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This Month's Angel Message:

~A Message from Archangel Metatron~                           March 2023

Beloved Friends,

We come to you at this time with a message of hope, gratitude, much unconditional love and support.
Fear has been prevalent throughout humanity everywhere for quite some time. In recent years it has hit a high volume and has loudly made itself heard. But Beloveds, it is being diffused by love taking the space that it has firmly been holding. This is because humanity as a collective is waking up out of the fogginess that has shrouded the truth and kept them from opening their eyes. As you become more in the consistent space of love, the more fear cannot remain. Each one has a role to play with love being the foundation of it all.

Do you see how in the past few years fear is being replaced by love, compassion, determination to turn all right side up, and from support by those who do see for those who are beginning to see or have not as of yet?
Fear has been a part of life for so long that each of you will have moments where it may creep in. This is okay because as you progress you are able to see what is causing it and shifting to the emotion of love instead. Love and fear cannot be in the same room. And love conquers every time. Fear will be shown the door.

We assure you Beloved Ones, that all of this is not anything to worry about. It is all okay. Trust us when we tell you this.
​You will be okay, you are okay. Life may seem like it is tossing you around this way and that way, or that you have one foot stuck within a tight crevice and you cannot pull free.

​Every single soul in human incarnation wearing a human suit, a sacred vessel that houses the soul at this time is a very important and integral part of the movement that is taking place. It is of course the choice of each one to integrate into an incredible experience that has never been equaled or will be, in this time which has been given the title of the Golden Age. Yet it is an age that is unlike any that has come before. Each and every one who is reading this is a part of this experience.

And what an experience it is. It is like nothing that has ever occurred anywhere at any time. All eyes in the Universe and galaxies beyond beyond are watching as this unfolds. Does this tell you how important you are? Do you see that you are here because you earned the right to be here? You are changing the matrix, dissolving all that has held humanity back and riding it for good. This is not as easy as snapping of the finger to get to the outcome. It has been going on for eons and you have participated in your unique way to bring about the raise in consciousness that brings all beings and the Earth herself in to an enlightened state. 

Most of you will chose to be and stay in the flow of what is and what is to come with excitement and joy. Life as it has been known on planet Earth is changing and will become new and better in all ways. Show you exuberance for life each day. It does make a difference and assures a smoother and quicker way to the end result.

It is an exciting time for all beings on your planet as well as those of us in the Spiritual realms. No other time in the history of the Earth has equaled what is occurring now in every aspect as in physical shifting of the planet as well as in the awareness that individuals are opening up to with welcoming arms and hearts.

Mother Earth is shifting and moving into her ascension. Her healing is of utmost importance to every being in the Universe and beyond. We are all working with each other to bring this about. It is a massive movement and she has support from beings from all parts of the Universe. And she is very grateful. She has been misused, mistreated and maligned for much too long. That is all coming to an end. No more will be allowed. She can tolerate it any longer. And she will ascend and take you with her.

You Beloveds are a very important part of this. Many of you already know and realize this and are working with your guides and Spiritual teams to do your part. Others are awakening as we speak and are beginning to seek understanding. No matter where you are at this moment, it is exactly where you need to be. Do not hold any fear of the unknown as all is very well indeed.

We ask that you continue to stay on your course, focus on any healing within in that you need and open your arms to allow assistance from Source, from your Angels, from your guides and teachers who are supporting you every step of the way. Let fears of the unknown melt away and in place trust that a new and glorious beginning and age are very close and you are here to witness it as it comes to be. Be joyous and excited, trust and receive the love and gratitude we offer to you.

We speak for all in the Spiritual realms, the unseens who love you unconditionally, as we express with enormous gratitude to you for what you are doing and will do. Know that you have all the support in your endeavors that you need. Call upon us, any or all of us for any assistance you require. We will happily answer all calls we receive. Love is the answer. Always pause and shift any thoughts to love. Love is the answer to all.

We are the Archangel Metatron in Service to Humanity©

Please feel free share the messages on this page as well as those that are archived as long as you mention this website, the scribe and use the message in its entirety with no alterations, additions or excerpts. Thank you for reading and believing in the Angels. They are with you in every moment if you allow them in.

© by Linayah Kei Michael

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