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This Month's Angel Message:

~A Message from Archangel Uriel~                          November 2023

Greetings Dear Friends, 

We would like to speak with you about time. Yes, if you have read some of our messages we often do speak of time for it is important in the human life.

Linear time is what you use to govern most every move you make.

Think for a moment how often you use the word ‘time’ in your day. “It is time to get up.” “It is time to go to bed.” “It is dinnertime.” “I need more time to get this task done.” “What time is it?” “What time will you do this or that?” “I don’t have time to talk to you right now.” “How much time is left until it is completed?” And so on and so on.

Can you say in truth that you never use any of these terms or similar ones in your day in some form or another?

Time has governed each of your lives so much for so very long that it has sometimes created many difficulties for you.

You have clocks everywhere you turn to look to see what time it is. They are on the wall, on your radios, your microwave ovens, your DVD players and televisions as well as your phones and computers. And now that many do not wear a wristwatch anymore they still are often checking their mobile phones to see what time it is. Time is always close at hand is it not?

But what is time? How does it play into your life? How does it benefit you and how does it restrict you?

Step back Beloveds and look at it as an observer. Observe how many limitations you put on yourselves when letting time be in control.

In the higher dimensions, the Light Realms, there is no time. We can be everywhere at the same time. There is no distance nor is there time to go from one location to another. We can be in the past, present and future all at once.

You are in a dimensional incarnation where linear time is a part of your life. That works perfectly as is designed as long as you do not let it rule your life. You will always have appointments that are set for a certain time. This is a necessary part of your existence.

But when you feel rushed to make it to those appointments because of what you see as ‘not enough time’ is where things can get out of balance for you. How do you avoid this imbalance? It is not as hard as you may think.

When you can allow yourself to let go of thoughts of always being on time, getting where you are to go on time and meeting deadlines, you will find that you do get there and do make it on time without having to stress over it.

Oh the burdens you have placed upon yourselves so often. Instead of seeing something as having a deadline, see it as an achievement that you will have and be joyful that it will be accomplished. It all will get done if it should get done, so why not put joy and enthusiasm into it instead of having fear of it not happening just as you think it should?

You can shift the way you perceive everything in your life. It is like turning a leaf over to see the other side. One side has fear, worry and concern for getting things done on time and the other side has a bright and happy scene of all coming to be in perfect timing and with great results.

The most efficient and focused person is not always the one who sees the side with the joyful vibration. On the surface they may seem all together and able to get what needs to be done without failure. Yes, they may do that but they may also have a great deal of turmoil inside.

Now please do not think that everyone who appears to be balanced is really not balanced because of what we just said. No there are many who do understand the concept of letting time be secondary. But each of you, no matter who you are, will find yourselves occasionally or frequently letting time act as your director.
And again we stress that it is okay when it happens. It can be another opportunity for you to shift your consciousness to the one that gives you peace.

You have been told by so many teachers, guides and others that living in the now is what matters.
You have heard it, read it and given thought to it. But have you embraced it fully?

Let us explain why it is so important.

You all carry a lot of baggage from the past. This is from past lifetimes as well as from this lifetime beginning with your childhood and moving up to the present day.

In this baggage you have a combination of beliefs, notions and things that have happened that are still very much a part of you, even though you are not consciously aware of them.

If you would take each piece of this baggage, or luggage, and open them one at a time to examine the contents you would be very surprised at what is in them.

You will find fear, guilt, unforgiveness, and emotions that you never knew you had. By opening them up you can see them just as what they are: pieces or items that no longer serve you and that you can discard immediately if you choose. 

Now we say, ‘If you choose’ for of course it is your choice. Some do find what to them feels comforting by holding on to the massive accumulation and we would never tell you that you should dispose of them if you do not choose. But if you are willing and have the desire to alter your life in ways that are beautiful and fulfilling, then you can begin right away.

Whatever it is that is in the past does not matter anymore. It is over and that is why it is in the past. Let the past go and discover now, the present moment. Be in the present. As we often say, “It is called the present because it is a gift.” And it is dear friends, it is a gift. When you can move beyond what has occurred before and thus is of no meaning for you, and focus on now, what is right now in this moment and this moment only, you will find that your world is surrounded in blessings that you did not even see before. If you are too busy looking at what was and trying to figure out what is to come, you cannot see what is around you in all of its beauty. It is like wearing blinders.

When you can be in the moment, you can know that there is no need to be of concern of what lies ahead in your future as it will be taken care of in perfect timing and in the way you want it to play out.

You see, when you do not focus on the past nor on the future by remaining here and now, you can drop the fears and worries because you will see there is nothing to fear and nothing to worry about.

Fearful thoughts beget fearful times. If you do not hold a fearful thought then there is nothing to fear. Fear being an illusion that the mind makes up to keep you in bondage, does not have to be a part of your being.
Yes, fear will come to you at times. That is part of the learning process and lessons each of your souls has asked to be in your life so that you may grow and advance.

Do not go to battle with yourself when you have fear and then ‘beat yourselves up’, as you all like to say. Let them come and then heal whatever it is that you do fear by seeing it as only an illusion that your mind has brought into existence. It is a lot like a magician who does his tricks which are all really illusions and there is always an exclamation to how they are performed.

You can be the magician in your life. You can do magic with all that is here right now and what will come. You can pull whatever you wish out of your magician’s hat and do what you wish with it. So if you desire to see blessings, gifts and beauty then that is what you will have. If you wish to see gloom and impossibilities then you shall have that.

You have choice in everything you do. You are in control of creating your life and what is in it in the way you wish. It is our wish that you will select the good that you deserve. Choose wisely and with trust and faith that you will receive just what you wish to create.

Time is not of essence as your saying goes. You have all the ‘time’ you need to do what you want to do. Everything is always in Divine Timing. Being in the flow of that Divine Timing and having trust that the flow will move over and around all those obstacles that you perceive to be there, is how you can move along to joy, happiness and all that you desire.

Like a river whose water moves along and flows over or around the rocks and logs that it comes upon, so does your life flow if you see it that way. The water has no worries about what is ahead or how it will get there. It just flows on without focusing on the hows and whys.

There does not have to be a dam to block your flow. The only obstructions that you can find are those that you have placed there yourself.

Be at peace with what is now and let go of the worries of what is to come. And know it will come exactly at the right time: it always does if you do not block it with unnecessary fear and anxious worries.

To use your expression, “Time will tell” Divine Timing will show up at just the perfect moment. It always does. It will give you a magical story if you allow it. It is up to you Beloveds. It is up to you.

We thank you for ‘taking time’ to read these words. It is your choice to do with them as you wish and whatever you choose, know you are always unconditionally loved. 

With Love, Light, Gratitude and Blessings,
We are the Archangel Uriel©

Please feel free share the messages on this page as well as those that are archived as long as you mention this website, the scribe and use the message in its entirety with no alterations, additions or excerpts. Thank you for reading and believing in the Angels. They are with you in every moment if you allow them in.

© by Linayah Kei Michael

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