your ‘agenda’ and therefore all is perfect. We add that many find that creating a vision board can bring those dreams, aspirations and visions to life.

It is not something you have to seek. Do you dare to hold a vision, a dream, of what you want to do and be? If not, then your first step is to bring forth that vision right away and make that vision as grand as it can be. See it as it is done. Know it is not only possible but is done.

The Universe will always support you when you push ahead with unbridled determination! The Universe always responds to the vibration you send out so you are supported in all ways.

As you continue to move in and through the shifting energy that has been coming for what may seem like, to many of you forever, you are consciously and unconsciously manipulating that energy.

If you are an energetic being, which you most certainly are, then of course you can be a whiz at manipulating in the way you want.

We tell you this because you have so much more power than you can even understand. And of course this is not power over another or something. It is your inner power, your strength and your truth of which you are a masterful being. 

The journey you are on is not easy and no one told you it would be. You scripted it before you arrived in that human suit you are in right now. 

You are here to experience many things including what you consider to be difficulties. But once you get through them, and of course you will, you will see that they really weren’t as bad as they seemed at the time. We promise you that you are masterfully manipulating the energy of healing, learning and understanding that you need. 

Each of you is so very strong. Each of you is so good at pulling up those boot straps and continuing on in trust and confidence that you are moving in the right direction. Often you feel very weary of it all and thus you wonder if it is worth it. This is when your Higher Self takes hold and gives you something that provides hope and clarity that yes, it is worth it and you march on and forward. 

When you put everything into perspective and see the picture in its entirety by standing back and taking a good look at what really matters and what does not, you can see much more clearly.

You are nearing that halfway point of 2024. So much has occurred in just a few short months, would you not agree?

Things will continue to expand, shift and change and how you choose to ride the currents is up to you and will determine if it is very difficult or not so hard to move through. Let love be your guide. Tell fear to take a hike for you know that you are loved, supported and that nothing can harm you. All is in a Universal plan that you were part of creating and are now playing your part.

Love is always the answer. Love is always the path to take. Love is how all come together in unity, harmony and oneness. Do not let love take a back seat. Let it be your beacon. Think of yourself riding on a bicycle. Your love is your headlight that shows you the way before you. Shine your Light out and let it always be of love.

You are loved. You are appreciated. You are held in awe and reverence. All is well Precious Beings. All is well.

With Rays of Love and Light,
Archangel Sandalphon©

Please feel free share the messages on this page as well as those that are archived as long as you mention this website, the scribe and use the message in its entirety with no alterations, additions or excerpts. Thank you for reading and believing in the Angels. They are with you in every moment if you allow them in.

© by Linayah Kei Michael

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