This Month's Angel Message:

~A Message from Archangel Gabriel ~ December 2022 

Beloved Readers,

As your linear year comes to a close, we wish to bring you words of hope and excitement for the coming year of 2023.

So very much has come in this year, 2022, has it not? No one has been untouched by many ways. You are not alone in the clearing and healing that you have been undergoing. Many of you have not understood what has been occurring. Many have felt it a great deal. But in the end it has been a transformation for each one of you. Many are awakening to the whole picture so to speak, and are finding a deep or deeper connection with self and with Spirit. These are the souls who are trusting and listening to the inner wisdom that each has.

At the linear level it is often hard to deal with the many things that come your way. As a soul incarnate there can be 'human' issues that are hard to understand and to face. We suggest that when this occurs, it can be of a great benefit to you if you will step back and get in touch with your soul.

Your soul will never abandon you because it is you. You are only in a third dimensional body as a human. You have the saying that shows you  “being a soul having a human experience.”  My friends, this is so very true. Each soul comes into a lifetime to experience growth towards ascension. And so often the 'humanness' takes over and becomes the guide instead of allowing the soul (the Higher Self) to do the guiding. When this happens it is very necessary to shift that and step back to listen to what the soul has to say.

We understand that this can often be hard to undertake. Some of the lessons you have chosen to experience can be very challenging. That is where we can assist you. No experience needs to be hard. No experience is impossible to overcome.

Everything that comes to you is yours by choice. Every situation is there for a purpose. What you do with it is what will bring the result which can be what you wish or what you don't wish. You are the creators of all your situations and experiences.

You each have the potential to be super stars if you wish. Realize that you already are a superior being that is so loved by the Creator and by all the Spiritual realms. Each of you is magnificent in who you are. We see you as perfect and whole.

Each experience will unfold in the way that you choose it to do so. if you see it as a challenge that you know you can work through then it will be easy. On the other hand if you choose to see it as difficult and even painful or impossible to overcome, then you will most likely be sure to have unnecessary hardship and suffering.

The more you resist the solution, the more of a challenge you will have. Dearest friends, struggling is not part of your soul's plan. Life does not have to be a struggle. It is meant to be joyful and fun! Every one of you has at many times been in the space of resisting which has put blocks to the end result. And the end result is always the same, beloveds, always the same. We wish for you to learn those lessons and grow in your magnificence without the pain you often experience. It does not have to be this way.

Instead of fighting with it, thank it. Yes that is what we are saying. Be grateful that it has been given to you no matter what it is. Simply put if it is a situation that you find 'difficult' then you will experience difficulty. But if you look that situation in the eye and determine what it is that you want to change and then act upon it, you will find that it wasn't as difficult as you first imagined.

With that we must emphasize that you can only change what is yours and not anyone or anything else. You cannot achieve your solution by asking another to change or alter their lives. That is for them to do, just as yours is for you to do. You are the master of your universe just as each one is of theirs. Focus only on you and your life and let others tend to theirs. You can offer advice if it is requested but only then and only as advice. Let everyone dance to their own tune and to the lyrics of their own song. It is not your song. You may do any dance you wish to yours.

There are many tools in your tool box that you can use to bring about change, abundance, happiness and healing if you use them. They are there for you at any time to use. Everyone has been given the same tools and how you hold them and use them is your choice. Each of you will use them in different ways and that is the way it should be. How you use your tools is perfect for you. Is your toolbox filled with golden tools (opportunities, solutions, and possibilities) or are those tools dirty and grimy and unused?

Among these tools you will find meditation. If you will practice this way of connecting with self, with Spirit and with Source or whatever you wish to call it, you will begin to hear guidance and answers to whatever you seek. By going within and listening to your inner wisdom can bring to you the peace and happiness that you do seek. And Beloved ones, meditating does not have to be hard nor be a 'chore'. There is no rule to follow. However you practice your meditating is the perfect way for you. Even if you spend a few minutes away from phones, devices and television and anything or anyone who is taking away your attention to yourself, in a quiet place, you will benefit from it. Meditation, prayer or just unplugging and being in a space of quiet and reflection can provide wondrous results.

Please remember that you each have a large number of Angels and Masters and guides who are right here waiting to be of service to you. Call upon us dear ones and allow us to work with you. We are honored to be your toolbox assistants. It is in a way like the caddy is with the golfer. We give you suggestions and point out what you might want to do while allowing you to hold the club and drive the ball.

May you find the inner strength and support to close out this year and move into the next one. May you find 2023 to be an explosion of Love, Light and beautiful and magical experiences. They are there for you if you so choose to see them. Let the joy and fun begin on day one of your new year!

Peace, Love and Oneness,
Archangel Gabriel

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© by Linayah Kei Michael